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    This was great! It starts off with Kate eating straight out of the take-out containers with her bare hands, to her literally holding a planet-sized plate of food right up to her face as she shovels tablespoons of rice in her mouth at the speed of light, and then literally ramming fistfuls of noodles into her mouth. I had also never seen one person with an order of Chinese food that big before. Then there was the Sprite and the burps that produced. Its such a turn-on to think of how extremely unhealthy and uncontrollably greedy this all is, and to know that it is only going to continue to get even more excessive in the future.
    This is such an erotic and sensuous burping video from Dani! The burping coupled with the belly rubbing, low angles, hair in pigtails, and Dani's stares into the view finder through those sexy glasses absolutely blows me away. I've watched this multiple times now and every time is like the first time. My favourite moment is when Dani leans forward and starts fingering her belly button. The crease and double belly roll it produces, and the deep burps the jiggling induces is so beautiful and hot. Just writing about this video is making me πŸ₯΅. It's so sexy! Definitely one of my all time favs from Dani
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    It's been too long since I've watched Nikki's wonderful work and O.M.G!! This is such a decadent video and it made me incredibly horny on multiple occasions. I just can't get enough of how Nikki talks about her weight gain and feederism desires. It just sends me through the roof lol and it's so damn gorgeous and sexy. It's so genuine as well. The enjoyment Nikki get's from it ''feeds'' into me when watching her work lol. It makes me want to give in to my feederism side and just enjoy the ride. This is a classic clip from Nikki and I loved it very much. Highly recommend!
    Absolutely sexy and hot! The low angles of the big and growing belly, the out of breath over nothing moments, the measuring, the fat chat, the coke chugging, burping. This is premium weight gain goals content from Kate, yet again. Her videos keep getting bigger and sexier. This one is hot and well worth it!
    I loved this so much! Perfect low angle and wonderful lighting. So much jiggle, and great talking. πŸ‘
    Another amazing belly video from the Queen! This is definitely one for the big belly / pregnant belly lovers. There is lots of beautiful rubbing and caressing from different standing angles - at a distance / close up / from the left side / from the right side. The butter makes such a wild, sexy and fun sound as Yennifer rubs it over her hands before applying it beautifully and rubbing it into her belly. There is even some sexy close up belly button rubbing attention given! This is a classic belly worshipping video from Yennifer. Beautiful angles, sexy sounds, and one incredibly beautiful big pregnant belly. The best!
    This is like getting two videos for the price of one, as this video is split in to two parts, one from Soft in the past (25lbs less in weight), and one clip filmed at her current weight, separated by a text transition. The first part features Soft in her bathroom, showing her belly hanging over the sink. The first angle is filmed from a nearby countertop, and the second angle is from the bottom of the sink in a more POV type fashion. There is fat chat where Soft tells us about what the most sensitive parts of her belly are, and what it would be like if she was to gain more weight. The second part of the video is Soft in her dining area at the present time, and Soft tells us that this is the biggest her belly has ever been, and she describes that while most people would not enjoy having a big belly like hers, she in fact loves it, and wants to have a bigger belly- for us and for her. She then digs in messily to the remains of a recently eaten takeout meal of fries. The clip is filmed at a low angle, beneath a glass table, with Soft looking down at us. This video contains lots of close ups of belly touching, kneeding, squishing, plopping, dropping, shaking, caressing. There is even eating. It also contains chats in both parts about current likes, and desires for the future and body/weight goals. It is a very enjoyable video - and definitely one for fans of bellies getting in the way of sinks, tables etc. The comparison part of it is awesome - and seeing all the changes is hot. It's like two great videos in one for only $3.99 Get it!
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    Been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 (finally completed finding all the plants and herbs), Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Wrestling Empire 🀣.
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