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    WOW! Fries on top of a pizza, and eaten like it is just a casual snack?!? Wendy is so good at making these videos, and hearing her talk, burp, snort and moan as she becomes more full from greedily gorging on her greasy food is so satisfying to watch! I can't wait to see ''more'' of Wendy in 2022
    Such a cool and hot video! The eating and fat chat are just the best! I love how Wendy gets more into it, the more she eats and the fulller she gets! This is just a great, greedy video! Highly recommend!
  1. Merry Christmas everyone! 

    1. Fat Ass Ruby

      Fat Ass Ruby

      Merry Christmas! ❤️

    This clip had such a special feeling to it, especially at the cheesecake eating part. Can't quite describe it. But I loved it. Always love how SoftShapes talks and looks at the camera. Always wonderful videos to watch, and I really recommend this one!
    Oh, I loved this!! It was so much fun. The angle SMSS gets of her beautiful big belly are really impressive and she looks beautiful. I loved the lingerie, make up and the hair colour. If that wasn't enough, the chat, appetite, and burps are amazing, too. I'd love to see more like this! Hope to see more great content like this in the future!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, Stateside!

    Enjoy the festivities and the time spent with family and friends! 

    Wow! This was such a gorgeous video! My favourite was definitely the orange - it glowed bright and was extremely colourful - just like Savannah in this video! Loved it!
    Oh my god!! This video was SUCH a dream come true!!! It is so greedy, excessive and piggish! I love it. Those big sexy, monstrous burps and the low angle showing Anna's epic double chin gulping down all that coke. I absolutely love soda chugging and burping vids from Anna and this is definitely one of her best! Loved it!!!
    I absolutely loved this. I watched it from beginning to end. Cookie did an amazing video here. I loved the eating and belly play, and chit chat. A wonderful video from Cookie, as usual, and I highly recommend it!
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