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  1. I hope you have some snacks or fattening drinks, please don't die of starvation!
  2. Fantastic, it sounds so great. Three cheers to surviving old clothes. - You will see a big change how much sexier you are looking now filling those old clothes extremely cute now.
  3. Too bad, you were such a wonderful sight to see. Do you own any other outgrown clothes like those from two years ago?
  4. So cute and beautifully curvy now. Please don't leave this great way of growing beauty.
  5. Do you still own those outfits? If yes, it was so cute to see how sexy you are filling them out now.
  6. You should wear those outfits again. You may be looking super cte.
  7. Be proud of your cute girl. Wearing this combination of west and shorts makes her looking so cutely and this outfit is accentuating her amazing lovehandles at its best.
  8. I wished I had a co-worker like you. I prefered those two work blouses above. They make you looking stunning.
  9. Looking fantastic in this leather optic outfit. Like an amazone ready for a fight. It suits you so well, but there is still space for more beauty to come.
  10. Looking so cute in this chequered dress. I hope, it might be fitting a little bit tighter soon.
  11. You are looking so much healthier now, so much more womanly and sexy.
  12. Yes, you are growing so nicely. Looking cute.
  13. This dress is fitting perfectly for hot summer days. For people seeing you crossing the street the hot day may be even hotter.
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