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  1. The video description is amazingly hot!
    This video was such an awesome and immersive experience once again, because Nikki is always so good at roleplaying and creating and acting out entire scenarios with words. I really enjoyed it and it really spoke to why I love this particular side of the fetish! It felt believable and it was fun to hear all the different scenarios and situations Nikki acted out. Loved it!! Thanks for letting me feel like I was actually in that situation!
    This has been one of my biggest fantasies and turn ons, to become a helpless stay-at-home gainer pig who only moves when needed. It sounds so amazing to me, and right! and Nikki worded it all absolutely perfectly in this video - Nikki uses all the right words and phrases, and picks out scenarios that I've had in my head for years. I'd love if she continued to make these types of videos - gaining encouragement is amazing! This video will definitely encourage me to greedily stuff myself more and make my belly bigger! Thank you to Nikki for the amazing video, and attention to all the details and word use!
    I absolutely loved this video! In pink and red lingerie, Anna is a vision of beauty and cuteness. The cake eating is wonderful and sexy, and the ending is a real surprise! I love all of Anna's clips! They're just so sexy and fun! This one is great and well worth the purchase!
    I loved the theme of this video, and the fat chat was incredibly sexy and fun to listen to! It's a fantasy that remains in the head for a lot of people, and they're not always in a position to be able to talk about it openly - and to see Ruby speaking about it outloud with such confidence and happiness was amazing! I'd personally really love to see more videos like this as Ruby continues her journey. Excellent
  2. Morning all!

    Hope y'all have a great Sunday!


    1. NikkiMaialina


      You too! 🥰

    I absolutely loved this! It contains a lot of my favourite things about this fetish! ThatFatguineapig has made an awesome video here - lots of tight clothes, chugging, belly play and belching action! Very enjoyable and I recommend it highly!
    This was a very sensual, sexy and sweet video! I love how SoManySoftShapes chats to the viewer and looks to the camera in her videos. Her enjoyment really comes across in her words and her expressions. There are so many other wonderful things about this video but I won't give them away here. Suffice to say, it is an incredibly good video at a very good price - Definitely worth a purchase and a watch! 5 stars.
    This was a sexy and awesome video! I enjoy the fit-to-fat part of the fetish and Anna did it perfectly here! It was a joy to watch. Awesome as always! 5 stars.
    I absolutely loved this video. Chugging, burping and bloating are, like, my favourite things! Both to watch, and to do myself lol. KristyK did an amazing job here, and I would love to see more vids like this one. This is a great one for belly bloating and burping fans!
  3. Spirited Away turns 20 today.


    1. Juicyangel


      one of my fav movies!! 

    2. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      On one hand, excellent movie. On the other...that was 20 flipping years ago?!

      Im Old Jamie Lee Curtis GIF

    3. Jorin85


      @Juicyangel Mine, too! I have happy memories of binge watching it on DVD, and listening to the soundtrack on long car rides lol.

    4. Jorin85


      @Jay Rock  I know, right! My favourite part of it is the train journey with the spirits. I love that sequence to death.

  4. The people weren't wrong! The 2nd vaccine is kicking my butt lol 

    1. Madilyn Mars

      Madilyn Mars

      It has kicked mine, too!

    2. Jorin85


      @Madilyn Mars Supposedly that means it is working. It doesn't make it any less unpleasent, though!

    3. Madilyn Mars

      Madilyn Mars


    4. Tastic1


      Only hit me for a day, so hopefully yours is similar

    5. Jorin85


      @Tastic1 Still feeling it now. Although I am not as morose. I just feel really dotty and absent-minded today. forgetting stuff. It's annoying lol. 

  5. Me: Hi! It's gorgeous out there! It's lovely!

    Housemate: Oh, no. I don't like it. It's too hot for me.

    And that is my IRL interactions done for today 😂🌞

    1. Submissivefeeder


      TBF hot weather sucks and the only benifet to it is all the women in belly revealing clothes 

    2. Jorin85


      To me, Not as much as this winter LMAO.

      Being so cold that I had to Sleep in socks and a hoodie and a beanie.

      and Getting absolutely soaked through with cold rain taking the trash out to the recycling bins.


    3. Submissivefeeder


      Ok but hear me out you can do things to warm yourself up. All you can do in extreme heat is drink water. Extreme cold? Blankets more layers of clothing ect 

    4. Submissivefeeder


      Ohhh you are from the UK it doesn't get as hot as it does here. That explains it lol it was 104 degreed Fahrenheit the other day 🥲

    5. Jorin85


      That is pretty crazy!! Wow 

  6. Bloody loving this weather!

    The winter felt so long this year  - to have warmth and daylight from like 7am till 10pm each and every day - hell yeah! 


    1. NogutNoglory


      Where is that?! It sounds AMAZING!!!

    2. Jorin85


      UK lol 

    3. Tastic1


      It's winter for me ☹️ and it was 19C (66F) today!!

    4. Jorin85


      @Tastic1 oh man! But it will soon be the opposite, when it is cold and grey here again lol. 

    5. Tastic1


      @Jorin85 it has rained a lot this year too due to the el nina weather pattern. Shouldn't complain though because we will be in drought again soon enough!

      I much prefer our hot summers to cool winters. But yes it will be warm again in 2 months. 🙂

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