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  1. The SM on your hips are amazing. Always a wonderful view
  2. Holy mother of god. A goddess in the body of a mortal ♡
  3. Omfg . You are looking devine. You belly hang is gettin LOW ♡
  4. Everything on you looks right about perfect. You're a TNT . Tattoos & Thickness! Your beautiful face is the cherry on the sundae !
  5. You need to stop putting pressure on yourself for numbers. People have like on their pictures and post on facebook , IG or even twitter. You dont need the whole world to dictate what you are worth. Focus on the people who bring you pleasure into all this and most important, have fun uploading or dont. When im buying an album, most of the time im not even interest in the poppy single but hidden gem, just like you. You sre number one for someone so nothing else matter girl we love you
  6. 1 day after she made a tumblr she close it so no big suprise
  7. Such a sexy women
  8. Creation of the day

    Strawberry lime mint shortcake with mascarpon whipcream




  9. You one more reason to love curvy women. Love the lil tiger stripes you're gettin on you thighs. Sign of a well fed lady. Love the roundess of your tummy and the depth of your bellybutton. You're Looking gracious, seductive with an amazing figure.
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