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  1. Hi there! You are welcome to post in the Women of Curvage sub-forum. From previous experiences it is recommended you put 'trans' in the thread title so not to, as you put it, 'set anybody off' Many thanks!
  2. @HersheyChubb Please remember that nudity is not allowed on Curvage.
  3. It's okay man, it is clear to me that wasn't your intention, thread got derailed by a misunderstanding of your question. My answer to the original question: I think people are way too naive to post photos on the internet and expect them NOT to be downloaded. Sure, morally it's a grey area, but if you don't upload them, or share them, or use them as blackmail or something weird, then I don't see a how it cause any problems. If you never share them no one ever knows you have them, right? Plus it's easier than training your photographic memory skills But that thread is trashed now so let's move on and pretend all this never happened..
  4. Have you had a look at the notification settings page? You can turn off email alerts for most things here: https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/notifications/options/
  5. Even BIGGER as requested
  6. If you say so chief! Unrelated photoshop tip: When morphing a photo that's out of focus, make sure that any edges aren't sharper than the rest of the photo: Also make sure the cut outs don't show any of the original background: Are you 100% positive these aren't morphed?
  7. These are some high quality morphs. I'm both impressed and disappointed at the same time
  8. What a stunning gain on a stunning woman.
  9. Could you screenshot what it looks like? I had a similar problem but it turned out to be caused by clicking the thumbnail before the page had finished loading.
  10. @bigboy1858 Those videos work okay with my VLC, however I'd recommend giving MPC-HC a go, it seems to work better than VLC for many filetypes
  11. 2018 vs 2016, a positive change in attitude towards fat rolls 😄
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