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  1. Well played @aussie23 for bringing this gorgeous lady to our attention. She is 🌶️🔥❤️
    This video is insanely hot Ysabel. The way you admire, caress and obsess over your own beautiful, fat and growing body is too hot for words! Keep on making amazing content like this you gorgeous goddess. Tu es la chica mas Bonita en el todo mundo!!! 😉 H xx
  2. I had been getting upset at my wife for never untying her shoelaces and just jamming her feet into her shoes. She started doing this when she was pregnant with our first child. I asked her the other day why she still does it even though she knows it annoys me and she said it’s because she’s too fat to bend down and tie or untie her laces easily. MIND BLOWN She is so ridiculously sexy and getting hotter with every pound!
  3. My wife just resized her engagement and wedding ring up two sizes. She is about 60-70 lbs up on when we got married 8 years ago.
  4. Quick update guys. Since joining the gym in January she has gone less than 10 times in total. She is still having her daily protein shake on the days she works. She is noticeably bigger and softer and openly acknowledges that she has a fat belly and back rolls now around friends. She seems cool with it but did by a shaper top to help try and hide them rather than say that she has to get rid of them. But probably the biggest thing is that she cleaned out her closest and culled anything that was a size L or size 42 or below. This is significant as she got rid of a lot of clothes that didn't fit when we moved 12 months ago and she has now outgrown a whole new set of clothes in 12 months. She has also stopped wearing any size 16 panties as these are all too tight now and bought a heap more size 18 and XL underwear. These are also tight and she really should be in size 20 or XXL based on her measurements. It's really amazing to see how casual she is about the fact that she is fat now. It's a complete shift of mindset from January we she was like I must go to the gym 3 times a week, to being lucky to going once a week. I support her in going to the gym obviously as it's important for her to stay healthy and strong so she has less issues carrying the extra weight.
  5. Heavy cream in shakes or any icecream. if you struggle with appetite, try apetamin.
  6. Just some quick feedback Curvage team.

    As much as I love all the updates the gorgeous ladies are posting, the recent changes have meant that you often see the same posts over and over again as the models try to maximise sales. No issue with this. However, often they are reposting clip links and updates that are weeks and sometimes months old.

    For example, today when I scrolled through the home page status update list there were four models who posted the same thing at least twice and sometimes more times. Again, making it worse often the content they posted was at least a week old. 

    I applaud the mods for trying something new but it doesn’t really work as it’s just cluttered the status update list and meant there are no actual status updates and just the same content over and over again. 

    Possible Solutions:

    Rather than just criticise, I like to come with a possible solution.

    1) One possible way I think would be to expand the most recent vids list from 5 to 10 (double the exposure) but still limit it so one model can’t drop 10 vids in a row and flood the list: (I.e max 1 each in that list)

    2) Then with the other recent vid list also increase to 10 or 20 but cap at 2 per model and cap how many days old the clip can be (which I think already happens)

    3) lastly but possibly think most important is stop letting my models post the same status update and Curvage clip link as many times as they want. The reason for this is two fold:

    a) It’s damaging to their brand as just makes them look lazy and like they can’t be bothered making new content. (Again, I get they have lives and often this is nowhere near their #1 priority, but if they can do a repost of the same video 10 times in one day then surely they could have filmed a 5 minute video.

    b) unfortunately, secondly, ppl just go elsewhere to view the content rather than Curvage, damaging your brand and revenue. For example, I cannot tell you how many times I don’t realise that my few fav models have realised a new clip until I see the latest status update, click through and then learn they’ve actually made 4 clips this week I haven’t seen. But I’m only possibly paying for one instead of all 4 because the status update page is clogged with 5 models reposting non stop for 2 hours.

    Anyway just some ideas to improve since the status update home page a it’s a disaster right now. And also, I think this will make you more money from clip commission since users won’t miss as much new Curvage clip content.

    In general I love the Curvage team and what they have created but several members and close model friends have now expressed this concern so trying to be helpful by combining their views into this feedback. They were not comfortable expressing the opinion themselves for a number of reasons that I won’t go into.

    Also, if you like real life weight gain non-fiction, please feel free to go read the latest update on my wife’s gain here. Includes a few photos too.

    Thanks if you read all the way to the end.


    1. Fawn in Fall

      Fawn in Fall

      Yeap… not me though!

