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  1. @Vexenbbw thanks for sharing your gorgeous body and photos with us all. truely stunning in any outfit!
  2. So quick update guys. My wife is now up to about 79 kgs or 174 lbs. About 3 weeks ago we were fooling around in bed and she was laying on my saying how heavy she must feel. I asked “why do you say that?” And she says cos she’s gained weight and she’s up to 77 kgs. I was pretty ** so blurted out “no you’re not heavy, you should try get to 80” She replied “No way, I’m never gaining weight on purpose” however, since then she’s been eating way more then normal and having ice cream every night now. Now she’s noticeably bigger than the other week. And now She’s wearing XL in all clothes. it’s crazy how curvy she is getting. so I think subconsciously the fact that I said she should gain more weight in a direct way has triggered something in her. like she knew I liked bigger women but now I’ve actually expressed I want her bigger it’s relaxed her boundaries and thinking on her weight further. it’s starting to blow my mind that this is actually happening!!!
  3. No idea of her weight at this point but she definitely bigger and softer all over. She said she needed new tights as all her pairs were getting too tight. We had to go to a few shops to find anything in her size. So she picks out her normal size 16 and she also grabbed some shorts to wear on vacation next week. However, when we got home I compared them to her current jeans and they were inches too small. This means she graduated to a size 18 AU in pants as well as underwear. This equates to size 16 US. She is all but considered plus size now by standard definitions which is a sexy thought in itself. I’m guessing she up another 10lbs around 175 or so. Can’t wait to see her in bathers next week for the first time in nearly 9 months!!!
  4. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous body and photos with us!!! Would love to see what you wear out in public or to work normally?
  5. Seems to be tracking along well with her nightly ice cream before bed. I noticed she was feeling especially big last night in bed and she confirmed this morning that she’s outgrown another pair of work pants. She wasn’t overly upset which was a nice change.
  6. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous body and photos with us!!! Been hoping you’d make an appearance here as your beauty is stunning.
  7. Weighed in at 165 lbs yesterday, which is her heaviest non pregnancy weight. Another 15 lbs will get her to her equal highest pregnancy weight.
  8. We went to the store today and purchased 10 pairs of new size 18AU briefs for her underwear. Waist - 88cm = 35” Hips - 113cm = 45” This is basically what we consider XL here in Australia, like a tweeter between large and official plus size, effectively a 14-16 US. her gaining has definitely slowed but she’s now definitely the biggest she’s been when not pregnant. She’d have to be up to 75kg or 165lbs which at 5’3” is making her looking pretty damn thick and hot. She seems pretty comfortable at her current weight and size and has not been complaining as we’ve bought plenty of bigger clothes for her. Time to turn up the encouragement and love again and see if she can reach a soft goal of 180 lbs without any issues.
  9. Update time. So my wife started back her old pre-pregnancy office job about a month ago. She works 3 days a week and I know she snacks a lot and obviously being office job doesn’t do much. Her and her work friends often grab lunch together at this cafe they love and I’ve noticed that they’ve all gained weight since they worked there. Anyway, I thought my wife might have kind of platued in April but I got home from work late last night after putting kids to bed. She’s wearing tights which are now several sizes to small and a top she hasn’t worn for a while and her belly was visible and her boobs were swelling out of her bra. it really caught me by surprise how much bigger she has gotten and these clothes were a dead giveaway. When I took her to bed a asked about her bras and panties (see above) that we recently bought and she admired even the 16’s were too tight now and she needs to find a new brand as her brand here in Oz don’t do plus size. I said we could go an the weekend and I would help her find a new brand that makes size 18. What an incredible journey in just over 4 months!!! Then to top it off this morning she is wearing new work clothes she bought 4 weeks ago before starting her job back. Unbelievably the high waisted workpants were digging right in forming a noticeable muffin top and because of this her little cardigan was too short to cover the full muffin top leaving the midriff exposed. i thought when she looked in the mirror she’d freak and get changed. She didn’t even notice and proceeded out the door to work. A sight to behold!!!
  10. Gentle love and support from a loving partner and having kids is by far the biggest reason.
  11. I suggest the real % is higher than you think but a much smaller % will admit it... However, I married a stick thin 110lb model type babe who is not probably pushing 160-180 after 10 years together. No she’s not huge but she’s a curvy Latino so that much lower half weight makes her a 14-18 size bottom now. And close to a size L on top. Patience, love and an abundance of great food is the key here. Give it 2-4 years and report back with photos. good luck H
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