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  1. Holly mother of bellys😱she’s huge! You’re feeding her so well!!! would love to see some standing pics if you can! I’m sure her belly looks round and full☺️
  2. In some pictures she’s skinnier and in some others she’s bigger🤣
  3. Wow!! You look so round here!😱the only words that comes through my mind are heavy/huge/massive🤣you got it, you’re fat😏
  4. Wow you’re definitely huge now! Mcd everyday really?😏 it kinda shows🤣
  5. Ohhh that’s great!😀Can’t wait to see what you guys are going to do!! Don’t hesitate to post more here for more visibility!
  6. Ohhh nice😏now we all want to see the results of that huge breakfast!
  7. Well, -4 egg omelette full loaded with cheese -5 stack pancakes (with butter and sirup) -8 slices of bacon -a gainer shake -maybe some donuts? yeah that’s a lot but i was inspired🤣
  8. Wow she looks soooo huge in those pictures!!! we all count on you to make her become even bigger and fatter!😉hope you will show us more today!😊
  9. Omg wow🤣first you two are so cute together!! And those underwear seems a little bit tight😏can’t wait till you rip them (soon i think)
  10. Ohh can’t wait to see those pictures! And i see you’re taking care of her fat belly🤣
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