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  1. Hi, All of our models are ID checked and verified to be over 18, Valerie included Thank you!
  2. Does this graph help with understanding the different terminologies? It's new to a lot of people as they don't teach enough of it in schools and it's still a bit taboo. Full respect for wanting to learn and understand about it. I'm not an expert but I think of it as gender is in your brain and sex is in your pants.
  3. "Tight dresses and bloated bellies" https://www.instagram.com/p/COPj01Qnbne/
  4. That's Rebecca Penfold!
  5. That's Barbie Ferreira!
  6. maybejames

    Who is this girl?

    That's Curvage Model Babyph4t!
  7. That's Curvage model @Chubbycat666! 😍
  8. That's Curvage model Princess Bogar!
  9. Thanks for following! :D

  10. If you've cancelled your account deletion, you'll be fine, it takes us a while to get round to those anyway 😅 The issue is being caused by gmail itself: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/gmail-down-outage-issues-google-b1774633.html
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