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  1. wakpak33

    Bebe Rexha

    Some GIFs😍😍😍
  2. Posted today, but I'm sure this was recorded at an earlier date. Nonetheless she still looks nice and thick, filling out her black dress. She is a real foodie queen, she just cant get enough of food!! I'm sure the simple sight of a plate of food just makes her smile so wide and gives her the urge to finish it off clean.
  3. Naomi is now having livestreams every friday, and there's 20 episodes of these so these next 20 fridays she'll be livestreaming!! Here's grabs from the 2hr stream posted by her. She wears not so revealing clothing, although her face still looking big.
  4. wakpak33

    Bebe Rexha

  5. wakpak33

    Bebe Rexha

    That's a FAT ASS right there!
  6. August 2019. Went sleeveless and wore a tight dress showing her belly bulge out a lot!
  7. Another one for melissa from June of last year. You can clearly see how much her belly really bulges out and into her dress!!
  8. Posted today but the guy she is pictured with, not sure if this one includes photoshop probably not.
  9. irene from Nov 6, she's got some big meaty arms!!!
  10. From march 2019, even black doesnt make her look any slimmer. In the side profile shots of her, you can clearly see how much her pudgy belly sticks out and it sticks out a ton!! My 2 personal favorites:
  11. wakpak33

    Bebe Rexha

    About a few weeks ago she met a young fan, and look at her belly as she crouches down to greet her!😍
  12. Butterball in black with a biiiigg belly.
  13. Gabriella gomez, KSNT news. She's been putting on a bit of weight since getting the job in June. From yesterday and her belly is growing more and more noticeable especially in side profiles. Include a GIF of her doing her best to suck in her gut and ultimately just let's it out exhaling deeply 2 twice! Her belly button makes first appearance, not the last: Another appearance for her belly button:
  14. From one of her Instagram stories, nice shot of her growing belly.
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