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  1. Good girl, keep the eating this way, you look great with that extra meat on you, more cushion for the pushin
  2. Wow, I really love the way the weight in spreading on you, you look great with that VBO(visible belly outline) its pretty sexy
  3. Really looking thick as fuxk, when I see some strechmark on hips like that it really turn me on, imagine my hands sink in your fat hips is delightfull. Aussi j'adore tes bras, ils ont l'air confo 😜
  4. What a curvy beautiful women, welcome on here!
  5. Got a feeling this thread will be in the All of fame of curvage in no time, what a cute piggy girl
  6. Waking up to this? Wow leaving horny for the whole day haha you are very beautiful
  7. Making homemade pizza, cause you know, so freaking delicious



    1. MinaMahal


      looks bomb! I'm hungry now 🤤

  8. One of the sexiest thing I've seen. Wow taking up space you said, your belly and thighs look HUGE, you are sooo hot with that greedy little look
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