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  1. Ton plan des manger est si formidable et je crois, qu'it te faisait grandir plus vite et plus belle. J'aime bien tes hanches graisseuses et ton ventre grossant si jolie.
  2. Super sexy well fed an well rounded belly, nearly a globe. You are so stunning.
  3. Your girlfriend is really fantastic! Such a great developemet of beauty: all those slightly growing parts of her fantastic body where we are loving her groth even more: super soft tiny belly, sexy thighs, strong arms, stunning boobs an cute face with an extra sexy double chin. So sweet!
  4. Dear gorJESS, is it possible to give a come back to this outfit on le left. On the richt side you as as sexy as you nave never been before. I am speechless. I am worshipping my goddess of beauty on my knees.
  5. Please give a come bach to your shorts you wore in March and April and to your jeans from May. You may turn us crazy.
  6. Your amazingly growing curves are so stunning. I can't get enough to see your well rounded belly is poking so beautifully over your waistband and your big boobs are filling this top better and better. Please more like this. You are fantastic!
  7. Ta prise de poids est si fantastique! Tu est si belle maintenant, plus belle que pendant tes jours quand tu étais maigre.
  8. You never looked sexier than now. Your tiny curves are so cute and sexy. Please show us more like this.
  9. Your new slighly growing curves are looking fantastic. Wearing tight jeans nales you looking eytra sexy. I hope there is coming more.
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