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  1. Welcome! You look fantastic! Hope to see more of you around here.
    Very sexy! Kat really embodies the character here and creates such a sensual video.
    Great vid! The split happens almost immediately, and you can see the surprise on her face, followed by flushed pride as she shows off all her fat and has some chocolate, already trying to destroy her next work pants.
    Amazing video! Love the creativity and editing skills you've put in, and of course just seeing you embrace your inner piggy is always fun to see.
  2. G'night! May you have sweet, fattening dreams. 😘
  3. A beautiful chubby lady in the streets, a sexy, wanton gluttonous piggy in the sheets. Pretty uneventful, work was boring, but better than sucking! I'm off the next two days, though, so that's pretty sweet. You could be the mascot for Big Belly Burger!
  4. You think it's hard not to play with your belly now, but wait until it's a huge potbelly sitting heavy on your lap, and you have to take both your hands to lift it and feel it jiggle and wobble...
  5. Those are your 2XL panties, right? Anyone else get the feeling you'll outgrow these before the year is out?
    First off, while it's not my first choice, can't say I'm against pineapple either. Also, I didn't know there was someone else who felt the same way about the pizza slices with the bubbles! Second, really great video. It's kind of silent in places, but it felt natural that way, and it's very sexy watching you mindlessly stuff your greedy face until you're moaning and unable to button back up your shorts!
  6. First I heard about this, but Jesus that is shitty. I hope she'll recover from this.
  7. Cool! There's definitely some fun TV there. Just so you know, both of those shows get REALLY crossover heavy after a while with the other DC shows going on at the time, like Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning and Batwoman (which is only streamable on HBO Max right now). Some of the crossovers affect things less than the others, but with Arrow for example, the end is pretty dependent on the big crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. Here's a link that should make it easy enough to follow.
    Very nice video, feels very authentic and really get to see you expand. Kind of wish there was more dialogue, but still very sexy.
  8. Nice! I've played a little of it before and while I personally didn't get very into it, it's definitely a marvel. Oh, and in case you don't know, a thing about it is that you can make your character fat depending on how much food you make him eat. I think you might have some fun with that.
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