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No Gut No Glory - Very hot and curvy

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Guest BrewGuy

Nice. Again, those tattoos are pretty fucking cool 😎


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My belly came from drinking a LOT of vodka and cranberry and not always making the best food choices. Also I'm pretty lazy about working out. At first I hated my softening body and jiggly belly but now that I've started posting pictures and videos and getting teased (my favourite!) I've really started to like it and get a little turned on by it. I had originally really wanted to lose weight and get back to 118 lbs but now I think I would miss my flabby belly and thick love handles! 

These are some pictures of me drinking getting ready to make some dancing videos. You can really see how much my belly pops over and hangs out!




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More pictures! I'm going to try to make a video tonight. The left is from a little under 2 years ago, around 116lbs, the right is from last night, this morning I weighed 121.4 lbs. Its crazy how much 5-6 lbs widened my lower belly and love handles! And if course my thighs as well. Everything is getting broader and softer! What do you guys think?


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