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  1. See, I told you it was here to stay! 😁You're addicted to your flesh, how it feels and looks. Every time you try to lose a pound you gain 2 back, so why bother 😉 (ps you look great as always, you're a lucky woman to suit a pretty broad range of weights)
  2. Video wearing clothes and pretending to not have noticed you've gained weight? Another one is stepford wife type scene, in the heels, pearls, dress, apron. Making food for your man but then just pig out on it yourself
  3. Yup! Good ones are filling up both holes down below whilst you gorge yourself for the ultimate filling. Or going out to eat with a remote toy in. Merging both pleasures is just so erotic and powerful and addictive
  4. Hi, yes she has gained about christmas

    1. der Pummelchenliebhaber

      der Pummelchenliebhaber

      And she is gaining day by day, slowly but constant. 

  5. Thanks, same to you! Did she gain much over Christmas?
  6. Normal makeup (ie natural look enhancement) when casual/at home, more glam/caked on when out for me
  7. Delicious, lucky man that she's happy to do this. My wife has now gained 35lbs over 10 years, but hates it, refuses to me take sexy pics etc
  8. Love the high heels. All good piggies should live in them: builds your ass and calves up, but limits how many calorie burning steps you'll take in a day
  9. You look great, you suit your more buttery body massively!
  10. I know you're unhappy with your current weight, and obvious your health and happiness take top priority! But thanks for sharing content of yourself at this size, even if we do fetishise it and push boundaries
  11. What a chunky, swollen mess of a woman she is. Eating all that junk food has made your gut bigger than your tits!
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