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  1. There was an episode where she had two eyes, so I think you could get away with it.
  2. A few more: Lardy Gaga, Thicctoria Justice, Amy Widehouse, Drew Bellymore, Karen Fillin', Hayden Fatteniere, Doughy Deschanel, Hailee Steinfed, Ashley Kilograham, Camila Carbello, Tessa Chompson, Margot Blobbie, Meghan Gainor, Thicki Minaj, Kerry Weighsaton, Ivanka Plump, Tulsi Flabbard, Rose McGrowin', Jolly Marie Combs, AnnaSophia Blobb, Dakota Fattening, Weighton List, Danica Fatchick, KrysTON Ritter, Selena Growmez, Jennifer Love Hugegut, Kate Beckinwhale, Jennifer Lardence, Mandy Moore-bidly Obese
  3. Fatalie Portman, Weighty Perry, Belly Clarkson, Scarlett Johamsson, Olivia Munch, Meala Kunis, Sarah Michelle Sweller, Gal Gadonuts, Brie Lardson, Ariana Gorda, Ellen Pudge, Hilary Fluff, Blobrey Plaza, Grease Witherspoon, Belly Piper, Jiggly Azalea, Hayely Fatwell, Milana Gainchub, Vanessa Pudgens, Belly Thorne, Mindy Whaling, Blubber Rexha, Emma Bloberts, Belly Eilish, Daisy Jiggly, Fatalie Dormer, Sofeed Turner, Emilia Clark Bar
  4. Great story! I hope you write about more Marvel actresses becoming obese, especially Pom Klementieff.
  5. Speaking of Frasier... There's also an episode where Niles' ex-wife Maris gets fat, but she never appears on screen so there's nothing to actually see, just other characters talking about it.
  6. chubbyblubber

    Katy Perry

    I've noticed that she tends to joke about getting fat a lot, like in this video where she's talking about making the "California Gurls" music video and says "I'm obsessed with all things edible. First it was fruit, and now it's cotton candy and cakes. And I'm gonna be fat probably by my fourth record." Then of course there was this tweet where she posted a weight gain morph of herself: I know it probably doesn't mean anything, but if she WAS a closet feedee she'd probably make the same jokes knowing that most people would just laugh and not catch on.
  7. According to this post on DeviantArt, it's by an artist named José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros, who often does unusual depictions of Disney characters and celebrities. I think he might also be the same guy who did these:
  8. I love how they used a morph for the thumbnail to make it look like Emma Stone got way fatter than she actually did.
  9. I can't believe there hasn't been more posted about her on here, she's an incredibly cute little chubber. Also, apparently she's going to play Monica Lewinsky in an upcoming miniseries.
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