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  1. There are a lot of stories that incorporate a sabotage theme. I don't mean that as a complaint--it's a mechanic that aligns well with a lot of my own preferences. Rather than trying to rattle off a complete (or even substantial) list of all the good and thematically on-point stories I might be able to recall, I'll instead just flag one author who has written several stories that both incorporate the sabotage theme and rank among my favorite weight gain stories in general: @Maverick. In particular, I'd recommend checking out: The Lesson, The Wicked Stepfather: Revisited, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, and Jean Therapy. You can find all those (and more) in his DeviantArt Gallery: https://www.deviantart.com/maverickthewriter.
  2. As real as the stretch limits on those increasingly questionable hexagon-pattern pants. 😉 I...may have exploited Miranda's special "talents" for some, er..."morale boosting" propaganda.
  3. I should, but Mass effect is deaaaaaadddddd Hey now, Bioware may have whiffed with maintaining the brand, but that hasn't prevented Miranda's seam-straining proportions from occasionally popping up (and out) elsewhere. XCOM 2, for example...
  4. Hm. I'm guessing you're probably angling for specific plot suggestions, but I'm gonna chuck this more general stuff your way all the same. When it comes to crafting a "good weight gain story," I think the "weight gain" and the "good story" can be thought of as distinct components. To achieve the best product, it is important to address both components roughly equally. Balance a bit of character development, motivation, and conflict with unshakable, clear-eyed understanding that the core purpose of the story is to be fetish erotica, and thus everything in the story should work to advance that erotic objective. I.e., use good storytelling techniques but never lose sight of the true goal: your audience wants very specific arousal buttons punched, not plot and drama for their own sake. The old "write what you know" cliché is actually pretty good advice, too. A story built upon a solid foundation of knowledge (about whatever may be relevant to the story) is easier to make compelling than is a story built upon a shaky frame of assumptions and ignorance. Similarly, I think most stories (whether in a fantasy setting or not) tend to benefit from being crafted with an eye towards realism, or at least verisimilitude. Finally, for entirely subjective and self-interested reasons, I'll vote for weaving "darker" themes like role-reversal, disempowerment, sabotage, revenge, and humiliation into your story. Assuming you're into that stuff, of course. 👼
  5. riptoryx

    Scarlett Johansson

    Well, these are certainly nothing new, but... I think Scarlett may have been at her softened best in "Lost in Translation"--to the point that they actually used a body double for the intro credits pan down what (would seem to be) her character's scantily clad behind (i.e., the last two photos below). And she does seem to pack on a bit of a belly quite quickly if she does put on a few--intriguing. 😉
  6. riptoryx

    Losing looks

    Yes. To avoid repeating myself, I'll just link back to an old post of mine addressing roughly this same subject.
  7. Love that kind of awkward fit-to-fat transformation. 😈
  8. While perhaps not quite what you are looking for in terms of being "stories," these two long running threads contain a lot of ostensibly factual accounts of weight-related stuff. Also, within his DeviantArt galley @maxymumspyder/kowlooner has posted a bunch of "true stories" presenting his written recollection of various interesting situations: https://www.deviantart.com/kowlooner (you can find several fun fictional weight gain stories there, too)
  9. That is some serious (and rapid!) enchunkification, alright!
  10. There's a quite a bit that seems intriguing here.
  11. riptoryx

    Jessica Simpson

    For some reason, the "Baby Elephant Walk" song popped into my head...
  12. She does seem extra chunky in the face, particularly. That double chin is quite prominently on display throughout the video.
  13. 'Ey, don't sell yourself short, @Batman76! I think there's a delicate and highly subjective balance to be struck when it comes to crafting something that's not just "a weight gain story" or "a good story," but "a good weight gain story." Having polished technical skills, organizational structure, engaging characters, subject matter expertise, and a well-planned plot are all great things, but ultimately none of that is really what I (and probably lots of other folks) am looking for when I set out to read a weight gain story. If it's not first and foremost "a weight gain story," then whether it's "a good story" or not kinda doesn't matter. And let's not undersell the "weight gain" part as just a box to check. There is a lot of subjective nuance that goes into getting that kinky appeal of the weight gain stuff "just right"--probably every bit as much as all those things that factor into the is-this-"a-good-story" equation. Just like a person can have a highly developed skill or natural talent for great writing, I think a person also can have a distinct (and, ideally, complementary) skill or talent for envisioning and communicating the things that are most arousing about weight gain and all its facets. As many examples as we all could dig up of stories that missed the sweet spot by being a weight gain story yet not "a good story," it's equally possible (and maybe even easier at some levels?) to miss the mark by making "a good story" that fails as "a weight story." In my estimation, @Batman76, your writing consistently strikes a pleasing balance between the "weight gain story" and "good story" camps. Speaking with self-awareness as a person who has written a long weight gain story himself, I think relatively short weight gain stories have a lot of merit and can be great. So, too, for a story that, regardless of its length, is paced to highlight and focus on the weight gain aspects. A story and author with that sort self-recognition and forthright approach respects the readers' time. That is a good thing. I think you tend to do that very well. Even though I think I appreciate realism and "slow burn" in my weight gain stories to a greater degree than do many other folks, and without intending any disrespect to @>_< 0_0 and his work, I still would not advocate emulating the pacing of "Fattening the Personal Trainer" as the universal secret sauce for weight gain story "success," either for your work, or for that of most others.
  14. Aw. It suits her well--or at least better than her now ridiculously unwearable costume! And, as she astutely surmised, there are probably quite a few others from her past that would tend agree with the current situation being quite a delicious (and exploitable) turn of events.
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