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  1. I made you much fatter🐷🐷😍😍( Ur feeder can suffocate you with your boobs at this size🥵🥵)
  2. This is what you did to you're body in 6 months 🙊❤️❤️🐷
  3. Soon California will be covered in fat❤️❤️😍🐷🐷
  4. You used to call that chubby belly🙊❤️🐷🐷
  5. "Daddy I can't eat anymore, it's the 5th pie" "You can eat one more" (first picture) "Daddy I eat 2 more, I think I'm going to explode, pls Daddy rub my belly ughh.." ( the second picture)
  6. Look what you did to your body🥺❤️🐷
  7. Tie in bed force feeding /funnel feeding (50k calories one day)
  8. Does anyone remember how thin GGG was? 🤔🐷🐷❤️
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