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    This is a classic Yennifer belly / belly button play and eating video! No one does it better! Every one of her videos is a winner. You should definitely browse her work - it's all brilliant! Sitting directly in front of us in that familiar tiny black bikini, with her belly out on her lap (awesome vantage point as always), it was fun watching her expanding her deep belly button to fit in the twizzler into it with her hands. It was really funny to see the Twizzler break as she was taking it out, and it was great seeing her eat the Twizzler and playing with her belly at the end. A really enjoyable video that I really recommend. Great price, great video quality, and it downloaded almost instantly. All good stuff.
    I was blown away by this video! Ruby looks terrific and the content is amazing! I loved every second of it
    This was an awesome ''sequel'' to the stuffing video from last year. Unicorn adding the oil to the mix was a very nice extra element. I loved that she used the same top, and it was amazing to see how much smaller it was on her. This is a sexy and fun video that is well worth the watch!!!!
    I absolutely loved this belly video, especially the top down angle. That was awesome! Lots of nice jiggling, squeezing and grabbing here! Just gorgeous belly play. Perfect.
    This is an incredibly sexy and revealing dancing video!! Yennifer looks absolutely stunning in the small red bathing suit with her hips and big gorgeous love handles spilling out over the side of the tight suit ❤️ And the large hip-swaying at the end is one of the most gorgeous and sexy things I have ever seen! The most perfect belly content once again, from Yennifer. Absolutely superb! Yen has some incredibly sexy moves, and picked the most perfect angle to show us it as well. Really worth the buy - an awesome vid!
    The maker of the best and sexiest content on Curvage! Gorgeous hip swaying and love handle grabbing with a full belly in a sexy red bathing suit! ❤️❤️ Always the very best from Yennifer! This vid is the best, from the best content creator on here! Get it! 5 stars
    I loved this vidoe. Unicorm has such an open, honest and un-restricted way of talking about her Curvage journey, and it is great to hear! It is fun as well to see her in the top that she wore in her 30 minute stuffing video from lasr year. It fit well then . . . but now . . . ❤️ A brilliant fat chat and body tour video! 5 stars, but I wish I could give it more!
    Burping and chugging is definitely a major thing for me! (probably my 2nd major fetish behind ''from thin to fat'' in this community) And this video was absolutely perfect for me. Nikki did a great job, and I also loved the eye contact she made with the camera. That was awesome 🙂 I was extremely happy with this video! It was a good time! I recommend it! 5 stars
    I absolutely LOVED this video. It is really fun - The 18 minutes passed by so quickly. It was awesome to see how the tight clothes Unicorn wore here really highlighted the unbelievable size change! Unicorn is looking all so beautiful, too! That - coupled with the fat chat about having jeans that were close to ripping and dresses that clinged to all the curves and rolls - made this a really great watch! The best part is also Unicorns entertaining and fun presenting and talking throughout! I can't cover it all here (like the small clothes lol) but this is a great video for fans of before/after, comparison, outgrowns, and fat chat. 5 stars!
    I loved this video! Can't wait for more - those big mac bites were a sight to behold! And those burps! So awesome! 5 Stars
  1. Processing sucks so much! Friday feeling though lol
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