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  1. Is she still making videos 

    1. thicccollegegirl
    2. Freddie2026


      Great can't wait for another video 

  2. I feel like we don’t see much of thicccollegegirl’s beautiful body anymore😢

  3. @thicccollegegirl

    Does she upload content on another site? and if so, could you pass me the link

  4. Hey how are you

  5. Hey thiccollegegirl stay safe and keep gaining ❤

  6. love your burps.

  7. This is the second part of me stuffing my face with two huge burritos! I take off my clothes because they’ve become too tight and show off my fat body as I rub and slap my aching belly. There’s tons of moaning, fat chat, and burps!


  8. Watch me stuff myself with two burritos as I complain about how fat I’m getting! I can’t believe how massive I am now but I keeping stuffing my face with so much food I feel like I’m going to burst! I know that I can’t stop and my belly is past the point of no return. Part 2 will be me finishing my last bites of the second burrito with tons of belly play, fat chat, and LOTS of burping.


  9. Watch me try on the clothes from my first Stuffed Trying On Old Clothes photo set and see how much more weight I’ve piled on! My belly now covers my thighs and sticks out further than I ever thought possible. You can see my struggle to try to fit anything clothing over my massive gut.


  10. Will you star to post more on this account 

  11. Donut and pizza stuffing with beer video please 

  12. I love your body so much 😍👄.

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