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  1. Man comes home to find his redhead ssbbw sitting on the couch, after stuffing her face all day. He needs to help her stand up because she is too fat/ full.
  2. Amazing comic, good job man.
  3. Tastic1

    The Couch

    My wife and I met when she was a internet fitness model. I was contracted to do a short video that would appear before a segment about her on the morning news. When I rang the door bell to her small house she answered the door in a crop top and yoga pants with her long red hair draped over on shoulder. "Hi, I am Rob. I am am here to do the segment for Mornings" "Oh hey, my name is Stacy, come in. I am just finishing breakfast" "No worries, I've got to set up the camera. Where did you want to film?"
  4. Tastic1

    The Couch

    ******************************************** Hi I will be writing this in fits and spurts as I get ideas and time. Thank you in advance for putting up with my bad writing. ******************************************** "Honey I'm home!" I yelled as I backed through the door carrying a heavy takeaway bag. "mmhmhey" was the muffled response from my wife in the living room. "Sorry my mouth was full. Can you come help me?". "Sure hun, what did you need?" as I put the bag down on the kitchen bench. "I need help getting off this couch, it's far too low, I have no idea why we got it" she said as I entered the living room. As my wife's glorious and naked body, beached in the couch, came into view I said "You were 200 pounds lighter when we got that couch". Her body was thick, round and jiggled with the slightest movement. With a belly that spilled between her legs almost to her knees and an arse taking up the better part of two couch cushions it was no small wonder that my bountiful wife was having problems standing up from this low couch. I held out my hands so she could brace against me and helped her rock her substantial mass upright. The suddenly she started shuffling as fast as her tree trunk thighs would allow her down the hallway. The only sound was her hips lightly grazing the hallway as she waddled at speed, then the bathroom room slammed and there was silence.
  5. Haha thanks man. It was edited by someone who actually knew who to write.
  6. Your stories are polished and, dare I say it, quite fleshed out. They are very enjoyable.
  7. BBW, WG - A man daydreams of what could be Hey just thought I'd contribute something. I wrote this ages ago and it was heavily edited on another forum, as I am shit writer. All the same I hope you enjoy reading this. Rachel By Tastic As I came in the door I could hear Rachel sleeping, but she awoke as I shut the door. “Honey I am hungry, I hope you bought me dinner home” she yawned. “Babe, I deliver as usual.” “What did you get?” I could hear the excitement building in her voice, anticipated the goodies that I procured on a nightly basis. “Want to eat on the couch or at the table?” I called. “Couch, I have been stuffing all day” followed by the wet slap of her hand against her belly, “Mmm, I’ve been so hungry waiting for you. Greg, I ate so much, all for you.” I turned the corner into the living room and was instantly struck by the sheer beauty of my goddess, from her flowing red locks to the enormous width of her arse to her perfectly turned ankles and calves. “Did you eat all the M&M’s?” I said, still awestruck. “You know it,” she giggled, causing her 400 pound body to jiggle uncontrollably, “I ate both pound bags.” I smiled and handed over the two bulging bags of Chinese and she squealed with delight and tore into the bag spilling plum sauce onto her G cup breasts. Rachel grabbed out the first container and started to dig in, groaning with pleasure with each bite. She turned to me and said... “Greg!! Get out of what ever dream cloud you are in, it’s time for you to get to work for lazy bastard” yelled Susan. “Whuh... what? Wassa matta?” was my articulate response, as I awoke from my dream and lifted my head from the deck, a post-it stuck to my cheek. “Greg, you are fired. This is the third time I’ve caught you napping this week.” “But... “ “No ‘but’, Greg this happens far too often and has to stop” somehow Susan placed inverted commas around but with any quirky motions of her hands. “I am going to give you one last chance since you are our best programmer but please don’t let it happen again.” She shook her head causing both her blonde bob to sway and small breasts to sashay against her green silk blouse. “Thank you Susan, it won’t happen again.” “Can you have the coding for Anderson account on my desk by 5?” “Sure thing boss,” happy with my near escape from a sure sacking, “It will be done by 4 at the latest, just polishing the report now.” “Good, good. That’s what I want to hear. I’ll let you get back to work, no dozing off this time ok?” “Yes ma’am” I smiled with a mock salute. “Just get to work Greg”. As she turned and walked off, I notice that her skirt was a little tighter than usual across her hips. I couldn’t help but look since I am a sucker for all things BBW especially pear shaped ones. Even the slightest suggestion of expansion made me smile and think of the potential for the cultivation of my queen, my perfect girl. I polished my report and headed home early, eager to beat the rush hour traffic. The drive was easy and quick, even though I had to make a few stops. As I came in the door I could hear Rachel sleeping, but she awoke as I shut the door. “Honey I am hungry, I hope you bought me dinner home” she yawned. “Babe, I deliver as usual.” “What did you get?” I could hear the excitement building in her voice, anticipated the goodies that I procured on a nightly basis. “Want to eat on the couch or at the table?” I called. “Table,” she laughed, “I’m not that fat” I rounded the corner to bear witness to a forest of wrappers and amongst it all sitting like a queen was Rachel. I smiled “Someday you could be,” thinking of my dream at work, “someday.” “Mmm someday, I hope you bought Mexican” as she rubbed her small yet swollen belly. She waddled over to the table engorged from the days stuffing yet still willing to attempt to eat a meal meant for three on her own. “Someday I will be your fat queen but today I am just your chubby princess” as she sat, her arse barely filling the chair. “Babe I don’t care what you weigh as long as you are happy.” “Well I love eating like this. So there will be a lot more to love and maybe even a few new ways to love it.” I smiled, as she tore into the bag and grabbed three burritos laden with cheese and sour cream and began to stuff her face, cheeks bulging and smeared with sauce, knowing what the future holds.
  8. This was excellent. I wonder where it goes from here?
  9. That was an incredible story.
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