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    Yet another great video with a bunch of a sexy angles of what is becoming one of the better bellies of Curvage
    Another fantastic clip from Curvy Taylor. One of the most underrated models here. Absolutely sexy.
    Great clip to follow up the public taco stuffing. Seeing her, dessert in both hands, jeans undone and belly sticking out is more than worth it.
    Hair and makeup: perfect Outfit: even more perfect The belly play and side profile at the end: The most perfect One of the best clips I've seen from anyone on here
  1. How have you been? πŸ’—

  2. @NogutNoglory 1.) Pampered weight gain is the best kind. It not only is a result of being loved but I think it helps create such a positive relationship with ones body. It's not a point of shame or self-loathing, but instead is almost a point of pride. It shows you're healthy and loved and the positive mindset helps breed confidence not only in ones image but in their overall self-worth. Nobody should ever become any body type for negative reasons. 2.) Throughout your time here you seem to not only be more and more comfortable with yourself but confident enough to set boundaries and speak out against peer pressure to look any type of way. Good for you! That's such an important step for anyone's mental health. Your opinion of you should be the only vote that counts. Keep doing what you're doing. All your content looks/is great at any shape and size.❀️
    Sofia is back with her first video since school and boy is she back in a big way. There's no hiding it anymore, that is a BELLY! As she shows you herself throughout the entire clip it is quite the handful and is very soft, jiggly, provides plenty to grab onto. A must watch for sure.
  3. I mean in fairness can any dress even cover them anymore with how huge they are?
  4. I don't know how anyone in the restraunt was able to take a bite of food or a sip of their drink with all of their jaws on the floor. You look stunning in that dress. Happy birthday NGNG and mine is next week so thank you for the early present cause there is no way I'm going to be able to stop staring at these pictures from now until then
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