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      Fuck! Casey is getting HUGE! Her giant cow udders and hanging gut are to DIE for! Listening to her beg to be bred in her ever-so-sensual voice, it's impossible NOT to want to breed her! Imagining how much bigger she'd get with all that pregnant weight! But, thankfully, she keeps getting bigger and bigger on the cow farm, we don't have to wait long to see how enormous she'd be! It's all happening right before our eyes! The other two ladies have grown as well. I just can't take my eyes off of Casey - as they say in the clip - "our prized cow." Her gut hangs further than ever, her chubby cheeks fatter than before and her udders hang soooo low. We must keep feeding her! Her ass is growing on another level! She will continue wobbling into our hearts until she's 450 and beyond!!!! Let's keep growing her!!!!! 🥵

      I love this stuffing video. Also I really like the colour of your hair. 

      I like role play videos because they’re a little more immersive and less boring than videos where you just stuff/bloat yourself and don’t talk. I love your voice and I love the way you talk so I had to buy this clip immediately. I loved everything about it. If you can, buy it NOW

      I’ve always been thinking that Zewik7 has an incredibly sexy shape. Now, after she’s been gaining big time, she looks ultimately round! Actually, she’s the epitome of SUPER-ROUNDNESS. And surely one of a kind.

      This clip is displaying her in a simply wonderful way: Height and distance of the camera are ideal, the 30 degree side view angle looks dramatically good. Hotness overload! While she is doing a sensual kind of belly play - kneading and occasional jiggling, always answered by her titties with after-jiggles. The sweetness!!

      I had been hesitating buying this because it is just a little over 2 min. But every sec of it is magical, so it turned out as one of my best purchases in quite a while. Pro tip: I’m playing it at half speed, so i can catch all the details, and it runs over 4 min then :D

      Maybe, at some point in the future, Zewik is considering to reshoot a MUCH longer version …

      I generally don't buy clips of thin models but this babyph4t is very sexy and with her recent gain she is starting to get my attention.  Something about those British girls that i find so alluring.  In this clip she shows off her new belly hang and love handles. Shes starting to plump up nicely and has seems to be enjoying the process. I m hoping this this is the beginning of something big for her.  Eat my lovely.

      Great role play and dialogue. Keep wanting to come back to this one again and again.

      this is a sexy video idea. you should totally do more like this. love the pov of us bieng the one who is making you a greedy pig who netflix and binge. such a greedy messy hog. those rolls and huge gut, chubby face, soft doughy ball of lard. 

      In this very sexy clip Ero - Hime talks about being teased  a skinny kid in a family of big women. Its a very hot premise and  actually hits on one of my own favorite fantasies about fattening up a thin girl from a family of Hugh women and helping her become the biggest woman in the family. Ero hime has grown so much since i started to follow her . Every pound has made her sexier and more confident. She can carry this weight and more. Love stories like this.

      Ero -hime is one of my favorites .  She is Sexy, seductive and has fattened to near perfection. Of course on all fours we can she how beautifully fattened she is . With Thighs and ass this well rounded it is satisfying just to watch her show off her bountiful  assets. I love how she has gained . A few more pounds and shes a goddess.

      Its only been a month since this clip was released and already SPF has already plumped Jen up substantially. Its so exiting watching her grow. Jen  has so much FP / Fat potential. Maybe SPF will gain more too. Looking forward to seeing a lot more of these two. 

      Hey Potchi, du hast wirklich ein tolles Video gemacht. Deine Stimme ist echt süß und du lächelst süß dabei. Ich mag es, wie du lachst, wenn du deine Geschichten erzählst, die mit deiner Zunahme verbunden sind. Schön, dass du fett geworden bist. ❤️ Perfektes Video!

      Hey Potchi, you really made an awesome video. Your voice is super cute, as well as your lovely smile. I like how you laugh when you tell your weight gain related stories. Glad to see you've grown fat. ❤️ A perfect video!

      I enjoyed this video so much! Pretty funny but sexy too. Especially the crouching scene with the brown shirt - she looks super sexy even with mask😍

      Now this is my fantasy! You are my dream woman with how incredibly stunning you look, and how you are completely on board for gaining more weight to add to your sexy curves! As your boyfriend, I'd straight up tell you right away that I want to make you bigger, and watch you grow! Taking you to all those places, I won't be embarrassed being seen with you, instead proud and excited that I get to show you off as my girlfriend! Seeing you struggle in all of those scenarios would turn me on insanely! Especially knowing that it's al because of me t hat you're getting so big! So yeah, you are getting fat! Just the way I love it! I'd turn you into a bbw barbie doll!

      Excellent role play video, I loved it.

      Laura, you are the GOAT feedee 😍 Truly amazing that you managed to gain this amount of weight since you started gaining intentionally, but you will not stop now, won't you? ;) You're sexier than ever and closer to your goal weights for this year and for the 200kgs milestone than you can imagine, and seeing your excitement and commitment I'm sure you will be there in no time! We are looking forward to the new incoming weight!

      Awesome video 😍 her ass is so big and fat, that is spilling out of the chair, she can’t barely move or get out of it. Fantastic. What a way to do a first force feeding. 

      This is one of my favorite clips on the entire site. Amazing burps and chat. I love the way she talks about her burping and I wish I saw that in more clips on this site.

      This is so hot! Every moment drips with pure lust and sexuality. It's as close to hard core content as I've ever seen on this site, skirting up to the edge of that without crossing it. So sexy.

      What a woman 🤤😍

      Oh wow we need more of this!! but, more longer than 10 min please, i love see how you eat like a pig and swallow food like a snake, and these burps oh my god!!

      This weigh in certainly did not disappoint! The very fact you had to use 2 scales to check, meant it was always going to be very good news! You’ve come such a long way and I get the feeling you’ve got even more to go!

      PLEASE do some more public weigh-ins in the future! 

      When you had to go out in public to do the weigh-in, I knew that meant good news for what the number was going to be. The scales certainly didn't disappoint!

      Crazy to think that this is the smallest that she'll ever be again.

      Another great video! As always I absolutely love your eating videos! It's amazing to watch you stuff yourself as much as you possibly can! Like I always say I love to hear you talk about how full you are. But this time after you said you were down to your last two bites how you moaned you were so full was absolutely incredible!!

      Wow, you can tell that she's been lovingly funnel fed these last 3 or 4 months. Her appearance has completely changed since her first funnel at the end of May. Those thousands of liquid calories have grown her massive in size in a way stuffing and bloating just can't do alone. Look at that chubby face, how wide she is. It's all very erotic and beautiful, she's only going to get bigger if she keeps it up.

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