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  1. gizmo1451


    you are absolutely stunning.
  2. hoping to see some big stuffings and chugging from you
    OH WOW. I think it's safe to say I hope there's plenty more stuffing and chugging to come from this stunning lady. An amazing 1st belly filling and omg what a belly. I'd love to get my hands on that and rub it for hours. And let's just say we definitely have a challenger to be the best at burping on the site. If it was an Olympic sport I think she'd be medalling.
    OH MY GOD. I've always been a massive fan of Britney since her 1st video. There is something about her I find a massive turn on. She is now starting to gain at a rate of knots and her belly is getting rather large to say the least. Not only that but her ass and thighs are growing at speed as well. Britney has always been a good burper but she's improving all the time and pretty soon will be right at the top of that tree. Be prepared for the final flourish. I'm hoping at some point though that we will get a video of her eating and drinking for a long time minus the editing. But other than that thank you Britney you seriously sexy lady.
  3. I am absolutely loving this contest. 4 absolutely stunning sexy ladies eating and drinking as much as they can fantastic stuff. My favourite so far has to be the jenga contest. Great idea and we get to see how far the girls are willing to push themselves at the moment. Hope to see something similar with beer and burgers / pizza. I wonder if any of the girls will push themselves over the edge at some point but carry on regardless, that would be interesting. Front runner so far has to be the gorgeous Anabel, damn that girl can burp. I love the fact she's burping the whole time to make more room right from the off. Hoping the girls will drop some farts in as the contest goes on and the girls get bigger.
    omg somebody is seriously stunning. and wow what a belly. can't wait to see you really stuff it full and let your burps rip fully.
  4. I know where I'd be spending my time if you worked at a hooters near me.😘
    I love Greedy sow. this gorgeous woman is fast becoming one of my favourites. she can put a vast amount away in that amazing belly of hers in pretty quick time, and I love her burps. she's so sexy when she burps. wow
  5. wow. you look even more amazing with every pound gained. I love your videos. its hard to believe that 18 months ago you were a skinny mini seriously impressive. 😛🥰
  6. oh wow looking forward to seeing some big stuffing videos from you gorgeous lady
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