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  1. maybe you could do like kebabqueen. open up a discord account and do some live eating / drinking streams on twitch or you tube. she eats like 100 pds / euros worth of food over 2-3 hours and people pay her money to eat it, even paying more money for more food during the live stream. some times she eats / drinks so much she pukes some of it up and then carries on eating to make her belly even bigger. you might have to do a couple of streams to start with without people paying just to prove you are serious as nobody wants to pay money only for you to be on for half an hour and eat a couple of burgers or something. but in no time at all you will have a big following especially if you record the streams and put them on you tube or something. the more views the more followers the quicker an bigger you become as that = more food / drink you don't have to pay for. I for one would pay to watch you eat/burp/fart your way through a shit load of food/drink and I'm pretty sure plenty more would. kebab is the best at the minute but you have an advantage that you burp and fart a lot more than her making more room for more food/drink. I know reinapop went down the streaming route when she was gaining and it definitely worked for her. you'll have to eat less veggies and more junk food and try drinking beer and full fat drinks for maximum gain.
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