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  1. I do this snuggle move to with my growing wife and she seems to be embracing and enjoying it more the bigger she gets.
  2. Quick update: She admitted the Size 16 underwear with waistbands is starting to dig in and feel tight when she sits. So basically up a size in 3 weeks. shes still really going for it with her eating so I’m not really surprised. Easily 6000 cals yesterday. But she’s oblivious to that. Being only 5’3” and curvy Latino physique with most weight going to butt, belly, hips and thighs it’s really starting to show. Almost Katie Cummings tho gain through her midsection but skinny everywhere else. I’m guessing she back up to about 155-158 which would be close to equal highest non pregnancy weight, but much bigger this time due to body composition changes. Anyway, time to go grab her some size 18 AU panties which are officially plus size here. Let’s hope she doesn’t freak out!
  3. So she’s getting this layer of jiggly fat in her thighs, butt, belly, hips and back. It’s so cute. we went shopping on the weekend and she bought a heap of size 16 AU (size 12/14 US) underwear. She tried a pair in this morning with no waistbands and it’s already digging in. So really she’s easily gone up 2 sizes in the last 6 weeks as the 14’s she bought are too tight and she’s outgrown all her VS size large bottoms! Next size is considered plus size which will be the real test.
  4. So tonight her pants and undies were so tight I just straight up said to her “hey babe, I better take you shopping for some bigger pants and undies this weekend”. She just straight up agrees and says “yeah I think so” while she continues to munch on Oreo chocolate block. At this point her belly and butt are taking on a semi inflated balloon tautness! its heaven!
  5. So interesting update last night. My wife is getting ready for bed and walks into the bathroom and says “I’m either really bloated at the moment or I’ve gained a lot of weight really fast”. She says this as she lifts her shirt and gives her protruding belly a jiggle. I just respond by saying that I’m not sure which but she looks great! Me knowing what she’s been eating and drinking knows that it’s definitely weight gain and not bloat as she’s expanded all over. At this point she looks about 15-20 weeks pregnant in the evenings. Yesterday I was squeezing her butt and belly and her skin on her belly was so tight like it was strained. Her tights were so tight that it was hard for my to even squeeze to fingers into her waistband. I think she’s easily gaining about 1-2 lbs a week which matches to her daily calorie consumption and complete lack of exercise. At this point I’m totally in love with her body. I’m guessing she’s back around 150lbs but seems bigger than ever as there’s more fat and less muscle. It’s incredible! At this rate we’ll be going clothes shopping for her next weekend.
  6. So it’s been an interesting month since I first posted. Pretty much instantly, basically as I expected and hoped her eating habits have changed for the better. After 2-3 weeks she said to me that she has felt so bloated lately pointing to her belly. Not that I hadn’t already noticed! Of course it wasn’t bloat but her stomach starting to paunch out again filling the old fat cells that shrunk after she had our second child in June last year. At this point she says hey do you think my flab and stretch marks from 2 b**s are disappearing. Too which I reply yes they are and whatever your doing keep it up, you look great. Over the next 2 weeks her snacking has intensified to the point where I’ve even counted some days where she eaten 5-6000 calories without batting an eyelid. She wouldn’t know that but I’ve got a keen eye for her snacking. Pretty much without fail she’s been having a protein smoothie every morning and then she wants me to make her a ice cream shake every night. Between these two alone there’s well over 1000 Cals. So as of now she is noticeably bigger to look at and touch. When she wears low rise pants her midsection is starting to look really plump and she has quite a large gut when she sits. She is noticeably heavier when she lays on me also. Her belly, boobs curves and butt are all tending back to her former prekids glory. She got to about 155-160lbs at her heaviest I believe. When she worked a desk job and snacked with her colleagues instead of chasing kids around. She told me she got down to 62kgs (136lbs) at her lightest and she’s now back to 67kgs (147lbs). It’s amazing how much difference 5kgs makes on someone who 5’3”. One thing I have noticed is has added on element of pampering, intimacy and love back to our relationship now that I’m making her treats again and giving belly rubs. What’s even more incredible in reality is the rate of gain. That’s like 5kg or 11lbs on just over a month. Obviously she won’t keep this rate up but here’s hoping for another month or two and then we’ll see where to from there. So therefore, for those wondering honesty seems to be the best policy here. hope you enjoyed the update. i plan to try update monthly with progress. cheers
