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  1. Hi MaybeJames,
    I´m just starting this, I want to use Curvage Clips as well to sell my videoclips.
    I understand your message. Won´t refer to my own site anymore, but to my Curvage Clips instead.
    1. maybejames


      No problem :)

      I hope you enjoy it here :)

    2. Paula Pear

      Paula Pear

      Thank you for being so kind! I'm just was just so enthusiastic finding this website, I didn't knew nothing about these rules or how works a page like this. 


      I tried to send you a private message but I can't. To upload my videoclips to Curvage Clips they ask me my passport and a copy a an electricity bill. The situation is that, besides a photo of my passport, I can't provide an electricity bill that's on my personal name (as in my passport) because I rent a room in a shared apartment. 

      What other possibilities do I have to apply for Curvage Clips so I can start uploading my videos?

      Thank you in advance!

  2. This makes sense, in fact we already make this distinction. We have an unofficial rule that the Plus Size Models forum is for women whose full time job is to model plus size clothes, whether that's for fashion, bloggers, adverting, female empowerment etc. (aimed at a predominately female audience). Any model whose content is more aligned to fetish, softcore, fap material, etc. (aimed at a predominately male audience) does not belong in Plus size models. It's not 100% perfect and the lines are increasingly blurred, but it has been working well so far.
  3. She took down all her videos
  4. maybejames

    Daisy Ridley

    Whoa I didn't realize there are two of them!
  5. The original thread was removed because it was empty other than a link posted in 2013 that now took you to a spam website. Your new thread broke at least three rules, as most of the images were too small / thumbnails, you quoted yourself from other threads, and used multiple gifs in your replies, all of which many users find annoying and all things we have discussed with you before.
  6. We’ve had this feature for ages, Simply add their usernames to your ignore list
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