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  1. Wow! Really stretching those leggings to their limits! 😮 How many plates so far?
  2. Congratulations! Hope you really make use of that buffet.
  3. Sailor Moon's really let herself go! "In the name of the moon, I will smother you!"
  4. I definitely won't say no! Great pics -- your belly looks so perfectly spherical, it's unreal! You mentioned in your first post that you're pregnant. May I ask how far along you are?
  5. It's always so sweet hearing talk like that. I'm so glad you two found each other, sounds like a match made in heaven. (I gotta admit, I almost wrote "match made in heavy," which kind of works too. 😆) Hope you two feel better soon.
  6. I'd love to be the one holding up the funnel and pouring whatever fattening shake as you sit there, mindlessly gulping and moaning as your gut expands... Then, once you can finally stand up, I'd put my arms around you and my fingers just make it to each side of your belly button. I try to push myself closer*, grunting and groaning in the effort, until we both realize your belly is just too big for that. So at that point we would be content to just squeeze and jiggle your stuffed belly. 😍 Then my hands might drift a little lower because, let's face it, if you're that big around your belly at that point, you might not be able to fully reach down there anyway... * I say I'd try to push myself closer, but I think if I were hanging out with you, at that point my own gut would be expanding some as well, which wouldn't help... 😳
  7. Never? What a crime! This needs to be fixed soon. I get the feeling you would be the kind who gets REALLY into it. It would probably help break your plateau and really get you in the 300s. I get the feeling that either now or in the near future, it's going to be hard to fully wrap one's arms around you from behind. Which would be a bit of a shame, but also kinda hot.
  8. Glad you two had a wonderful time! Great photos -- your feeder is really good at photography, though I'm sure his subject definitely helps.
  9. Welcome Sky! As for what I would love to see you stuff...there's just something about a whole large pizza!
  10. I'm sorry that this happened to you, sorry that this shit happens to a lot of the girls on here or that it is a constant threat. It's a damn shame that people find those who are doing things for themselves that is off the beaten path and decide they have to be torn down when they're not hurting anyone. I hope you're taking care of yourself and doing well right now, and know that whatever choice you make with where you go after this, we support you.
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