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  1. When will you open onlyfans?

  2. Watch me bloat my belly with coke and mentos! I lotion and shake my huge belly and show you how hard it is for me to sit up with all my extra weight. You can see how much I’ve gained since my last video and how massive my belly is getting!


  3. Hey :) need any ideas for your next video? 

  4. Hello beautiful Thiccollagegirl, you will be back before Christmas or something, you are seriously missed, your videos are the best there can be in Curvage, your face, your body, and that round and shiny belly ... Every time you come back it explodes this platform of how good you are, I hope or wait for your return. Happy day or night, when you're watching this
    1. armandolo81


      Thiccollagegirl please, we need you😥

    2. unclejimmyd3


      DUDE STOP! Your constant messaging to her is coming across as a creepy and obsessive! 

  5. When’s the next bud droppin 

    Great video! Helpful and relatable tips for any gainer. GGG looks amazing with her new curvy figure!
  6. Watch me rub my stuffed belly while I talk about being so fat and feeling like a pig! I groan, burp, and jiggle through the video while also being visibly turned on by my body and how it looks with so much weight on it.



    Thicccollegegirl, hello again beautiful🥰, I think we are all happy with your return besides that we all notice that your pansa has grown more, the truth is that the thing that I think the most now is your weight, and that pansa like you aaah I Love them😍, all of you ... I look forward to more videos, lots of good cheer.


  8. Anyone know what her current weight is

    1. Billy1994


      I'm guessing anywhere from 1-999lbs 😂... Honestly it doesn't really matter, she's visibility grown in every part of her body. It adds to the allure 😏

  9. Eyes that I will never tire of looking at, lips that I will always want to kiss, but best of all, a heart that I will never stop loving.😍😍😍😍


  10. I look like a fat cow downing ice cream at my highest weight yet! My bikini barely covers my huge udders and the bottoms are hidden between my thick thighs and under my expanding belly. By the end, my belly is a round, tight ball aching to be rubbed


  11. Hello Thicccollegegirl, I hope you are well, you are very beautiful I miss seeing your belly and your little face, it has been a long time that we do not see you in one of your sexy photos or videos😔. I would like you to come back soon…. strong hug and kisses.😘

    89593053_2743953832556550_6396172766912655047_n - copia.jpg

  12. Will you be coming back anytime soon? Missin you xx

  13. Honestly I think you're gunna need to add a couple more Cs into your name cause it seems like you've had quite the quarantine :)

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