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  1. Those two picture sets you are wearing skirt an top are extremely stunning.
  2. Your extremely sexy curves are so impressively round in comparison to your cutely thin legs. That's some of your greatest picture shoots ever. You should take pictures like these more often. You are simply fantastic!
  3. She is growing so sexily on all the right places. Her belly and hips are ultra sexy. Her jeans are ready to burst, so hot.
  4. It's a very sexy school girl's outfit. Please more like this.
  5. Nothing sexier than curvy girls growing out of their skinny jeans. You are looking stunning. Please more like this.
  6. Looking so sexy. I can't wait to see your top and shorts fitting even better, means tighter and showing much more curves spilling out of those shorts an top.
  7. Your dess is filles really sexily with your tiny curves.
  8. Looking so super sexy wearing those jeans. You never looked sexier than now.
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