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  1. Your lady is so beautiful! She just oozes juicy sexiness. Chubby latinas are the best. Let her know she just keeps getting hotter. My wife is about the same size and has been allowing herself to gain during the pandemic. Amazing hotness, I hope you guys are having as much fun as we are!
  2. Looking good Ms. C. Wish you and Cherries were close enough to do another shoot together that would be EPIC. Hope all is well in Candi-land!!
  3. Hope you come back with a second helping!
  4. Nice to have a woman's perspective. How do you feel about fat shaming vs. body positivity?
  5. We have a less active lifestyle that revolves around cars, screens, and prepared foods. We have also had 50 years of yo-yo diets that have only made us fatter. The cars reduce walking. The screens are a technological development that has reduced activity levels. Prepared foods are a response to two income families that have less time and energy for meal preparation. It only takes a small change in calorie input/output to make a huge change in weight over time. A 100 calorie imbalance per day can lead to a 50-100 pound gain over 5-10 years.
  6. Not everyone here seeks humiliation or power over a partner. I want to build a woman up, rather than tear her down. I love encouraging or empowering a woman who may have struggled with food or body image issues to feel more confident and sensual. I want her to feel free to experience the pleasure of good food and to reject diet culture. I want her to know that she can eat what she wants, when she wants, and if she does gain some weight it will only increase my attraction. I realize that others have different arousal responses. I am just saying those who are in to teasing and especially humiliation should only aim those type of comments at partners or models who have made it clear that they share that kink.
  7. Body Positivity is an aspirational movement. It seeks to challenge the dominant view that only slim, lean bodies should be considered beautiful and sexually attractive. Body Positivity asserts that all body types have value. Here in the US where the average woman is a Size 14, body positivity overlaps a great deal with size acceptance. The fact that this movement doesn't always succeed in it's aims, or the fact that individual women may have ups and downs in terms of body confidence doesn't mean that the concept is "hypocritical". The fact that individuals may use the movement as an excuse for personal eating or exercise habits has nothing to do with its basic merits. Those of us in the FA community should not buy in to the stereotypes and memes of the dominant culture. Overweight people are not necessarily lazy, sedentary, un-healthy, nor out of control. You don't have to binge eat daily to be overweight. Eating as little as 100 calories per day over your metabolic burn rate can lead to 10-15 pounds of weight gain per year over 5-10 years that can easily lead to a 50-100 pound gain. Millions of years of evolution with food insecurity and frequent famine has left us with bodies that make it easy to gain weight and extremely difficult to lose it and keep it off. Repeated studies confirm that 97% of all dieters gain back what they lose within 5 years. Repeated yo-yo diets tend to slow metabolism and increase weight set-points by convcing the body that it is under threat of famine. The point is that most people in a modern food abundant society are inclined to gain weight. We should stop shaming people for that. We should stop insulting them, stop humiliating them, and stop assualting their self-esteem.
  8. Thank you for a thoughtful response. First off I agree that my response here was rather aggressive. I was trying to avoid hijacking the KC thread and ending up with more fodder for the Abyss. After posting this comment, I decided to post a more general comment about Fat Shaming vs. Body Positivity in the Lifestyle Forum. I would welcome any contribution you want to make to that discussion. I appreciate your link to your attempt to explain what you find arousing. We are coming from very, very different places. I like adoring a larger woman and making her feel proud, confident, and sexy. In particular, I love empowering a woman who has struggled with food and body image issues and who has likely been dieting most of her life, to feel free to eat and enjoy the pleasure of food and to know that gaining weight can make her even more beautiful in my eyes. I find watching a woman's body and self-esteem blossom to be the ultimate aphrodisiac. Why do you think seeing someone lose confidence is arousing to you? If you love someone, don't you want them to feel good about themselves? I have struggled for most of my life with feeling "shame" for liking something out of the mainstream. I have had enough of sexual shame, and I don't want to shame others. Curious as to your thoughts?
  9. So who claimed to be here as a "social activist"? I am here because I am very attracted to larger women and that attraction is very central to my sex life. But I am also a human being, and I recognize that the women I know in my own life, as well as and the models I enjoy here, are human beings too. I give a shit about their feelings, individually, and I care about whether our daughters and wives are comfortable in their bodies or struggle with debilitating self-esteem issues or dangerous eating disorders. I don't think expressing empathy makes me "pious" and "self-serving". I would hope that it reflects decency and concern for the impact of my actions on others. I am attempting to start a conversation. I don't understand those who are aroused by shaming and humiliation. From my position as someone who does not share that particular kink, it appears deeply mysogenistic. Being aroused by insulting or humiliating someone seems to reflect some sort of deep seated hostility. This seems different than affectionately calling someone's partner a "cute little piggy". That is a term of endearment. Why are you bothered by "body positivity"? To me it seems natural for those who are attracted to larger women to embrace a movement that values all types of bodies and affirms their attractiveness.
