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  1. If you have ever wondered how much I weigh or how big around my belly and thighs are, then this is the video for you! After I weigh and measure myself, I sit down, put on my pregnancy belt to help my back, and talk about my weight gain journey and my personal struggles of being this fat! I also answer some commonly asked questions, like if anyone has said anything to me about my weigh gain and what my goal weight is. This video includes a clip of my fat ass walking and jiggling, as well as my POV when I lay down and look at my mountain of a belly! This video is mostly fat chat! Note: vertical portrait in horizontal box


  2. Watch me raid my fridge and stuff my face with as much food as I can! I eat so much in front of my fridge until my chair starts to creak and I waddle to my bed and stuff my belly even more! I don't stop shoving whipped cream and donuts in my mouth until all I can do is lay back and rub my swollen tight belly.


  3. Hey, gorgeous. Wanna talk Texan and bigger audience for the future?

  4. Anybody know how I can contact her?

  5. Will you be doing a weigh in video soon?

    1. brandoman1957


      Ooh yes a weigh in would be Fantastic !

  6. It's Friday night, and I want to get **. Come watch me as I funnel beer for the first time EVER. I get so bloated and you can see you my bright new red stretch marks that cover my belly now! Afterwards, I put oil on my swollen belly, then massage and play with it for you.


  7. any new vids droppin?

  8. I plea You, please we need a new video very soon. 😍

  9. U should do a u should do a video where u try to fit through small spaces by sucking in ur belly and stuff 


  10. Watch me try to work out for the first time in 4 years! I try to do jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, and sit ups, but can barely do any of them while all my fat gets in the way and I'm constantly out of breath. My whole body jiggles as I show it off from different angles. After my workout, I play with my belly and talk about how hard it is being this fat!


  11. Have you ever thought about a push your limits video?


  12. Watch me bloat my belly with coke and mentos! I lotion and shake my huge belly and show you how hard it is for me to sit up with all my extra weight. You can see how much I’ve gained since my last video and how massive my belly is getting!


  13. Hey :) need any ideas for your next video? 

  14. Hello beautiful Thiccollagegirl, you will be back before Christmas or something, you are seriously missed, your videos are the best there can be in Curvage, your face, your body, and that round and shiny belly ... Every time you come back it explodes this platform of how good you are, I hope or wait for your return. Happy day or night, when you're watching this
    1. armandolo81


      Thiccollagegirl please, we need you😥

    2. unclejimmyd3


      DUDE STOP! Your constant messaging to her is coming across as a creepy and obsessive! 

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