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    Hey guys, sorry for not posting. I am still gaining and will be posting a lot more here 🌯🍔📸
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    so round 😍

    so round 😍
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    I ordered food and the restaurant called me to say something wasn’t available and he said “are you guys ok with that?” LOL. He immediately assumed my order was for multiple people because there was so much food but really it’s all for me 🐷
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    cant wait for my tits to out grow this🐷
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    Thanks for coming over to have coffee with me! It’s so nice to have a catch up! As we’re talking you mention you’ve just broken up with your girlfriend, apparently she was not happy to discover you are a feeder! How awful! Don’t worry, I’m actually a really good listener, and I think I’ve got exactly what you need to feel better and get back on that horse! We continue talking and you’re shocked to see me grab the heavy cream I’ve been putting in my coffee and start chugging! I don’t see a problem with chugging delicious cream, but maybe I’m feeling a little playful and want to tease you! I continue to drink the cream, until my skirt gets so tight I simply HAVE TO let my belly out! Omg it’s gotten so huge! Now you’re sitting beside me as I continue to chug. I encourage you to reach out and touch my soft doughy belly, coax my burps out. Feel how squishy I am, I won’t tell anyone! We can be friends with benefits!


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    Ready to play with this belly 😜
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    Goodnight 💤

    Goodnight 💤
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    HELLO EVERYBODY 🐷💕 Well, since I finally know how much weight I gained since I decided to have an extreme year of gain (January), I thought that it would be a good Idea to do a before and after. The pictures I’m presenting today are contrasted with pictures from June/July 2018 and there's one from 2015 (you will noticed the huge differences). I can’t believe all the notorious changes. I never visualized how I will look, in fact, I just thought that the process and the final results would be delicious, but no, the process and the results are more than that! 🤩 My feedee life and the feelings I have every time I’m eating, or enjoying a forced stuffing, or feeling tight in my clothes, or wishing to gain more weight are… indescribable🤯 however, I can try. I’m ballooning and my gluttony feels... 🔥hot🔥, makes me feel sexy and so turned on🥵… every time I’m devouring food I just can think that all the extra fat is getting permanent and I am putting even more fat in my body… so the excitement goes to really high levels! In the same level of joy, there’s all the video recording, every time I have to record a video for you I got very exited, in a very turned on mood where; if I have to eat I really want to eat AF, or if I have to try to do exercise to show you how morbid I’m getting… well, I will definitely try 😈. The clothes try-ons are also something very special 🤤Everything goes to another level if my feeder is feeding me, because I just leave the control of my entire body to him… and I can definitely say that if he slaps my belly, or rubs my fat body, or he puts his face in my belly...😈🥵🔥 I have micro-orgasms 🤩🤩🤩 So, as you already read… there’s many feelings around being a feedee, all are positive, intense and every extra pound makes everything even better 😏 Hope you truly enjoy this before and after. and just to let you know, in this picture (2015 vs 2022) my hand is below my belly, but you can't see it cuz my belly is fully covering it😎 As always… THANK YOU!! My weight gain reach new levels because of your support, and love... my belly can feel it and I can't be more happy!!🐽🐽🐽
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    My belly out in public 📸

    My belly out in public 📸
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    Goddess shar

    🎥 🔵

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    The stripes are out loud and proud 🐝💕🐯 Nothing like a shower after a hard day. 🛁 Make sure to check out my steamy shower clip if you haven’t yet!! Wash your troubles away with me 🥰
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    I LOVE comparison pictures... The more I eat, the more I want. The fatter I get, the hornier I become! 😈🐷 Love how big, jiggly and soft my belly is now... Soooo heavy!
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    How do you feel about girls that are all belly?
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    A simple belly play video! I was a little bloated after dinner and I’ve been getting so much softer lately. I decided to do a quick little clip to show you my progress 😉


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    Weird Wood

    Weird Wood: My Gaining Journey!

    Just wanted to dump some pics that show off how plump I'm looking recently. I actually also just started a boost chugging challenge for the month, so here's hoping I break through my recent plateau and grow even closer to 300lbs 🥰
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    Thank you so much! 😁❤️ Wow! I’ve gotten so fat! You’re comparisons always capture just how much bigger I’ve gotten 😍❤️ I think you might be right! Everywhere’s certainly feeling a lot smaller than it used to in our house 😂❤️
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    My two brand new videos are both on sale through Monday from $12.99 to $9.99 🥳 *25 MIN* 80 McDonald’s McNugget’s Challenge AND cake 🐷 Fattest model on Curvage? 5/3/22 INSANE weigh in before/after stuffing
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    FatGirl gains 100+lbs…

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    Queen Celeste

    So I married a feeder...

