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    EATING! I love filling my belly up so much that it goes from soft and jiggly to hard and round and I adore playing with my cute lil belly. I love animals, music, slobbing out watching good tv shows and films, travelling (I'm always dreaming of being in a bikini somewhere hot) and being worshipped.

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    5' 6" (168cm)

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  1. Another 5 star review for this one

    "Can you believe there's a six pack under here?"

    I definitely cannot, because all I see is a chubby gut spilling over your leggings!

    This video is seriously hot. I thought your fat ass stole the show early on, but then I couldn't keep my eyes off your jiggly belly. Watching you get out of breath trying to stuff your overweight body into leggings then seeing you crush a bag of chocolate covered pretzels makes it really hard to believe you've ever done an ounce of exercise, so I guess I'll just have to take your word for it!


  2. Did anyone order a chunky honey? 🌹


    1. 22handman


      If only that was an option on just eat.............

    2. Andrew111


      Looking  even more gorgeous. Must be those thicker thighs. 

    3. hellolads56


      Just wow

  3. You’ve been caught! 😱


  4. Who wants to stuff me until these buttons pop? 😇


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. hellolads56


      Definitely definitely me, although by the looks of it your belly’s already stuffed

    3. B14


      I volunteer 😍

    4. Jonny5ive



    5. In Love With Bellies
    6. Andrew111


      I do I do !

    7. bing3333


      Yes but for real

  5. Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle


  6. Wanna see this belly jiggling in slow mo and some hot angles? Check out my latest clip


    1. NickyPeters


      You are a total show stopper! 

  7. I love to jiggle! Starting with my POV when I look down at my feet, you get to see how my stuffed belly jiggled as I move around my room. I suck in and then let it all hang out and you can really see the difference, and then I give you the view from below. Standing up, I play with my belly, jump and get out of breath and then bounce around in slow mo so you can really see the way my fat moves on my frame.


  8. 😎😎😎


  9. POV: you come home and I’m on the bed waiting to be fed 


    1. NickyPeters


      Your gorgeous  hips and beautiful belly just make those panties disappear!

    2. 22handman


      Grabs the honey and can of whipped cream from the fridge...........

    3. bing3333


      Delicious, lets fatten you up

  10. This 5 ️ review tho… 

    Oof, you look *ridiculous*. There may be abs waaaaaay under there, but they're sadly (or not so sadly!) layered under inches of doughy flab. Better start running if you want to get rid of that pudge, OR you can just give into your new chubby pear shape. I vote for the latter!


    1. SVegan


      I am deeply very attracted to your beautiful belly and deep bellybutton 💕😍

  11. Feed me the other half? 🥺


    1. extra_m13


      lets do it !

    2. Andrew111


      You know i would!  looks like your really starting to fill out.

    3. Bellyluv


      No problem, And the dessert too 

    4. hellolads56


      That’s if your belly has enough room 😉

    5. In Love With Bellies

      In Love With Bellies

      With pleasure ! Each bite increases your curves 😊

  12. My latest clip is here 👀


    1. bellydance4me


      Love those Flipz! Looks like you’ve been enjoying them too?!

    2. squishy_bae


      I have indeed!! 

  13. New role play clip is live… anyone into former athletes letting themselves go? This workout gear is TIGHT! 🥵



    1. nakedfrankbeamer


      mmmm, that luxuriously flabby tummy.

    2. ssaylleb


      OMG you look so soft and overfed here. I'd love to take you for a week or two somewhere warm, all-inclusive. Just lying by a pool and eating and rubbing sunblock onto your gorgeous body 😍

    3. B14


      That is so hot 😍🤤

    4. In Love With Bellies

      In Love With Bellies

      Seriously getting curvier and curvier ! The tighter the better 😍

    5. bing3333


      Lovely rounding out🔥❤️ A well fed belly makes you even prettier😘

  14. Can you imagine this chubby girl being a former athlete? As soon as she stopped training and got used to the lazy life, her appetite did nothing but speed up and now she’s soft instead of rock hard. She squeezes herself into her old workout clothes, which is now a workout in itself. Puffed out from the physical activity, she absentmindedly munches through a whole bag of chocolate pretzels… so much for the new diet 🐷


  15. 🐷🐷🐷


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