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  1. Can we move on? There was talk of some new videos. Can you give any hint about what to expect and when we might see something?
  2. I am very sorry, I would never intentionally insult your intelligence or anything about you. My apologies, I did not mean to do that.
  3. Ok, ok, sorry, sorry, sorry. It doesn’t change my opinion that you have a beautiful body. As I said, you should always wear what makes you comfortable.
  4. Ok, we are going to have to agree to disagree. First, most men are married to fat women. That is just a fact. I see them walking around, holding hands, and they look pretty happy. Second, you are much, much thinner than most women. That’s a fact. I am sure I can find statistics. Third, if you walked into a restaurant in one of those tight dresses from your last video, every man in the place would be drooling. You may not believe that, but I am pretty sure I know my gender, not just the guys on this site. That’s my story and I am standing by it. On the other hand, you need to be comfortable and confident in what you wear out. That is 100% your choice.
  5. Ok, calm down. I am old school and stand by my belief that men like curvy women and cute little tummies are very sexy. Ever see a fertility symbol?
  6. Recently, NGNG moved on to Page 1 of Curvage models, but I feel she needs to be in the Top 20. I found out that all we need to do to get her there is to “Like” her posts. If you appreciate what she is doing, please help by clicking “Like” whenever she posts.
  7. I agree w Maverick. Maybe they don’t admit it, but I think almost all guys like a woman with curves. I never saw a skinny model in Playboy.
  8. I just posted a review of your latest video. With mine, seven five star reviews in all. Wow, the fans are really appreciating all the effort you put in.
    Another five star video from NGNG. This is her most erotic and most revealing video yet, plus it has a fun story, like a mini-movie. You have to see for yourself what she is wearing, or rather not wearing in the pole dancing sequence. Then there is a virtual lap dance. If you are a booty lover, you will like this segment. Then there is feeding the dancer. The whole video is great, but I really like the belly play segment where she has on tight jeans and the magic belly comes out. Such a sexy belly and all the complaining about getting fat. Bottom Line: If all that sounds good, you won’t be disappointed in this Curvage Clip. Almost 20 minutes of sexy fun. Something for everyone.
  9. Very sexy. Would you wear that out of the house? That would give the local boys a treat.
  10. There was no auto correct. Just my attempt at a joke, asking you to go out in clothes that are too tight and send me pictures. Since I don’t think that will happen, maybe you could post a couple of pictures from the last video, sitting in the tight jeans with the magic belly. That scene is so sexy.
  11. Please be careful. These kinds of changes are not easily reversed.
  12. Some pictures will do that I can post on Girls Who Haven’t Noticed Their Chub...one of my favorite threads. I know you would like me to do you a favor like that.
  13. Mm...bingo wings. I hadn’t heard that phrase before. I think I would like to see that. I know about those videos. The last video is super erotic with the virtual lap dance and you being nearly naked on the pole. If your fans haven’t seen that, they are missing something. Still, my favorite segment of that video is the everyday clothes one where you are in those tight jeans with the thong hanging out and the crop top, playing with your belly and complaining about getting fat. OMG, that was like a shot of viagra for me and like another shot now, just thinking about it. Wow, you are so naughty, teasing us like that. An idea for your next video: The same jeans with a white crop top and no bra. That would be something I would just love to see.
  14. Dang...too streetwise to let us catch you with a hint of tummy, but we would love that.
  15. BTW, I already commented, but I think you look stunning in this picture. This is definitely my favorite of what you normally wear.
  16. It’s just that we love the magic belly and we don’t want to see you waste away. Now I have to go watch your last two videos to see you play with that sexy tummy.
  17. Nice, you look very pretty, but a little thin. I hope you are getting enough to eat and not wasting away. The feeder in your video had the right idea, keep you plump and sexy on fattening hors d’oeuvres and then demand a lap dance. Now, just thinking about that, I have to watch your video again.
  18. NGNG, so much to comment on. Thank you for all the new content. First the new video. Highly recommend as a must see for all your fans. The most erotic and revealing of all your videos ever: (1) a virtual lap dance, (2) a pole dance wearing nothing but...you’ll have to see for yourselves, (3) feeding, and (4) maybe my favorite part, belly play in very tight jeans with a little denial and complaining about gaining. I just love belly play and hearing you talk about gaining. The pink slip pics with the magic belly...super hot. Of course, you should wear those jeans out. Would love to see you walk into a restaurant like that, and then sit at the next table with a little tummy bulge. I’m getting aroused just thinking about it. I love the everyday outfits. My favorite, and I think the most flattering, is the next to last with the black top and red skirt. To me, that is the most slimming, if that is the goal. No one would guess that there is a cute little tummy hiding under there.
  19. Holy crap, the magic belly has really come out to play. That is so sexy. Wow!
  20. You look fabulous in the belly pics. Love those panties and, of course, the cute tummy. The new video sounds great. Can’t wait to see it!
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