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  1. Needless to say, you won out in this trade off.
  2. Believe me, it shows! Looks like he couldn't stop even if he wanted to...
  3. You both are getting so plump and sexy! Any chance we could see you take a set of photos together? Seeing your two growing bellies squished together would be 👌
  4. How is he enjoying the gain? He's looking great -- so close to 100kg, you can almost taste it!
  5. Gone from a six-pack to a keg!
  6. I think you're past chunky at this point. Looking forward to this whipped cream stuffing.
  7. Definitely -- don't worry so much about how fast you're growing, but I would suggest rather enjoying the process, and it will creep up with time.
  8. You look great with all that added plushness! Hope to see more.
  9. You look fantastic with the added weight! Glad we can be here to gently remind you of it when needed.
  10. Just when you think it might slow down or plateau or something, you go and gain another ten pounds! Man, you are truly a feedee fantasy come to life.
  11. That he is -- it's like you've completely broke his metabolism. I see him only getting rounder and plumper going forward...
  12. It's also possible that you might be losing some muscle -- muscle does weigh more than fat, after all.
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