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  1. Wait wooplus actually works?? I thought it was a scam website! now that I’m here does anyone know any good apps where i could potentially find girls into Feederism, or that could be interested in it?
  2. Matt_br

    My first pic~

    Ciao Margo! You look amazing! We can tell you stuffed your belly full, you’re huge😳
  3. I think we’re about to witness one of the fastest gain of this community, you’re being such a brainwashed pig lately that’s crazy😳birth control is definitely gonna help you swelling up too
  4. Small tummy?😳hun you look huge, your belly is litteraly spilling over your shorts, i bet we all love it tho
  5. Isabella from st*ffer31, she was my favorite gainer for a long time, she disappeared yeaaaars ago, CGV too, would love to know if some have new about them?
  6. That’s it, that’s what we’ve all been waiting for, whoever you are man, thank you, make her even bigger than she ever thought she would be
  7. God you’re massive😳there’s no way you can close these shorts ever again, not with that huge pregnant looking gut
  8. Welcome MJ!! (Such a cool name btw) can’t wait to see more of you! You already look so big and heavy!😳
  9. I’m pretty late to the party but this might be one of the hottest thread on curvage, reading all your stories with your niece and how much of a fat slob you are made me way too horny, keep blessing us with content, and ofc keep swelling up🐷
  10. Matt_br

    Billie Eilish

    Huge missed opportunity to name this topic Belly Eilish
  11. My comment is not gonna be really original, you were one of the first feedees i started following as a teen, i had a massive crush on you and I’m SO happy that you’re on Curvage now (you look ridiculously huge btw)
  12. Ohhh i used to collect star wars figures!! Especially from the prequels they were so cool!
  13. Hope she’s gonna be Susan Storm in the new Fantastic 4 movie, maybe we could have a..curvier invisible woman👀
  14. Wait wait wait i feel like i missed the biggest announcement ever, Aliss is finally a curvage model?? That’s definitely really exciting!! If you read this i can’t wait for your content (hopefully with some friends of yours) tysm for sharing this on here!
  15. Ok guys, everything i posted was deleted, from now let’s only share stuff from her insta or that are public, otherwise your posts will be deleted and you will receive a warning, let’s make Aliss feel safe in this community and keep her paid content for yourself
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