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  1. el_boozio

    Bebe Rexha

    Those blouse buttons are a large meal away from becoming dangerous weapons 🤞
  2. That dress is so damn hot, love what you are doing
  3. Wow don’t know what’s going to blow first, your blouse or my mind!! This is an unbelievably hot outfit
  4. wow, I think that red dress is about to explode!!
  5. Cant get over how fabulous you look in this skirt, your curves are just unreal. Would love to see you wear it with a straining button down blouse.
  6. You look so damn good in those tight dresses. Your should exclusively wear clothes that strain to contain your your amazing curves.
  7. Getting hotter by the post!! Would love to see how well that cute office button down shirt and skirt are fitting around your curves now!!
  8. You looked so unbelievably hot in that office blouse and skirt outfit. Can't wait for that blouse to get a proper strain on
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