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  1. I loved this one I would definitely like to see an Adrianna spinoff, I love a latina with a belly
  2. Really nice chubby arms
  3. While this thread exists I might as well ask lmao Anyone remember a very old sorority story where the entire sorority gets fattened up by the sorority president or head bitch or whatever?
  4. Wow, how did I miss this thread? I dont think I've seen a French feedee before, you make a great addition to the community
  5. If there's a feature with exercise involved, where as you gain you can do less and less, get out of shape, perform less physical tasks or just get more tired doing them, that would be very nice to see. For example there could be an option to go to the gym, but based on your current shape you can't do certain exercise options, or not as many. It would also be interesting if you could actually lose weight this way, it would prolong the game and make it different than anything else seen. Gain 10 pounds, lose 5, gain 20, lose 5, etc.
  6. Those arms are definitely looking bigger Id love to see you pinch and jiggle the flab hanging underneath them now
  7. We've GOT to see some jiggle in motion, whether your untoned arms, thighs, or that delicious booty
  8. I've never read Harry Potter, nor have I seen the movies But I still love these fics so much lol
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