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  1. Wowbreally love what I see here, beautiful lady. She has some big juicy thighs and some nice side rolls
  2. Repeat 😜 hope there belly massage in bdtween the eat /sleep part 😜
  3. Voila, je comprends, voila ce que veut dire la '' grace matinée '' mais la on ai plua dans la '' graisse matinée '' haha jaime voir un ventre s'étendre comme ca quand on ai sur le coté, c'est egalement fantastique a caresser par en arriere en faisant la cuillère, si moelleux, si sexy. Merci de ta contribution!
  4. Breaking news WE GOT A WHALE ALERT OF THE BEACH! Damnnn someone really been enjoying her food at the resort. Wow you look Xtra soft!! Sexy
  5. You seems like a really kind and down to earth person. All people here really appreciated it. We surely live the way you look now, what an amazing road! The only thing that is important is you in the end and the way you feel about yourself. I think you always were a pretty women and bo matter the size you be just perfect. But I cant lie, I think all the new chub is looking fantastic on you and make you look sexier then ever haha love you eyebrows too hihi
  6. These buns are fking amazing. They are as soft and squishy as you beautiful ladies! Brioche style with some garlic and green onions taste! We dont see it on the pic but every buns has a mozza piece in it. Heaven. 





  7. Looking good, a nice lady with curves will find a place to be love on here for you
  8. Wos I can only dream to find a women with that body, shes really lovely and seems to embrace it more everyday, love her softness
  9. So is the wedding far behind you now? Or closer? Can the eating can be activated again? 😜
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