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    EATING! I love filling my belly up so much that it goes from soft and jiggly to hard and round and I adore playing with my cute lil belly. I love animals, music, slobbing out watching good tv shows and films, travelling (I'm always dreaming of being in a bikini somewhere hot) and being worshipped.

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    5' 6" (168cm)

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  1. Stuffing myself and then snapping the evidence >>>


    1. bellydance4me


      Out and about for this? those don't look like they're going to button up again?

    2. Phillybellylove


      The shape of your lower belly is incredible 😍 very nice belly button too 

  2. Never say never! But right now I’m loving being chubby, not having any goals to pressurise myself with and just enjoying indulging in gluttony. Also just want to be super honest so I don’t bait or mislead anyone saying that I’m going to get huge etc. I’m just enjoying stuffing and seeing where it goes 🥰
  3. Just had a footlong subway, nachos and cookie for lunch! Yum 😋 how cute does my belly look here?
  4. It is fun to be surprised with little changes here and there 🙊
  5. The Squishy shrine is live! So glad you’re enjoying everything ✨
  6. It wasn’t planned but I love the squishiness! I like that I can indulge when I like without stressing myself with goals and I can just enjoy my body fluctuating 😍
  7. It’s so nice to rest my hands under it 🥰
  8. What’s more delicious, me or the cake? 😜


  9. I’m cute 🥺


    1. Tom420


      You absolutely are! aha ❤️

    2. Jsnow


      Without a doubt!!

    3. Jordydrost


      Have you got Instagram x

    4. squishy_bae


      Yeah! It’s @squishy__bae (two underscores) 

  10. I pretty much always wear crop tops and I love how my squish spills out of them 😍
  11. This is my most popular clip ever! Love it ❤️


  12. I know, I always find myself grabbing and squeezing that roll without thinking 😳
  13. Oh you have my full permission to think it’s hot 😜 thank you 😘
  14. And here’s some before & after pics to drive the message home 🙊
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