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  1. A few images of her as Monica Lewinsky in American Crime Story: Impeachment
  2. FaceApp has a "young" filter that you can use to cancel out the aging effect of the weight gain filter. I don't think there's any way to reverse the skin-darkening effect though.
  3. Can't remember if this was ever posted here or not. From The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, a guy's girlfriend auditions to become Miss Deep Dish 2003, then they bring the past "winners" out and they've all gotten really fat.
  4. I don't remember an episode where Ashley wears a fat suit, but Will wears one in season 5 episode 11, "Will Steps Out". Could that be what you're remembering? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fresh_Prince_of_Bel-Air_(season_5)
  5. This one's pretty nice but it kinda weirds me out how her arms are still skinny.
  6. Here are a couple of good ones by darthvujin123 on DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/darthvujin123/art/Fattening-The-Witch-849091525 https://www.deviantart.com/darthvujin123/art/Wandavision-My-600lb-Life-871755997
  7. There was an episode where she had two eyes, so I think you could get away with it.
  8. A few more: Lardy Gaga, Thicctoria Justice, Amy Widehouse, Drew Bellymore, Karen Fillin', Hayden Fatteniere, Doughy Deschanel, Hailee Steinfed, Ashley Kilograham, Camila Carbello, Tessa Chompson, Margot Blobbie, Meghan Gainor, Thicki Minaj, Kerry Weighsaton, Ivanka Plump, Tulsi Flabbard, Rose McGrowin', Jolly Marie Combs, AnnaSophia Blobb, Dakota Fattening, Weighton List, Danica Fatchick, KrysTON Ritter, Selena Growmez, Jennifer Love Hugegut, Kate Beckinwhale, Jennifer Lardence, Mandy Moore-bidly Obese
  9. Fatalie Portman, Weighty Perry, Belly Clarkson, Scarlett Johamsson, Olivia Munch, Meala Kunis, Sarah Michelle Sweller, Gal Gadonuts, Brie Lardson, Ariana Gorda, Ellen Pudge, Hilary Fluff, Blobrey Plaza, Grease Witherspoon, Belly Piper, Jiggly Azalea, Hayely Fatwell, Milana Gainchub, Vanessa Pudgens, Belly Thorne, Mindy Whaling, Blubber Rexha, Emma Bloberts, Belly Eilish, Daisy Jiggly, Fatalie Dormer, Sofeed Turner, Emilia Clark Bar
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