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  1. You'll know that flab sack is BIG when it hangs to your shins and swings back and forth brushing your knees as you struggle to waddle !!! 💕😃👍
  2. What a great Goal. Making a tee shirt "shrink" into a tight bra is one fantasy that only a tiny few models have achieved. I'm ON BOARD for this !!! 💕😃👍
  3. To BE a Curvage model, ACT like a Curvage model in every way and it will become manifest !!! 💕😃👍
  4. I've missed her eye candy. And THANKS "theapes" for the photo that gives a clue to where to find King Steph on OF !!! 💕😃👍
  5. That mountain of fat will someday hang large enough for your knees to bump against it as you waddle forward !!! 💕😃👍
  6. Her beautiful eyes draw you in and capture your attention. Especially when you zoom in close !!! 💕😃👍
  7. Look closely at the little wobbles in her belly and the jiggling of her boobs. I can feel my manhood rising !!! 💕😃👍
  8. Most kissable lips in the business !!! 💕😃👍
  9. That ass has grown so big, that I could jump upon it and ride it piggyback all the way downtown. YEEEEE-HAAWW !!! 🤯
  10. It's so difficult to pick out a favorite photo. Because I've never seen her take a "bad" one. She's so radiant and beautiful that she glows with good health and sex appeal. But nevertheless, she always keeps so very silent. God, I hope she reads this !!! 💕😃👍
  11. A double amputee wheelchair bound man had his big new car modified so the accelerator and brake were hand- controlled. I had to pick up the car and drive it to park backing up into his garage. A very unusual experience for me indeed! The modifications were done with a steel rod lever assembly. This kind of modification might help you ??? 🤔
  12. This may be 1) fake silicone prosthetics 2) surgical expanding "string" implants 3) fluid filled implanted "sacks. GOOGLE RESULTS that I just checked ONLY showed her breasts covered completely or only partially seen. Which says "FAKE" to me. But at the same time don't get me wrong - I fully applaud her stardom and willingness to go so public. I lived through the 80s and 90s Era of dozens of surgically enhanced exotic dancers who filled Men's Magazines (examples are Busty Dusty, Wendy Whoppers, and Carol Doda). OR Her breasts may be an absolutely real case of Gigantomastia. Nearly all such breast overgrowth medical anomalies affect women of African genetic heritage. Some Native American women and a few Filipina women are second place in developing this. I've seen 4 cases of Chinese women (ex. Ting Jiafeng in the 80s) documented in medical libraries. But most importantly, women whose breasts grow this overlarge are traumatized and hide from the public. I've seen 4 Phillipine News stories of local Gigantomastia which traumatized the women thus affected. So, you can understand my skepticism to witness this Chinese woman join the high visibility porno industry - therefore IMHO it is VERY suspicious that she's showing the whole world naturally developed breasts. CONCLUSION: As a boobomaniac I'd really like to just relax and enjoy her stardom, huge breasts and delicate facial beauty without getting hung up on whether or not they're real. Maybe it's time to buy her videos so I get a full view so I'm going to purchase them when my web searches locate them for sale.. Perhaps an extended up close view of her breasts wiggling and jiggling will convince me they're absolutely genuine. Nevertheless, the scientific method is the hard set of rules I live by which means I'm perfectly willing to CHANGE my mind about the authenticity of her breasts when new evidence is presented to me. Time will tell me the truth, I'm hoping !!! REQUEST: If anyone has fresh new information to evaluate then please post it here in this Curvage thread, OK? QUESTION: has she ever unleashed her breasts for full view and appraisal like big boob legend Hitomi Tanaka ??? 🤔
  13. Have you tried glugging extremely fattening liquids such as Boost, Heavy Cream, melted ice cream, or entire blenders filled with Piggy Cara recipe ??? 🤔
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