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  1. Like I said too many times already, all this is too good for the vulgar mortals like us. That one on all four is a already in yhe all of fame, like you. Woww
  2. You body is sexy at any weight honestly!! But your new pudge is looking good!
  3. From girlfriend to wife, from thin to fat, from cute to wonderful!
  4. I would say that she has a good little fat pouch but would love to see her with a couple more pounds on her frames 😜
  5. Has your boyfriend said anything about your rapid growth lately ? Cause damn you puttimg on pounds and body fat!! So hot
  6. Shes sliming to 200 pound marks ... lol what good diet
  7. This must be one of the best picture of that kind I EVER seen in my entire life! Thats the way to get a GRIP on a belly!!
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