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  1. Can't tell you how much I love that his ex was an obsessively ultra-skinny cheerleader. Imagine if she happens to run into you two. Perhaps while you are out getting your public feeding on. You with a fat slice of cheesecake in your bare hand, taking in mouthfuls as you chat. Mindlessly patting your swole tummy in front of her tall skinny self. And you know how turned on he's going to be later while he worships your nourished up body.
    Gotta say, I'm all shaken up. Seeing Casey at this size is so hot. Yet as shockingly fattened up as she already is, she is aware that she is on a journey to even greater, more commanding proportions. The idea, performance and execution of this vignette is good fun and exemplary of Casey's growth as an artist. Casey deftly explores the idea of perhaps having gotten too big and fat too fast. It's a subject that must creep into the mind of any super-successful metamorphosis. The drastic change and permanance of Casey's gain is very real. Of course the fanbase loves every bit of it as Casey blossoms ever sexier. But she does not live her entire life in clips and glamour shots. Many everyday things would be easier without the hyper-voluptuous curves she has packed on... but Casey knows what she is doing, who she is ultimately gaining for and where she is heading at an alarming rate. Casey doesn't shy away from these issues, she bravely adopts her wholeness into her art. And we are all grateful and excited. Here is a clever twist and total embrace of the fullness she actually lives. pat-pat-pat. The sensuality of her work gives her a huge audience and great impact for her self expression. We know Casey like no other "cam-girl" and love her all the more for it. While presenting a magical fantasy subject Casey still manages to expose her real self.
  2. I can'y imagine the sensation. Sitting upright and feeling your belly touch upon where you are sitting! Oh fat and lovely Casey.
  3. You're looking so fat and happy. Your huge ROUND Belly is simply Grand and Proud compared to your cute little "starter". And them titties are crazy FAT. The way they HEAVE out now is powerfully intimidating. 💓
  4. Oopsy. We'll have to fill your tummy with sweet buttery pancakes and get you extra drowsy. Then we'll tuck you in for a nice nap.
  5. Dani knows that guys don't mind a big round belly. (we actually love it!) She will keep on chugging protein shakes as long as her titties keep growing fatter. That's all she cares about: Bigger and Bigger Boobs! "Guys don't care if you have big boobs like me. They will even say I'm the prettiest girl because my tits are so fat." She laughs at skinny girls because they cry about being flat chested. They think it's dumb luck. Sure, they say they'd do anything for a big full bosom. Dani giggles; "It's so easy, you bony girls. Just put on weight and they grow!"
    Oh my Goodness, Casey has packed on some FAT. See how robust she has grown! She's all fattened up fine and healthy. But just how much plush fat has she amassed upon her petit frame? This clip Casey shows us the fresh new fat she's gained during her vacation. Casey includes an astonishing sheer weight comparison to present in pure poundage her luscious vacation gains. She opens the clip as a glamorous voluptuous beauty in an asian style gown fitted taut around her perfect belly. She has recently been growing at an astounding pace filling out all plump and buxom. Yet she plans on packing on even more weight in the coming week. Stepping on a scale she shows precisely her tremendous weight. Her density is shocking given her short stature. She's beautiful. Fast forward to the end of her vacation. Casey is dressed casually, but she has blown up strikingly and quite visibly. We see her bursting from her sports bra with fat breasts emerging splendid and full. She is already proud of her increased roundness and breadth before confirmiong her gains on the scale. As the scales compresses to bear her weight, she becomes giddily elated to see results. She bounces with joy in a precious display of plump femininity. Jiggling her bosom violently, the power of her belly evident as she bounces about. She knows how beautiful she has bloomed. She gives an inventory displaying her full round fat with great pride. Her face, breasts, arms, rolls and belly are more thick and fat than ever. Casey wants you to look closely upon her body to see every swollen fat curve. She turns herself on to have become such a blessed full young woman. She gets all tingly as she tries to comprehend her own magnetism. This girl hss got to get off now while her gains arte fresh in her mind. You will too.
  6. YES. I fell in love with this gif too. Yes, the arms splayed out to the sides due to your girth. oomph. And Yes, your splendid fat breasts rising so high, proud and fat. You look tremendous dear. A splendid specimen. Everything so bouncy,bouncy, bouncy, bouncy... Gah! It all kills me. / the ex being a skinny Patriots cheerleader us so deliciously hot. It's a perverted thought but it would be so hot if she sees this and feels pathetically skinny. She is devastated knowing she has nothing to offer compared with your sublime beauty. You, laughing and patting your fine fat belly.
  7. You must be feeling more beautiful and lusty all the time... and much happier too, I imagine. Do you notice more guys captivated by your luxurious curves?
    This is so sexy. Casey has attained such an extreme level of beauty she really deserves to have other beautiful women feed, pamper and worship her. And that's just what happens here. The girls set up a Role-Play scenario where luscious Nadya is a Grub Hub delivery girl who hand feeds voluptuous Casey to help her grow bigger and fatter in relaxed luxury. But here's the thing; Casey really does get fed by hot girls... in real life. Casey has become so beautiful that hot girls are dying to feed her. And Nadya is thrilled to be one of them. Nadya strokes and pats and jiggles Casey's perfect belly throughout the whole clip. She can't keep her hands off of it. Casey's belly makes it all happen. The belly is why Casey and Nadya meet. Imagine that, two girls with such sexy bellies that they have to fly to meet each other. That's what happened. The Belly is why Nadya takes so much pleasure worshiping and feeding Casey. And the Belly is why you are watching and spilling loads as Casey sits back, all fattened up, taking it all in. *pat pat pat
  8. Yes Queen. You have attained SUPERHERO proportions. We are like students secreting ourselves away in our bedrooms with our fresh new comicbook to MARVEL at the Breadth and sheer SIZE of your bulging body. Waiting, no... ADDICTED to the next drop. Knowing your are steadfastly feasting and growing. Eating and Bulking up ever thicker. More devastatingly powerful. Developing into the supreme cock-hardening SHE-Hulk of all our fantasies.
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