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  1. wow! even when she was a stick she had a thicc booty! i'm glad she started feeding that thing the way it needs to be!
  2. my favorite thing might be her boobs. they just make the rest of her look huge!
  3. try olive oil. an ex of mine was trying to put on weight and once we tried olive oil her weight shot up - and most went to her booty/thighs/boobs! not as much fun, but healthier than some things being suggested.
  4. This killed me. They teased it with the wg comment, but i didn't expect them to commit. Then bam! there's more of her (and the hair is better). and then that's it. didn't realize is was a short season either until the date January 31 flashed onto the screen. :`(
  5. that some quality quality dress selection.
  6. Hello! Good luck with whatever you're here for (gaining? appreciation?)!
  7. Think she was on ff? Kittykat, or something like that. Will have a look around later tonight.
  8. three things: • don't worry about what other people are going to think • except for us • we are going to fucking love it
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