  10. A lot of the fat shaming I am referring to has been in the Katie Cummings thread in the General Video forum. I have seen other comments directed at public figures in the Fat Celebs forum. There are several posters who are quite militant about shaming any woman who gains weight, even college girls who gain a few pounds. I believe these members are a minority, but not sure how many share that aspect of this kink. If a woman digs being teased, or if partners use terms like pig or cow as a form of endearment, I have no problem with that. I occasionally whisper little comments like that to my wife. I am more referring to reinforcing negative stereotypes about fat people.
  11. For some time now, I have been bothered by the prevalence of "fat shaming" and "humiliation" in our community. I frequently see posters repeating the fatphobic memes of the mainstream culture. Larger women are referred to as "pigs" or "cows". It is assumed that anyone who is overweight is lazy and their appetite is assumed to be completely out of control. Even women who are only slightly larger than the mainstream ideal or who have gained a small amount of weight are subjected to these kinds of remarks. I recognize that a significant subset of folks here, both men and women, get off on this stuff. They are aroused by teasing and fat shaming. In particular, there seem to be a lot of men who are turned on by directing humiliating comments at women's bodies. I think this deserves discussion. On one hand, whatever 'floats your boat" should be fine as long as there is mutual consent and no one is harmed. On the other hand, I think these comments reinforce a lot of ill-informed stereotypes about food, health, body image, and are corrosive to the self-esteem of larger people. As a practical matter, making these kinds of comments seems self defeating to our online community. Receiving a stream of fat shaming comments can only discourage most models from wanting to post here. I am probably particularly sensitive to these issues because of a long friendship with a beautiful curvy woman in recovery from bulimia. Because of her struggles I did a lot of reading about eating disorders. Pressure to be thin is a primary driver of eating disorders. Young women who restrict their food intake in an attempt to conform to the overly narrow "beauty standard" end up throwing themselves into eating disorders that are incredibly dangerous, far more dangerous than being moderately overweight. Recovery is often an extremely difficult process that can dominate an E.D. sufferer's life for decades. Rather than reinforcing our culture's fatphobic stereotypes, I would very much like to see this community embrace "body positivity" and support finding beauty in a broader range of body types. I think that would make it easier for fat women to feel good about themselves and allow more men to have an easier time with their attraction to larger women. These topics aren't simple or easy. Most of us who are here have struggled to come to terms with our own sexuality. I don't want to condemn others. But I do think it is worth discussing why humiliation is arousing to many and how those urges can be redirected or at least expressed in a more constructive manner. I hope this thread can promote some respectful discussion. Thanks!
  12. Dude, I saw your comment in the Katie C thread and traced you back to here. I remember your old name very well. If you want to know why so many models hate FAs, or why someone like KC stops producing fetish oriented material, look at the s**t you post 🤪! You called KC, "Hopelessly obese". Can't you see how offensive that is? She is obese, but she is far from helpless. Most women in the US are overweight. Evolution has made it easy to gain weight, and difficult to lose it. Most who are obese, especially those like KC who get regular exercise, have no serious health problems. You are open about the fact you get off on humiliation. Why? To me it seems completely mysogenistic. You want to make fun of the very same women you think are hot? WTF? If a woman gets off on it too, fine. You two can sit around all day telling her what a pig she is. But making fun of women who don't enjoy that in a public forum seems mean and cruel, not to mention counter productive. You are discouraging content creators from posting here. I remember you as a smart, articulate person. Do you ever think about why you get off on humiliation? Do you ever think about how hateful that must feel to women who don't share your kink? I think we should encourage body positivity and try to normalize the beauty of larger women, rather than repeating the fatphobic memes of our culture. I am hoping we can have a constructive conversation and you can help me understand your point of view.
  13. Keep eating! Belly is looking so gorgeous. Yum!
  14. Wow, sorry I am late finding this thread. Let me share a few thoughts: 1) Your face is lovely; 2) Your figure is fabulous; 3) Your gain is gorgeous; 4) Your BELLY is beautiful; 5) Your vids are HOT; I hope you keep going. Your body comfort and confidence are really nice to see. How did you find Curvage? Do you have any specific plans or goals, or are you just riding the wave?
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