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29 minutes ago, FeedistDani said:

Come here and rub this fat gut...

(video drops in less than 3 hours!)


Absolutely mind blown and love the big ole gut you now have  

Happy I Love You GIF by VALERIS

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This video is full of huge, deep belches 😜 In cute pigtails and jean shorts I'm too fat to button, I sit down with one goal in mind: guzzle as many cans of Ginger Ale as I can in 20 minutes!

How many do I get down? One after another i slurp them down, bloating my gut further and further. My gut was swollen and sitting so heavy in my lap by the end, and I had chugged so much sugary soda my mouth was sticking together. After the first three, I turned into a cute burping pig, ripping huge belches with zero shame. Imagine how loud I got at the end...







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1 hour ago, FeedistDani said:

Gosh, my milkers are too big for this 3XL bra...


Squeeze 'em real good baby - I've got a box of cookies right here !!! 😋👍

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47 minutes ago, FeedistDani said:

My belly's bigger than my tits now... does that turn you on as much as it turns me on?


So much! Especially because you’ve got huge tits. It’s a milestone that shows how epically fat your belly has gotten 😍

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