      But then they cover what I posted very fast, posting their videos once and once again …


  7. Alright gentlemen and ladies who follow this thread, update time. Shit has escalated fast….. really fast. I can’t even explain wtf had happened but I will try my best. I can’t believe it was as only just over two months ago since I last posted but between the world being fucking bananas and what’s happened in our house on its own it’s no surprise. Rather than the long winded spiels I’ve done previously I’ll just try for point the major developments. 1) Xmas and NY is always a small gain season for my wife as she overindulges like most. 2) Then while laying on the couch on her one day a week off work calls me from me office and says we need to talk….this is never good!!! As usual she goes into the I need to join a gym again so I feel better about myself chat. Says she’ll go Monday before work, Wednesday, and Friday before work. the funny thing is prior to us having this convo she’s smashed a whole block of Cadbury chocolate which is approx 960 cals. No stress, I’m 100% fine and supportive of that. First week, goes once. Second week, goes twice. Since then she’s gone on average once every two weeks, which I’m totally cool with as want her to be healthy. She’s still pretty active and goes on a few walks a week with friends at the beach. 3) About 4 weeks ago she “accidentally” happened to open the incognito browser on my phone which had all of the Curvage and other FA related pages open. Luckily for me she couldn’t see much on Curvage as it logs out each time, but she did see some other pages which were quite indicative of my preference for mid to plus size women and weight gain etc. 4) she wasn’t super impressed but was mainly concerned around whether I’d been chatting to other women because she was not big enough. Luckily, I had deleted my ** accounts a couple of years back and could prove that to her. That relaxed her somewhat but there was obviously still some tension on her part. 5) As an FYI, she has suspected, and known and even discussed my preference with me since 2009, which at first has caused her some angst, as you can expect given how tiny and fit she was (see above). I also sat her down in early 2020 and told her that this is a part of me that I don’t think I can change and she accepted that but said she’d never gain on purpose which I was okay with but it was just great to get off my chest again, without being cryptic. 6) Regardless of the above she has increased her daily choc intake to approx half a block of chocolate on the couch or even in bed each night. So that’s roughly 480 cals a day on top of her previous intake. 7) I’m sure you can all do the math and work out that this means she’ll be approx 50lbs heavier than she would have otherwise been after 1 year, subtract the small amount of extra exercise she’s now doing. 8) Because she was getting so hungry in the mornings she still usually has her normal healthy breakfast and then a protein shake as she is “working out” now in her mind. However, as previously discussed in an earlier post these shakes she makes are inadvertently approx 1300 cals from memory. In her mind they are super healthy! THEREFORE 1) I can tell both visually and by touch that she has grown significantly. 2) Clothes that she bought 2-3 months ago that were loose are now tight or very tight. 3) She often now wears stuff in public that is so tight it makes me question, “like wtf does she even realise she has probably gained 20lbs in less than 3 months”. 4) She lets me wash her in the shower on command and each time it’s obvious that she’s bigger as she has ever increasing creases forming where her panties dig into her thighs, her boobs are bigger, her ass is ballooning, her back rolls are so deep and starting to be visible from the front, and it’s a rare angle when she doesn’t have a visible big double chin. Her calves are even getting fat now! 5) Because of the point above about her panties being too small, it got to the point where I had to show and explain to her that if she didn’t stop wearing the undersize old ones she’d end up with a roll she could never get rid off. Therefore as a result she agreed to stop wearing anything that’s size 16 and throw it out and go find her new size at the shops which is likely a 22 in AUS (or 18/20 in US). She’s not that fat but has super wide Latino hips so that’s the main reason for being that big a size. 6) Her agreeing to do this is a massive as it will be the big moment when she finally realises she has to buy plus size underwear, so hopefully it doesn’t trigger her too much. 7) It’s like here finding stuff on my phone again this time finally liberated her into relaxing and deciding that enjoying what she likes is better as long as she still “works out”. For me this is a win win as she will continue to gain weight but also be healthier than she was. We generally eat really healthy, like meat and veg but the shake in the morning chocolate at night are enough to do the job. 8) In regards to weight, although I don’t know exactly I’d have to put her between 90-100kg (198-220lbs), which on a 162.5 cm (5’4”) is noticeable fat too most ppl, but for the educated FA puts her firmly tipping into the 35+ BMI range. I think that’s all for now, when I get time I’ll try dig out some comparisons from 3 months ago so you can see and confirm all of the above. To be honest it’s all pretty surreal and I feel supper lucky to have such a sexy and growing wife, who know seems to be embracing the fact of that show knows I like her bigger and can indulge when she is wants!
  8. Same thing happened for me so I got medical help and over time my wife gained weight to a point where I didn’t need the help anymore. Hang in there and you can possibly stay with her and get through this. But you probably also need to be at least somewhat honest with her otherwise she may never gain weight.
  9. Thanks Buddy. Likewise take care of your plump beauty and here’s to an indulgent 2022!
  10. Thanks for in depth response. My wife is 35 also. 130 to 155 was before and after first child. It is the change from skinny to fat. 155 to 180 is the change from fat to obese. It was also after baby number 2. it is so sexy and like a dream come true. I make sure she knows I think she is the sexiest woman on the planet even is she doesn’t believe it.
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