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  1. when was the last time you did any sports, let alone any exercise? I'd love to hear about how out of shape you feel or maybe even a workout video from you!
  2. ever feel out of shape/unfit? these new pounds have to have an effect
  3. does she ever show just how unfit she is? do you ever get to see how out of shape she's gotten?
  4. there's supposed to be weight gain scenes in chapters 737,739, and 740 but I only see a few ones in this particular episode and I think I'm still missing something Can anyone get any good timestamps?
  5. you ever feel out of shape? this much weight must make a huge difference
  6. what else leaves you out of breath? you look so squishy and unfit, I'd love to hear about your struggles doing any kind of fitness do the stairs make you huff and puff?
  7. flabbyarms4

    Who is this?

    which one of the many that cannot be mentioned is that lmao
  8. I would love to hear you talk about your fitness levels dropping, just the sensations and stories of tiredness and feeling unfit, either in the video or in this thread
  9. noticing any fitness changes? We need to see a workout video from you! show how out of shape you've let yourself become
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