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  1. Such a beautiful girl never should be starving. I keept you stuffed all day long and you became such a bigger jigglier belly to enjoy yourself jiggling even more than now.
  2. Looking so cute wearing this dress. I wished I could take you to an all you can eat buffet while you are wearing this tiny, snug dress.
  3. Someone is growing so sexily into tiny clothes. So delicious.
  4. Looking so cute and super sexy in those shorts. I wished you showed a picture presenting you standing and your amazing back side too.
  5. This bikini is fitting quite cute. You turned my head at the pool too and I wished I could have you invited for some snacks and drinks.
  6. I wished she was still owning those pants and showed them in a new picture set.
  7. You are looking incredibly sexy. On of the most beautiful backsides of all time.
  8. It seems she likes wearing tight jeans, and indeed, she does right because she is looking amazing in those low rising jeans forming her beautiful thighs and a cute butt, especially her overflowing muffin top is so sweet. To see her bra deeply carving into her soft flesh on the left side is so amazing. Shi is such an amazing beauty and she is in the right to to beacome a goddess of beauty.
  9. Please let her wear some extra tight and extra outgrown clothes. The tighter and tinier her clothes the sexier will she be looking.
  10. You are looking better from pucture set to picture set. So curvy and beautufil.
  11. Her curves are so opulent and beautiful.
  12. Please coud you take some pictures she is wearing extra tight jeans and tops and raelly tiny bras? She will be looking mindblowingly sexy doing so.

    1. garnetuniverse


      We can definitely do that! Thanks for the suggestion 

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