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  1. Sooooooo close !! And december feasts are coming ! You will do it, you will do it !!!! 😍 Honestly incredible how beautifully fat you keep getting 🥰 You gain and gain and gain !! 😍
  2. The kind of post i love over all !! Nothing sexier than a woman who loves and enjoys her body 😍 And seriously how to resist to your big fat round beautiful belly 🥰
  3. I love your facial expressions here. First you look shocked and surprised by our appetite and second you look proud, cute and happy about it when grabbing your belly 🥰 Look at the size of your belly when you underestimate how much food you need 😍
  4. Welcome back beautiful 🥰 We missed you! Wow THAT hang 🤤😍
  5. Seriously breathtaking 😍 So round now !
  6. You know how to accentuate how round and massive your belly becomes ! It's beautiful how far your fat pushes in front of you! Each day a little more 🥰
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