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  1. Yes! Looks like you’re becoming a super pear 😍
  2. Second from the bottom is a morph 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Thank you! 👏 Guys don’t realize this AT ALL. I mean I’m sure not everyone thinks they’re sitting at home taking fat pics and stuffing their face and making tons of money. This is why sharing content with others isn’t cool. If you want to see fat girls get fatter buy their content! Being a webmodel and trying to make a living off of it is a hustle, not in a bad way, just realize that it’s work.
  4. Got it, so I made a comment then you replied to it without making it sound like you understood. 😅
  5. Um, have you seen where she started? She was probably in the low 100’s 🤔
  6. There’s something up there, it just didn’t make sense. She claimed she was dedicating everything to this, including fan interaction. If you really wanted to be fat you’d get a job to pay for food than to spend 18 hours a day obsessed with whatever she’s doing online. She views this as a job, we’ve chatted.
  7. Jeez, that’s censored?! The website that sound like feedee 🙄
  8. She’s on ** and has posted pics including her recent weight loss. You should be able to find it on your own.
  9. She’s lost a bunch of weight. She claims she only eats if she’s fed so she’s unwilling to feed herself unless it’s bought for her. Weird. She’s probably 100 lbs down so who knows going forward
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