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  1. I don't know if you could even stop if you wanted to. You're just truly addicted to the gluttony of gaining.
  2. Ahh! I thought it was oddly bold to be completely bare for a naughty work selfie. Not that you ever would do something lewd like that at work hahaha...unless? 😜
  3. If she's already got the double chin going, I can't wait to see the rest. 😁
  4. That chubby girl you see in the mirror...that's You, or more accurate who you always were but was afraid to embrace. This is what you're meant to be, so embrace it! Rub that gut,feel it expand under your fingertips, maybe give that button some fingering and see if you'll climax again like the dirty fatslut you are...
  5. It's cute that you think that with your gluttonous nature and lack of self control that you could stop after such a challenge and wouldn't be hopelessly addicted to cake shakes by day three at the latest. 😜
  6. Sad to see you go, but I hope it helps in figuring out where you want to go and regaining your confidence.
    This is a dangerously sexy video -- the way she sweetly and seductively suggests and proposes giving into gluttony with her is enough to tempt one to raid the fridge immediately after. Makes your pants tight in more ways than one! 😁
    Lovely video -- very sweet, hot and intimate. Your feeder is one lucky so-and-so!
    Lovely video -- Freya tells her story very well, and I agree she looks amazing in her beret. 😁
    Great video, very sexy and well shot. I just wish we could have seen the shake spill down Freya's chest, but still worth it. 😁
  7. They do indeed speak for themselves! Absolutely gorgeous. 😍
  8. Wow, you've gone from a chubby belly to a full, fat gut! Looking a bit stuffed there too! 😍
  9. I think it's inevitable at this point that you're only going to get bigger and heavier. Time to drink down that shake and embrace your gluttony!
  10. So a gain of 30kg, or 66 pounds in a little under two years? Impressive! Looking forward to seeing you meet and possibly expand past your goal. 😁
  11. Amazing! What's the time difference between the three pics?
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