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  1. Hope all is well 😁 I see you lurking occasionally 😉 

    Come back soon

  2. we miss you big time so hopefully you will be back 🥰

  3. One of the hottest images I have ever seen. 

    Screenshot 2023-01-04 001043.jpg

    1. rubenslamour


      Wow this girl is red hot! Hope we will see her here soon again. I miss You!!

  4. We miss u girl🥲hope you’re ok and post some videos soon💕

  5. Really hope you're okey and considering ever sharing something again. I, and I think everybody, would greatly appreciate it. 


    Stay save x

  6. Please make a new video! We miss you so much 😭❤️

  7. @thiccollegegirl are you still actively gaining  its been awhile since you posted a new video on this platform?

  8. You have the hottest belly I have ever seen omg ty so much for sharing. 

  9. Wow, what a beautiful transformation.😍 Belly building at its best!🤩


    1. Catalina_cataline
    2. mrfreeze12


      Absolutely gorgeous! One hell of an upgrade!

    3. thicccollegegirl


      Thanks for making this! I don’t even remember being that skinny lol

    4. rubenslamour


      I am totally in love with your curves! You look so hot!!!

  10. Can't wait for the next video upload. It's going to be good

  11. When will the next weight in be??? I love your content so much btw 

  12. Watch me try on some old clothes that I wore before I gained so much weight! I'm out of breath the entire time just from having to jump and wiggle my fat ass into some tight clothes. After I'm done trying on outfits, I lather my body up with coconut oil and play with all the jiggly fat all over my body! (Ignore my foster kitten in the beginning she just wanted to say hi)
  13. you're pretty. also given your username what did you major in 😮

    1. Guest


      Always obese and very full of food 😘

    2. Guest


      woah that belly though! can you message me? i have a video request :)

    3. donjon12


      She majored in hamburger gorging at university

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