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    EATING! I love filling my belly up so much that it goes from soft and jiggly to hard and round and I adore playing with my cute lil belly. I love animals, music, slobbing out watching good tv shows and films, travelling (I'm always dreaming of being in a bikini somewhere hot) and being worshipped.

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    5' 6" (168cm)

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  1. A belly full of McDonald’s 🍟


    1. Pekito


      Oh Deus! Tão fofinha. Queria alimentar essa barriga gostosa 😍

  2. Question - which bit would you grab first? 👀🤔
  3. I’ve made a giantess/vore clip if you check out my clip store 😘
  4. Today has been VERY lazy 😇


    1. Sweettooth83


      Yep..that aint no lie 😄

    2. FattyisLove


      You need someone to cook and feed you all day while you laze in bed, thinking of how much bigger and fatter you'll become from just being greedy, stuffed piggy while having your belly rubbed?

  5. Wanna watch me shake my ass and play with this belly? A new clip has just gone up 👀


    1. Continental


      I think it's safe to say we all would, Bae. 😍

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