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    This clip was so beautiful and really sexy! Yennifer looks absolutely beyond gorgeous as always in her iconic black bikini, and there is some wonderful big belly play at some great angles throughout, as well as eating and some cool burps towards the end. I loved it!
  1. I think perhaps there should be more of a distinction between ''reviews'' and ''comments'' in this section could be made, perhaps? Maybe reviews could fall under a different box for people who want to discuss the video in depth and critique it and leave feedback specifically for the models to see. And the comments section could be used for general things like ''great video!'' or ''loved this''! At the moment the comments sections are on a different page, and they are hard to get to on the Curvage mobile website. Maybe they could be put on the same screen. Perhaps the comment section could have a minimum character length, but the reviews could stay at an uncapped length. There are lots of videos out there that have no reviews or ratings, but 10 to 12 comments. Perhaps comments and reviews could be given more specific guidelines for use?
  2. Haribo! Always Haribo lolll
    Wow!!! 😮 Just when you've think you've seen everything... Yennifer comes along yet again with new surprises! I've never seen that combination of belly oiling and eating done at the same one before. That was super cool and fun! The low angle in this video is awesome and it perfectly gives a wonderful view of Yennifer's beautiful glowing and growing belly, and her belly button. I noticed a lot of new stretchmarks, too 😊 There is some really sexy belly rubbing and belly button play, as always. And the burps were deep and super hot! Another classic from Yennifer to watch!
  3. This was delicious 😋 





    1. Jelly Jasmine 🍩

      Jelly Jasmine 🍩

      I want this for breakfast 🫦

    This was so sexy and beautiful. The way Mina positioned herself in the frame was art. Literally taking up the whole screen. She looks so beautiful in that dark bikni and seeing her giant belly hanging down, with those big arms, jiggly booty and her big thighs! Mina really looks tremendously beautiful and sexy here. I loved the eating and the fat chat, too. But what I loved most was seeing how beautiful Mina is. I absolutely loved this video!
    OK This was absolutely awesome! I couldn't get over the tight green costume. The hat was super cute and fun, with the gloves, too. The black nails... and OMG the belt! I loved the roleplay about it being hot and working in a heatwave, with the heavy breathing. That was fun. The chugging parts were golden! The closed eyes, head arched back and the swallowing motions on the double chin. It looked so sexy. The belt play throughout was incredible, my word! I loved the way Mina used a green screen here, and how she positioned herself sat dead center in the frame. The eye contact to camera is to die for and the dialogue is fantastic. When she realises the belt won't fit anymore: ''Oh no, where will I fit my snacks for when I get home... I mean... my ... PENS! for when people need to sign their stuff?'' lololol. I loved it. The burps were super cute and the way Mina shows off her beautiful body and belly throughout the video is just so... I'm blushing writing about it. It's just such a beautiful roundness and the sucking in-sucking out parts from the side, emphasising the formation of the top belly, side rolls, and that stunning side hang! Wow!!! 😊 The visuals and audio are all amazing. This was a beautiful, fun, sexy curvy experience from the first frame to the last. Great job. Really recommend it!
    Wow!! This one is definitely for the burp lovers!!! I still get unbelievably hyped for any new content that Dani releases, and her content never fails to be sexy, beautiful, and entertaining. Dani looks absolutely amazing as always, and the camera positioning here really adds to everything. It's got those gazes to camera (no one does it better), her glasses, the long hair, those smiles, the tight t-shirt and too-small shorts - the fat chat, the big burps. It's just got everything from Dani and it's another perfect video. Really worth the purchase if you love Dani and her work!
    That was an absolutely amazing masterpiece of a video for so many reasons: The red top and the black hoodie (althought it looks like a crop top pulled up on Yennifers huge belly lol) - my two favourite colours \m/. I love the introduction of talking in Yennifer's content now, and it was really nice to hear some chat in this video as well. There is sexy big belly talk towards the end, and some throughout, which really adds to the interactive side of her content. The slightly low angle side view of Yennifer's huge and gorgeous pregnant belly throughout the video is incredibly beautiful and sexy (the rolled up hoodie makes its size even more impressive). Yennifer plays with her belly button throughout as she chugs a bottle of ginger ale and eats a plate of Taquitos. At one point Yennifer even tries to stick a Taquito into her belly button, but it doesn't go in very far now 😅 Yennifer does let out some beautiful, impressive big burps towards the end, too! Which is really cool!! Yennifer always makes the best videos and this is no exception - a fun, sexy, ravenous stuffing with belly play, chugging, fat chat, belly button play and some big burps. Makes me wish I could go and rub Yennifer's belly afterwards - it does look incredibly beautiful in this video! 5 stars and really reccomend this one! It's really hot and fun!
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