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  1. Who could forget? Glad to see you back, bigger and better than ever!
  2. Amazing work -- his attention to anatomy is something I don't think you see that often in this kind of art, and I really appreciate it.
  3. WOW! If that's as big as you've gotten over four months, I'm looking forward to seeing where you are in a year or two. 😮
  4. That would be fun to see, and impressive -- like it looks like your thighs are at least twice as wide as they were before.
  5. You might say that your growth is really starting to...sink in.
  6. Can you imagine just the office gossip! "I swear, every day she comes in she's bigger than before!"
    Great video! You say you're awkward, but I think you told your story rather well and I think you'll only get better with time. Looking forward to the next ten inches, and who knows how many more after that.
  7. And with that, there's definitely no turning back now. When you look at yourself in the mirror now, you can be certain that this is the thinnest you will ever be again.
  8. Those yoga pants are the real ones for not splitting under all that strain.
  9. "What do you mean, I'm eating too much? This is just a snack!" Not pictured: Three empty ice cream pints, empty pizza box, two family sized bags of chips.
  10. WOW! The consequences of your heavy cream shakes are showing -- literally every day you're getting softer, wider and chunkier! I bet by the end of the month that shirt won't even go completely over your growing gut.
  11. Wow, that sounds HOT. 😮 Looking forward to it!
  12. Is this a new, upcoming video or an older one that I don't remember?
  13. I fucking LOVE this gif. Your face just really says it all, with a mix of pride and nervous glee for being so naughty and gluttonous. 😍 And your face is not durpy, it's beautiful! Don't let anyone -- not even you -- tell you otherwise.
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