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    Once again Haley smashes it out if the park. I'd be lying if I said this was her best clip as in my opinion it isn't. But what it is, is still plenty of steps above what anybody else does / can do. The reason it's not my favourite is the background noise is so loud that it drowns out her fucking fantastic burps. I just prefer her content at home as not only do we get the full BURP effect but we also get to see that belly grow as she goes. That's the gripe out of the way and the fact that I have it and still love it is proof that Haley is the Curvage GOAT. Other girls are starting to realise the way to go is to actually eat the food on camera so they are having to up there game. I found it funny the way she struggled with the crab, looked like a bit of a work out that, I think she may have lost a few pounds doing it. lol. OMG wow Haleys body in that black dress when she leaves the restaurant is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. She's fully dressed and I'm massively turned on to say the least. Loved the ending with the banana and sprite bloat where we get to see and hear her in her full glory. Now that's what I personally prefer. As for the length of the video fan fucking tastic I wish all videos were this length and real from everyone. Once again Haley thank you.
    1st of Emilies videos I've bought and I'm impressed. Firstly she's gorgeous and has a great body. Not only that it looks like she can eat a lot in one sitting as well. Can honestly say I'm looking forward to more long stuffing / chugging videos from her. Hopefully with plenty of burping as I have a feeling she may be good at it as she seems to be trying her best not to in this.
  1. Wow your girlfriend is stunning and what a body. Has she any plans to become a model on here?
  2. some of the best I've come across are Juicyjunt, bbwkate, Amy paige, britney, curvy Queen, greedy sow, psychoenby and billiebbw. hope this helps
    Well what can I say other than Haley does it again after a short hiatus. She's definitely back with a bang or should that be BURP. OMG the speed she takes down the initial beers is phenomenal I think with a bit of practice she could easily take down all 12 without a break. As for those burps wow amazing as always and there's something about the foamy ones that's extremely sexy. I'm not normally a fan if hiccups but Haleys are something else entirely. And as for the view of the boobs and belly at the end. WOW. Already looking forward to her next installment and seeing what amazing feat of attempting to fill that belly she comes up with.
  3. mine now would be Vore-acious, Reiina and Juicy junt. Let's just hope the buffet is well stocked. From days gone would have to be Kebabqueen, Claire and Kimberly Marvel
  4. would love to see you do a film where you carry on after you've finished eating so we can see the aftermath for ourselves.
  5. sounds like your best bet is just to burp and fart as much as possible to get rid of all the excess gasses built up.
  6. Now that's a stuffing I'd love to have seen
    OMG the super sexy Haley once again does what she does and smashes it out of the park once again. The amount of food and speed at which she eats it is so impressive. With every pound gained she gets sexier and as for the sounds emanating from her glorious body fucking amazing. Loving the time stamps as it proves the actual time it takes for everything to go down rather than pretending it's all in one take but with a load of poor editing. As for the numbers let's say the amount gained in such a short space of time is staggering. Its safe to say Haley needs a much bigger bra as I think she's trying to fit a pint in a half pint ** at the moment. Can't wait for her next installment only wish she could do more although I'm not sure I could afford it.
    Once again Haley shows why she is the best. Wow she looks super hot in this and as for those burps although they aren't her loudest somehow they are her sexiest. This is how all stuffing videos should be a seriously sexy woman pushing herself not only to the pain barrier put through it all to fit as much in that amazing belly as possible. In fact the most impressive thing about this video which is saying something is the fact in the space of 20 mins or so of actual eating haley manages to cram 5 lbs of food in that gut. Fucking amazing.
    Well I said in my review of her previous video she'd struggle to top it as it's the best thing on here. How wrong was that's now the 2nd best video on Curvage. This beats it hands down. Absolutely loved it right from the grease running down her arm and the beer running down her chin which oddly I found extremely hot, to the sheer amount of food that ends up in that fantastic belly. Not only that nobody burps as much or looks as sexy as Haley when they are burping she is soon stunning with the best body you'll see. I'm hoping to see a repeat performance of this in a few weeks. By which time I think you'll have the capacity to take down those last few bites and a couple of extra beers and with a bit of luck we'll get to see you take down the cakes and rum for good measure. I don't really care if you have make up on or not as you are a natural beauty.
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