  7. Just keep pouring on the love and adoration. Seems to be slowly but surely working for many of us!
  8. This was the highlight when my wife was at her biggest and a real struggle that I had too!
  9. I have a thread about this where I explain how I told my wife once and for all that I prefer bigger women than she currently is. I decided after 10 years of being together and hopefully many more that I couldn’t hold it any longer as was affecting my mental health more and more each year. Part of the reason for this is that after marriage but before kids she got up to about 150lbs (She’s only 5’3”) so she was definitely overweight and verging on obese range although she carried a lot of muscle From her sporty days. She’s Latino so very curvy. But since having our second child she lost a lot of weight down to 115-120 lbs which is the lightest she’s been since we’ve been together. However, she has lost a lot of muscle and is soft all over. It’s really weird but I know that her composition has changed. So therefore I longed for her larger body again so just had to come out and tell her or face being miserable. She hates exercise and loves to eat so I get if I did this and she truly knew how I felt she would be able to indulge and not feel guilty and know I love it. Do far it has worked a treat and she has upped her food intake and the results are starting to show. It’s exciting for me and she’s enjoying the extra food and wine and it seems to have revitalised our marriage after having kids. not the outcome I expected at all but one I am truly grateful for, so point is I think you are better off being honest in most cases and the results may surprise you too. good luck all!
  10. Thanks for your thoughtful reply.
  11. So the conversation was had and not in a way I expected it to go down which took me off guard at first but ended up being easily the most open and honest conversation we’ve had about sexuality in 10 years together. So being a Latina my wife has tendency to overreact first then come back to a more rational viewpoint after considering for a while. So we started talking about our preferences and she ate straight off the bat, you know you can’t ask me to gain weight. And of course I say I know I can’t and I respect that. She then flips slightly and says I hope you’re not into something really weird like cross dressing, sniffing undies etc etc. luckily for me I’m not and she’s really relieved to hear this. We then go on to my preferences for larger women and talk about it for a good 30 mins. Everything from my history and how it’s impacted me as early as I remember, how it’s impacted on almost every sexual relationship I’ve had, judgement from friends, that I generally find women hotter after they’ve gained, how it’s impacted me negatively trying to suppress and pretend it doesn’t exist, and search history and photos she’s seen I’ve looked at plus more. So basically it ended up being the most liberating experience of my life and I’m so thankful that she was able to listen and understand without flipping out and thinking I’m just some weirdo, to the point where she agrees that it’s not that weird at all. So although she’s not into it, she now 100% knows what I prefer sexually and that if she gains weight I will 100% find her more attractive. Given her eating habits and hate of strenuous physical activity I’m very confident now that nature will play its course much more easily and she may gain over time, albeit reluctantly. But with my love and pampering I’m pretty sure the desired result may be a gaining and more beautiful wife over time. the other aspect is that now that we’ve had this initial conversation I feel that it will be easier to have follow up conversations about who and why I find bigger women attractive and even her eating more, having seconds, treats and snacks etc. sorry for the long post but there was a lot to cover. H
  12. So I’ve been into bigger and gaining women as long as I can remember. I love my wife but she has lost a lot of weight after having our second child as she suffered from some depression and anxiety. I’ve been working a lot and haven’t been around to support as much as I’d like. Shed previously got as heavy as 150lbs and she was smoking hot (Latino with beautiful curves and plump ass). I think I have posted some older photos of here. I miss that body’s and it’s starting to impact my mental health and I’m struggling with that. She knows about my preference for bigger girls but not the full extent of wanting her to be my feedee (I know this may be unrealistic). She loves food but holds back on what she eats and is not a fan of working out other than Pilates and walks. Anyway, so I’ve finally made the decision that I’m going to come clean with her the extent of my attraction to bigger and gaining women and that I’d love for her to relax and enjoy her food more, let me pamper and spoil her and that I don’t mind if she gains weight (either fat or muscle). We’ve been together 10 years now and I feel like have enough trust for her to have an honest and open conversation about it. i have told her I want her to think of something that she wants to make our sex life better and we would write it down and exchange ideas. Her gaining weight is obviously my idea for improving our sex life as I’ll be much more into it. Even the idea of her gaining weight makes me super horny and excited. However, there is a very real possibility it could go badly and damage our relationship. Wish me luck! H
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