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  1. You have the body of a gluttony goddess ! 😍 So each time you eat it's extremely sexy and beautiful ! ❤️
  2. Wow ! So much fatter it's breathtaking ! 😍
  3. You have grown such a beautiful fat belly ! I remember the first times you show pictures in these pants... Your belly comes from tiny to huge ! So much progress ! 😍
  4. And you don't need to say no ! You deserve all this delicious food ! And with this late night snack, the only answer you give to your belly was MORE ! 😍 Wow... your belly looks so tense and extremely full here ! No doubt that you have increased your stomach capacity a little more here 😊 And something tells me you will eat a lot this evening too ! ❤️
  5. Wow you are blowing up recently GGG, that's so beautiful ! 😍
  6. Exactly it's beautiful to see you eating like a good piggy! Your belly has more and more place for delicious greasy foods ! And wow you really look gorgeous in these pants ! They really drawn your beautiful muffin top ! The way your belly already spills out is so cute 🥰 That's what i really call sexy ! But they already look tight ! I don't think you will be able to wear them during a long time 😇
  7. Indeed i love how well you are eating recently ! 🥰 Keep it up ! 😘 And about the next meals... i would say... everything that you desire ! No restrictions, just enjoying many delicious meals !
  8. You deserve it so much !! Congratulations ! 😍 Your thread grows as much as your belly ! 🤯 Your belly is perfectly round, fatter than ever, wider than ever and dropping so low !! 😍 You are so beautiful 🥰 So many delicious food are waiting you this year 🍕🍟🍔🥯🧁 and i'm sure your motivation to eat them is huge ! ❤️
  9. Oh you can show your beautiful fat donut belly all the time here ! 😍 You look absolutely gorgeous on the third picture ! ❤️
  10. For sure wider and even cuter ! Also love how your curves pop out of your outfit ! 😍
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