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  1. Pregnant women gain weight and belly less quickly that you. Genuinely impressive! (now imagining the two together. It's shame we never got pics of you in your last month or two)
  2. This is now one of my top 5 favourite pics of you. Damn, I've seen genuinely smaller 9 month along bellies. Hot!
  3. I hope you bought the biggest and best feast. Got to work on that Pavlovian response 😉
  4. Would love to see a video of you in this outfit and a pair of heels. Dolled up and lush is so so so hot
  5. Oh this was between your redo? Lol well it looks good haha
  6. You look at least a whole cup size bigger? The fullness looks incredible on you
  7. Holy shit, you're practically heaving out of that poor shirt, this is one of the hottest pictures I've seen on this site (complete sucker for redheads) I'd kill for some full bodyshots or even better, some videos of you walking, especially in high heels and something tight like booty shorts or a secretary style midi skirt
  8. See, I told you it was here to stay! 😁You're addicted to your flesh, how it feels and looks. Every time you try to lose a pound you gain 2 back, so why bother 😉 (ps you look great as always, you're a lucky woman to suit a pretty broad range of weights)
  9. Video wearing clothes and pretending to not have noticed you've gained weight? Another one is stepford wife type scene, in the heels, pearls, dress, apron. Making food for your man but then just pig out on it yourself
  10. Hi, yes she has gained about christmas

    1. der Pummelchenliebhaber

      der Pummelchenliebhaber

      And she is gaining day by day, slowly but constant. 

  11. Thanks, same to you! Did she gain much over Christmas?
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