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  1. hehehe, They just don't make a lot of clothes for a woman this hot. They figure nobody could possibly become so gorgeous.
  2. These beauties know exactly what they are doing. They are tipping the scales heavily in their favor. Adding luscious curves and heaving weight to their prowess. They are both already absolute dream girls. But they are so greedy they NEED to crush our will and own every ounce of our desire. And they are getting it done while enjoying the fattening treats that build up their curves to astonishing levels. Look at them grow, giggling as they encourage and admire each other's irresistible fats. Jiggle jiggle jiggle, pat pat pat... the add to their bellies and boobs and chip away at our willpower.
  3. Oh yes Leda, Show off your lovely Christmas Belly that shakes when you giggle like a bowlful of jelly. And we can get all cozy and snuggly by the fire cuddling nestling and snuggling all your glorious holiday fats. Rejoice Rejoice!
  4. What a tremendous figure you have to look over. And you just keep on building it up and up. I never would have thought I would see such a sexy and beautiful girl.
  5. Yes, that Belly is heavenly. And check out that FAT arm. The sheer breadth of her biceps as they swell out from behind Casey's rounded elbow. And that fat forearm.... Itself curvier and sexier than any other entire woman I have known. There's even a Gott Dang sexy fat fold along her forearm.
  6. Very sexy scenario Leda. The Clever & Creative mind is the most enticing trait. You know, outside that sexy fat belly of yours.
    We have become accustomed to seeing Casey as the biggest fattest girl we can imagine. She fills up the frame by herself. Even when she does collabs with her nearby plump friends, Casey looks enormous in comparison. But alongside Lisa Lou, Casey is humbled by the size of her idol. Casey always reminds us that she is actually a petite juicy meatball and this clip really puts that in perspective. It's so cute to see. Casey really is a tiny little girl trying her best to be as big and fat as she can be. Lisa Lou otoh, is an absolutely huge woman with all the dreamy fats that Casey wants so bad. She sits next to Casey inspiring her with the breadth and magnitude of her ssbw body. Casey automatically gives all her worship and deference to the bigger woman. It is very clear that Lisa Lou reigns supreme and fat over Casey. But Lisa Lou is a kind ruler and supports Casey's desire to grow up nice and fat just as she has done. She encourages Casey with words, caresses and jiggling just as much as by being the embodiment of Casey's dream. And Casey is a very good girl, eating up everything presented before her greedy mouth. She wants to impress and please her mentor. She wants to really earn the respect of her massively fattened new friend. And in doing so, we get to watch and be very pleased ourselves.
  7. There can be nothing hotter than for a woman to ask me this question of herself. "Can anything even be hotter than me, right now?" And she, knowing my answer full well in advance is delighted to read it in print for all the world to see. So Yes Casey, You are the hottest and most lovely creature to greet the morning sunlight. Looking every bit like a fluffy round snowman. Your cozy knit dress all comfortably snug with ample stores of properly prepped up fat and welcoming the coming winter season. / that fatted calf is especially killing me, all gloriously plumped up into the frame.
  8. So cute. As usual, the gal with the biggest belly is worshiped by the smaller girl. And the sweet more voluptuous girl is kind and encouraging to our dear little MSPF.
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