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  1. So good to see you are back.

    1. Wendy


      Thank you. 🌸

  2. Dear Taytay, it is so good to see you back again and you are as beautiful as ever. I have been missing you so much, your great curves and of course your amazing personality too. Your come back is really remakable because of your great pictures and most beautiful gifs. Thank you so much for this beautiful rebirth of a well known and long time missed goddess. So goddesses will never die.

  3. Cute pizza and Pepsi workout does your curves well.
  4. You are the highlight of a very sombre day.
  5. There is nobody I have missed more, my goddess of beauty!
  6. Looking really sexy, but I wished your shorts were even tighter and smaller.
  7. You are looking so well fed, but I think you need a second pot of nutella.
  8. You are filling out your sports dress even better and sexier now than before.
  9. Too small to go out? - No not at all, just right to go out and be sexy.
  10. Tight clothes are underlining the beautiful curves of cute girls even better. Looking amazing.
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