    I cant believe what a pig ive become, all i wanna do is get high, eat, and ...you know
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    Reiinapop 2020 Gaining and BEYOND

    Holy fuck, she is looking amazing.
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    Curvage Casey

    Massive 😍 😍

    Massive 😍😍
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    Nikki Maialina

    How’s it hangin?
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    [POV, feeder/feedee, role play, belly play] Kelli has a proposition for you—she wants to get to 250lbs but is having trouble getting there herself, so she asks if you’d be interested in becoming her feeder. Kelli then goes into detail about what your “responsibilities” as her feeder would be…providing her with food, rubbing and playing with her belly, and pleasuring her whenever she wants 🥵 You happily agree to fill the position which makes her so excited. She describes all the things she wants you to do to her and fantasizes about what it would be like to be 250lbs. She knows that you’ll be a great feeder and make her nice and fat. Lastly, Kelli puts you to the test and tells you to go get her some food—she’ll be waiting for you to come back and stuff her with it 😍


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    PUTTING MORE CONTENT OUT LATER TODAY. ALL MY STUFF IS STILL $3 THOUGH 12 75.09 kB 10 81.54 kB 14 89.9 kB 39 63.26 kB 37 119.33 kB 46 87.78 kB 51 51.7 kB 18 69.49 kB
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    I like to wear a thong so it shows off my ass curves! 😍 Sometimes they can be uncomfortable if i eat too much! (All the time lol)
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    My two brand new videos are both on sale from $12.99 to $9.99 🥳 *25 MIN* 80 McDonald’s McNugget’s Challenge AND cake 🐷 Fattest model on Curvage? 5/3/22 INSANE weigh in before/after stuffing
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    Bebe Rexha

    Damn, are those recent? Bebe showing some belly/back fat at F1:
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    new clip!!💘 includes: dr*nk stuffing, burping, messy eating your once so pretty trophy gf is slowly turning into a fat slob... you already had the talk about her losing weight, but anytime you catch her in the kitchen, you see her cramming more fatty greasy food into her swollen face!
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    Last few hours! 🚨🥵 Are you secretly fattening me up?! Baby, have you been secretly making me FATTER? I don't want to gain weight... I have that big photoshoot coming up, how am I going to fit my swimsuit?! What do you mean, you like me fat? You want me FATTER?! 26 Mins of Roleplay / GFE / Secret FAT lover / Unwilling stuffing / WG denial / Diet destroying! $4.99 > $6.99 after this weekend!
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    Harnaaz Sandhu (Miss Universe 2021)

    Wow. Significant gain. Says she has celiac disease which messes with her as she travels and eats differing foods in different locales. She has recently publicly addressed the gain, and basically says that she has confidence in herself, and doesn't care what others think. Good for her, and she remains very beautiful.
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    Brunch was goooood

    Brunch was goooood
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    FeedeeBrooke's Gain Train!

    Heavily requested video being uploaded now!! Trust me it’s 🔥🔥🔥
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    lovely weather today! time to show off my summer body 😉🤤🍹
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    Fat looks good on me, being fat makes me happy. Screen shots from my new video and also a picture of my new bodysuit.
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    Pending approval 😍😍😍😍 NEW CLIP!
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    Buen dia Yal . All my stuff is back at $3 again not sure for how long though 🙃 . I love yal so much. Show me some Love. I need help to push passed this plateau. 12 75.09 kB 10 81.54 kB 14 89.9 kB 39 63.26 kB 37 119.33 kB 46 87.78 kB 51 51.7 kB 18 69.49 kB
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    Wifey weight

    One more little short story for you guys. While on vacation I spotted a Victoria's secret. Since the one by us closed down awhile back, I thought I'd surprise her by taking her there to shop around a little bit. She absolutely loves their bras and won't wear anything else since she got her first push up bra from there a few years ago. She picked out a bra and a matching set of panties, but of course they had some sale where they convince you to buy more and save 4 or 5 dollars each. I said what the heck let's pick out 5 pairs. I picked a few, she picked a few, and she held one up in front of herself to get an idea of how it would look. I looked down and blurted out "that looks kinda small doesn't it?" The ones she had picked were size Large. Thankfully she agreed that they did look a little small, so she grabbed one pair of XL and headed to the dressing room to see which ones fit better. She came back out a few minutes later and I asked which ones fit. "The extra..." She said quietly. Later in the day as we were getting out of the car I noticed the fabric on the passengers seat was wrinkled on one side. She saw me looking at it and quipped "that's what you get for having a girl with a big butt" I mumbled something about my car being old and shitty and it wasn't her fault (which it sort of is, but I do take very good care of our vehicles) and she just rolled her eyes at me. It was so sassy and sexy that she threw that in there. She knows I'm overly picky with my vehicles but she also knows that I love her hind quarters at a larger size. Can't have everything... 😂
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    FatGirl gains 100+lbs…

    This was a single serving, right? 😂❤️
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    Jason Todd

    Lana Del Rey

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    Curvage Casey

    Curvage Casey

    I’m becoming so massive 🥵
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    Bri Martinez

    She’s truly huge
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    GainingGothGF 🖤

    Well I’ve definitely always had a proportionately big butt, but I do have to say I feel how heavy it’s gotten when I’m walking or especially climbing up stairs. And not to mention the way pants never seem to fit over it anymore 🤤
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    What a better way to fight the Monday blues than with my latest clip
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    Pizza belly alert! There’s a clip pending where I sneak off to the restaurant toilet to check out my stuffed belly 😏
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    Diana Sirokai

    She's really fat now
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