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    This delivered on all counts for me. I loved the angles and the movement. I loved the sound of the belly fat against the thighs. I loved the sound of the heavy breathing. I loved the clothing and the belly play was sublime. I really enjoyed that this was a visual display without talking, and that the camera was in a steady position. It made it stand out for me. I would definitely love to see another video like this one again. Was even thinking that next time it could be before and after - with one part on an empty belly and one part with a full belly. I think it would be cool to see the difference in how the belly shakes and moves. Great video - really high quality audio and angles and visuals.
  1. Happy 4th July everyone in the States! Hope you all have a safe, fun time with your family and friends!! 

  2. These are so beautiful. Your belly is looking bigger, softer and more amazing than ever!!
  3. "You have to speak up, your voice sounds muffled". "Dani, my boss says for you to eat some truffles!"
    That was so ridiculously amazing!! This repeatedly gave me tingles all the way down to my toes and made my hair stand on end. At one point, like, this shock went down my back and I arched my neck and head up. It really spoke to me. That ''DO ... AS ... I ... SAY! I want you bigger. YOU want to be bigger. So just do it already! Let go and let yourself.... GROW!'' part was just ... omg ... I don't get ASMR tingles, but I got tingles listening to Nikki talk in this video. I could listen to this as an audio podcast alone. The pacing of her words and delivery, and how Nikki addressed the viewer was just as powerful as the words being said themselves. And the soft whispers and breathing in between the words when Nikki spoke slowly was just perfection. This is a really incredible and wonderful piece of feedee/gaining erotica, visually and verbally. Nikki not only explains why being fat and gaining is so pleasureable, Nikki herself is a perfect embodiment of it in this and all of her content. To put it more elequantly: This video is the perfect marriage of the visual and verbal - the sensual and erotic to the ears as well as to the eyes - that comes with mutual gaining and encouragment. If, like me, you are into mutual gaining already and love being encouraged and teased for it - this is the video for you. Conversely, if you are not quite sure about it and want some positive reassurance and positive encouragement to finally take the plunge and start to really live it, look no further than this video. If you are on this page and LOVE mutual gaining, and mutual gaining related chat - then THIS is the video for you. It's quite simply: perfect.
  4. Happy 1st July, and Happy Canada Day to all from there, and those who have family/friends there 😊

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