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    Oh my god the burps are SO LOUD AND ORGASMIC I really really enjoyed this. Even if u don't like preggos this Clip is worth it just for the loud bass burps. She talks about how she can't get enough soda which is sexy because she's a greedy belching pig stuffing donuts and chips in her face and chugging soda the whole time. Almost constant burps. 10/10
    Can't believe this is finally happening I'm so happy to see ur pregnancy cravings in full force. I haven't seen u eat this much or get this full in a long time!! Your belly got so huge and round and those BURPS omfg if u like burps this is the best bc pregnant burps are soooo hot and loud. So glad ur back and showing off thay prego belly for us.
    Dani is a beautiful pregnant woman If you like fat preggos this video is for you. I can't believe she's finally done it and I loved listening to all of her excitement to be a Mommy MILF
    I love watching Danni push herself to her limits. She was so incredibly bloated in this clip. The sultry fat chat is so sexy. The way she grabs her gut and jelly rolls will make any Feeder or FFA rock hard. If you like beautiful fat women eating until they're burping and moaning and nauseous, this clip is worth your money. I couldn't even watch it all the first time if you know what I mean.
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