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  1. Do you still own your tiny shirts from february 18 and 19 or something even tighter and tinier? So please give us a revision please, o goddess.
  2. Thank you so much! Looking so stunningly sexy, Hotter, cuter and fatter than ever before. There is growing a new goddess of curves.
  3. So cute and sexy. I love your sweet cute round face and your amazing curves. I adore your tiny belly sticking out so wide and in the front of you and your hips and thighs are fantastic too. I wished you took some pictures wearing some extra tight jeans, short and tops out of which your stunning curves are bulding at its maximum.
  4. Your t-shirt is fitting sexier with every single new gained pound. Looking amazing.
  5. Looking fantastic wearing this chequered shirt and this kind of shorts I never have seeb before. This waistband letting free your super sexy love handles is so great. Looking so extremely sexy chugging and burping, but I wished you wore an outgrown bra to complete the sexiness of this amazing outfit.
  6. You never looked sexier than now. Your growth of beauty is so enormous that you should be worshipped as a new goddess. I love so much how deep your bra is cuttin into your soft fat and how sexily your tiny belly is flowing over your short's waistband. Looking so extremely sexy.
  7. You grow such fantastic curves. Please more like this.
  8. Wearing this dress you are looking so cute. You are growing out your clothes in just the sexiest manner.
  9. This dress makes her looking so extremely sexy. For sure she will be looking even sexier wearing it in a few months.
  10. Fantastic gain and cute curves. She is doing such a fantastic job.
  11. This outfit is so sexy and even made to do a really big pizza stuffing.
  12. Wearing tight shorts she is looking extra sexy. Such a fantastic gain of beauty so far.
  13. Looking so sexy wearing extra tight jeans your belly and hips overflowing the waistband of your jeans. Looking like sent from heaven.
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