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  1. I gotta say I respect you and your feeders hustle. You guys put amazing content and I admire your dedication to this fetish. Plus you're getting sexier and fatter by the day and it's filling out so well on you😍
  2. That's great, would love to see your fat belly get stuffed to the brim while you just lay there struggling like the sexy fat pggy you are.
  3. How about a video where your feeder has you tied by your hands and feet to the bed and just feeds the fuck out of you? You post amazing content but I can't keep up with everything you post so sorry if thats been done before😂
  4. Wow, the quarantine has been keeping Sabrina as sexy as ever! Looking gorgeous and that belly is looking so fat and so nice😍that guy is lucky to be gripping all that fat up.
  5. Damn, that fat tummy is getting so big and bloated😍this quarantine has been amazing on your body, by the time you waddle out of your place no one is going to recognize your sexy ass anymore
  6. Wow! Mochi looks amazing! Nothing better than seeing this sexy girl get tied up and stuffed to the max in that sexy ass lingerie, which is the perfect fit on that growing body. She's looking fatter and more gorgeous every day😍
  7. Looking amazing!!! Love seeing that massive sexy gut spilling out of those tights😍Wish I could give you a nice tummy rub
  8. Great to see one of my favorites back, her fat tummy looks amazing spilling out of those tights😍😍we missed you!
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