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  1. U can post more picture from that angle its perfect angle for edited❤️❤️🥺
  2. I forgot to make ur boobs huge and I make ur belly bigger but it didn't fit in the picture🥺😍😍🐷🥵
  3. You when the quarantine is over🥺😍😍
  4. This is going to happen if you don't stop eating🐷🐷🥵🥵
  5. I can't wait to see ur belly like this 🐷❤️
  6. You like what you did to your body🐷🐷
  7. Or maybe just two years of Curvage🤔❤️
  8. I hope you like it (it's edited on ur phone)❤️❤️🙊
  9. I can t wait to see ur belly like this❤️🙊
  10. Omg, you re belly looks so soft 😍😍
  11. You can film a funnel feeding video?
  12. Omg😍😍😍🙈I can t wait to see ur tummy getting bigger and bigger and bigger
  13. I can't wait to see ur belly big and soft❤️🙈
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