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  1. With your new appetite you won't be able to hide your beautiful belly very soon. πŸ˜‹
  2. Your story is amazing !! Something tells me it's the beginning of a big weight gain 😊
  3. So beautiful ! So round ! And your smile !! 😍❀️ Heavenly 😌
  4. That's a really serious weight gain ! So hot πŸ₯΅
  5. Oh God the size of your thighs now 😲😍
  6. Too cute to eat... true... but you thought about getting fatter and ate it ! 😁😍
  7. Your sports clothes' first job is now to shows your amazing round love handles ! 😎
  8. 😲😲😲 your belly has never been so round ! 😍
  9. The fact your clothes now draw your belly button shows how fat you are ! 😍 Keep eating 😁
  10. We see that !!! 😍 Fatter and fatter ! ☺️
  11. Impressive ! 😲 You ate very well and a lot πŸ˜‹
  12. Wow your beautiful belly is really big now ! 😍
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