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  1. WOW! 😍 Truly's though? Missing out on all the sugar and calories from alcohol 😏
  2. Holy shit, you’re getting FAT! And you’re becoming a full time feedee NOW?! BIG things to come 😏 Congrats on the move!
  3. Force feeding fattening treats, belly rubs. Doesn’t have to be anymore than arms/hands. Masculine hands on fat feminine bellies 😍
  4. SSBBWPrincessJules seems like will happen 😏
  5. Feel like this NEEDS to happen and will happen 😏
  6. OMG 😅 I mean I’ve always dreamed of you crossing into being a SSBBW and I think that’d do it! 😍
  7. Might not be your plan, but this is definitely your future 😏
  8. Countdown until your feeder comes in? 😅
  9. Holy shit 😍 So you’re officially the fattest you’ve ever been?! 345 is the goal? Don’t think I’m gonna make it 😅
  10. Giant celebration sheet cake, would love to see you devour one 😏
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