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  1. Wow it's so nice to see you back! Love seeing you try to pull those panties over that sexy gut just for it to spill out 😍
  2. WOW!!! Mochi, you have one of the best gains I've ever seen. Words can't describe how amazing your dedication to fattening up and stuffing yourself to the max. You look so damn hot and gorgeous as you spill out if that cute outfit. You're filling out so well and are getting even hotter as your fatten that gorgeous body up. Seriously one of the best, you're the gold standard for this.
    Holy shit this video is one of her best yet. She looks so incredible and gluttonous, her gorgeous body gets sexier by the pound. Her face looks especially incredible, she just carries the weight perfectly. It's jaw dropping how fat Mochi is getting to the point shes still outgrowing clothes from just a few months ago. Although she struggles with how tight they are , they fight best with her fat gorgeous gut spills out everywhere. She's seriously the best, it's such an incredible deal for a40 minute vid. It's gonna take me a week to finish this vid cause of how good she's looking. Mad respect for her and her devotion to gluttony.
  3. Wooooow I can't imagine you zipping those shorts up over that fat fupa, let alone buttoning them😍
  4. Holy shit how did you even get those jean shorts over those thighs?? You look so fat and perfect with your gut and thighs swallowing up those shorts😍
    One of the hottest videos I've seen, omg. It's so hot how Mpchi has gotten so fat that she can't even buckle the seatbelt in the uber. She's just amazing, and it's so dope to see her going out in an outfit that shows off her gorgeous gain. She's the best, honestly I can't even finish her videos in one go cause she's so perfect. Thanks for sharing and making this!
  5. It's so cute when your feeder grabs all the fat in your gorgeous face😍you look perfect mochi!
  6. Wow, you've had an amazing gain! That gut is on another level😍
  7. Damn, I'd be staring too and admiring your gorgeous self keeping that body so sexy and fat😍
  8. Love how chubby your face is looking along with how large that gut and your tits are getting! One of the sexiest girls I've seen😍
  9. Just wanted to say thanks for answering all these questions! Amazing how devoted you are to this, it's much appreciated! Definitely one of, if not the best, gainers I've seen😍
    I couldn't even make it 5 minutes through the video, thats how grorgeous and sexy Mochi has gotten. One of the best gains and guts around, this vid is also really well made and the editing is great! Can't recommend enough!
    This is an amazing vid of Chyy, as takes handfuls of cakes and fattens herself even more and looking like a goddess doing it. She's looking as fat as ever as she makes a mess and gets cake all over her fat gut, bulging tits, and thick thighs. She looks stunning as she gets on all fours, lets that gut hang and touch the bed due to how fat she's gotten, and goes the town on that cake. Pretty sure everyone watching this imagines hitting it from the back and watching that ass jiggle as she shoves her face into that cake as she gets stuffed on both ends. One of the best by far on this site.
  10. She can steal my lunch anytime since she's looking like a five course meal😍
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