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  1. Welcome! I'm sorry that you went through all that, but that is definitely a good form of revenge! Hope you enjoy your gaining journey, and that you meet someone who doesn't betray your trust like that and deserves being with you.
    This is definitely a great vid -- the measuring process is very fun and energetic, and then sitting down (and snacking, of course) to talk about the gain was very hot. Looking forward to the next measurements!
  2. I don't know if I have anything super original to add, but I would agree that if the amount your eating feels more like a burden than something you enjoy, that is likely not a good sign. I know that compulsion and lack of self-control is kind of the dirty talk of the fetish, but I think it's sort of similar to, say, BDSM where the submissive gives up all illusions of power and control for play, but in a healthy relationship the submissive has ultimate say of when to stop and a good dom listens, if that makes any sense.
  3. Glad you're in good spirits, at least! Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Great short but sweet video. You were very sexy stuffing yourself and your feeder -- who is one right lucky bastard, I must add -- delivered some excellent rub-downs that just made it even better. If I had any...I wouldn't even call it a complaint, so much as something to consider next time you do a vid like this, it's that maybe consider turning the radio down or off before filming. Maybe my earphones are just bad, but it was hard to hear the two of you at times between the radio and what I can assume is the air conditioning running at the time.
    Short and sweet -- you did great for it being your first time (of many!). My only complaint is that it's over too soon! 😁
    Great vid -- loved your story and I believe it's a good intro for you and can believe that you're definitely going to grow a lot. Only thing I could say that could improve is if there was a bit more showing off at the end -- even a like stand and twirl soils have been great to see.
  4. Congrats on the "birthday" and hitting your first goal! 😁
  5. From what they've said, I don't see how she was manipulated.
  6. Jay Rock

    Emma Stone

    Yeah, she could maybe pull off Donna or Cassie, but definitely not Diana.
  7. Jay Rock


    Finished The Heist as part of Spider-Man's "The City That Never Sleeps" DLC season pack, and really enjoyed it. Not only was it just more of the great game that I loved playing, it actually had a storyline that I thought has very interesting potential for the character.
  8. Sheesh. Next episode they're probably going to give up and throw a burlap sack over her. And she'll still look fine.
    Such a sexy video -- both of you look incredible, and Blonde is a great teaser and feeder. I'd love to see more videos like this, especially as you get bigger and bigger...
  9. Wow, she was pretty before back in Stranger Things, but now she's just gorgeous! 😍
  10. Jay Rock

    Anne Hathaway

    I wonder what this movie is? She looks great there.
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