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  1. $25/30 a plate is not exactly a nice restaurant... that's all you're spending on a woman's food and you call your self an FA? 🤣🤣
  2. This little piggy is perfect! no need to gain!!
    NGNG's soft flabby body and huge boobs! So sexy! I want to touch!
  3. I love your sexy picture!!!

  4. your proportions are amazing!🔥!!!!! I would do anything to kneed all that dough!!!🔥
    These videos keep getting better and better, the way your marshmallow belly spills over is AMAZING!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
    This is by and far your best video yet!! 🔥🔥Irresistible angles throughout, which really show off your gorgeous soft belly!🐷 ♥️
    You look so great in this♥️! I love the panties they accentuate your love handles and your jelly belly!!! I'll be your rebound!😈
    After your cinco de mayo taco🌮 "feast" your pudgey little tummy isn't so little more!!!
    So hot 🔥and sexy I love the way she sensuously puts the oil on her soft doughy belly! Makes me rock hard💎
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