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  1. Ahh. I've been playing around with AI Dungeon a bit, too. It can be....amusing. My sense is that the software really isn't up to the task of creating a "proper" weight gain story--even with reversion retries and judicious direct editing of passages. Even so, I still get a pleasant little thrill when it occasionally spits out a passage or two that seems on-point. Based on the way the AI function works it seems to do marginally better than expected with "fan fiction" stories based on established characters, in that it more readily finds relevant background information to weave in.
  2. Hey, remembered you're a fan of Miranda Lawson weight gain. I've done a bunch of her on writing.com, and I mean a bunch of different story lines.

    None are what you'd call completed and the website remains ass, but here you go:


    Might need a log in to view that.


    1. riptoryx


      Oh, it looks like you've written quite a few recently! I'd peeked at the stuff months ago, but now there's more! I'll check it out...whenever writing.com "lets" me. :P

      Mostly for my own (but also other random viewers') reference, this may be an easier URL to navigate to your additions in the Mass Effect story (and elsewhere): https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/action/show_chapters/user_id/sulla76


  3. That was you?? I had no idea! I remember that site quite well It was one of my favorites, way back in the day.
  4. "DMCA" is shorthand for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The specific Curvage page for submitting a DMCA notice to Curvage is here (or just click on "DMCA" down at the very bottom of this page): https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/support/create/
  5. Granting a little leeway around the strict 200-pound cap, I think several stories by @Maverick, @snr6424, and @maxymumspyder (writing as "kowlooner") fall into that more "mild" or lighter-end (for weight if not exactly tone) of the weight gain fiction spectrum. Here are a few of my choice recommendations from that grouping: The Lesson, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Jean Therapy, and You're Going to Get Fat by Maverick (that last one is quite recent) Backfired by snr6424 Downward Trend (the final tally is expressly a little bit over 200 pounds) and Game Changer by maxymumspyder/kowlooner
  6. I think I explained what turns me on about this stuff about as well as I can in the post I linked. I don't think most people truly can explain "why" they find attractive the things they do--whatever those things may be. Even if they think they can, or are willing to hazard a guess, I'm still highly skeptical about the reliability of such armchair Freudian auto-psychology. As I mentioned in my linked post, what "turns me on " doesn't necessarily run parallel on all tracks with "what I want to happen to people I love." I don't see an inherent contradiction in that. Nor do I think I, or anyone else, needs to, or ought to, feel ashamed of what turns us on. Knowing full well how much I'm repeating myself at this point, I'll say the same things I've said before. It is not immoral to be aroused by things that others--or even you, yourself--find odd, silly, dark, creepy, disgusting, mean, cruel, illegal, or even outright horrific. What turns us on is rarely, if ever, a conscious choice. It's just the way we are. While moral implications may arise from our actions and their consequences, private or willingly-shared fantasies seem an ideal, safest way to exercise those natural yet dark or otherwise controversial predilections.
  7. Well, @litmus, based on some of your past and recent discussion about this stuff, I think you and I probably are not all that far apart in terms of thinking civility and self-awareness are important when posting in a semi-public and mixed company place like Curvage. It can be tricky, even frustrating, finding the right time, place, and manner to comfortably express honest opinions about what turns us on--especially when seemingly "safe" places like Curvage often just kinda...aren't that, for anybody. Of course, @glamourmodelgain isn't alone in his predictions for the intersect between weight gain and humiliation. Singling him out seems a bit aggressive. As for the "why" you keep seeking, I'm not sure an answer (diagnosis?) for what turns folks on is going to be very productive towards the goal of changing behavior, but I've shared my own thoughts about it before and I'll bet you've read all that before. Speaking as a type of "content creator" (though I doubt I'm the type you had in mind), I can say I also would discouraged from contributing if Curvage became focused on actively stifling the kind of stuff I enjoy most.
  8. This one felt pretty finished to me. Hm. Interesting. @Maverick and I should probably talk about dusting this story off again sometime soon. There definitely was more planned for the story and he'd kinda left it in my care to tinker with as time permitted. Unfortunately, I've pretty much dropped the ball in terms of actually getting anything done beyond some very rough outlining.
  9. It's a little dated now, but here are a few that have been on my list. https://www.deviantart.com/riptoryx/journal/Incomplete-Weight-Gain-Stories-662984091
  10. I was a little too young to have followed the show in its heyday, but apparently--and amusingly, to me--even while the "hot" snobby Blair was getting publicly mocked by Joan Rivers for noticeably porking up and constantly pressured by producers to lose weight, those same producers got upset when the gal playing the (at least initially) chubbier, frumpier character of Natalie lost a bunch of weight over one summer and came back looking "too good." Supposedly they wanted her to gain 40-ish pounds ASAP...at least until the actress' mom intervened. Here's a little interview article touching on all that: https://people.com/archive/facts-of-life-reunion-our-weight-was-a-constant-battle-vol-79-no-22/ Heck, if I'd been in the shoes of those producers I'd have gladly milked that Blair/Natalie role reversal for all it was worth rather than try to undo it! 😈
  11. Poor Candi--sounds like this babe has lost about as much self control as she has muscle tone. "Oops?" Tsk tsk tsk. 😈😉
  12. Unfortunately no. I wish I had the talent to create something like that from scratch. The cover mostly consists of an advertisement image I "borrowed" and then slightly edited so as to make it a better fit for the main character. I've toyed with the idea of commissioning an original illustration from among the pool of talented FA artists but never actually gotten around to making the pitch. If I did, I think something like that and/or other scenes and characters might be fun!
  13. Um....thanks? I think? It never occurred to me that my weight gain erotica might be compared (in any way!) to the Quran.
  14. I'm way late to this party but I'm gonna shill my own work anyway. @leidsekaas, I think "The Slowest Champion -Revisited-" might be up your alley. It's a lengthy story (~70k words) exploring the plausible causes and consequences of weight gain, hubris, humiliation, and role-reversal. To better facilitate verisimilitude amid the sometimes cold and isolating atmosphere of highly competitive student athletics, I researched the scenarios and settings to make sure they lined up with reality--even down to the specific teams and schedules that appear in swim meets. When it comes weight stuff, the story eschews nearly all mention of numbers and statistics in favor of descriptive detail. The characters and their motivations are a bit more subtle and rich than is typical for this kind of story, to the point that here at Curvage some folks got into spirited discussions about whether or not Kara, the protagonist, "deserved" the various things that happened to her, and to what extent secondary characters like Sarah, Jessie, and Delilah were justified or not in their own behavior. If all that sounds interesting, I recommend checking it out on my DeviantArt page: https://www.deviantart.com/riptoryx/art/The-Slowest-Champion-Revisited-COVER-649231801 There is also a lengthy Curvage thread about the story. The thread has some great commentary that can make for fun companion reading. Since I couldn't go back to edit text in old posts, though, the version of the story text on DeviantArt is a bit more polished.
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