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  1. GOTT DANG You Greedy Fat Piggy. Greedier and Fatter every day. Always excessively and maniacally feeding that fat gullet of yours, increasing its sheer size and scope. In turn that belly feeds up them titties and fatter butt. Everything growing so remarkably vast. Gaining more and more power and influence the fatter and sexier you grow. nom nom nom. Eat up little piggy, eat up good.
  2. I love, Love LOVE that you have orgasms from viewing yourself. But for real, how could you not! I mean, we ALL do. All the time. I wonder how many orgasms you cause every single day of your life. And Candice cannot keep her hands off your beautiful distended tummy for an instant! She's so hard for you.
  3. Ooomph! All that yummy pudgy Casey lovin' draped over the furniture like a thick gob of sweet honey hanging off the edge of a spoon. Imagine the intense pleasures and profound joy this woman is capable of providing. / & the fullness of Casey's breast - plumped up full of soft babyfats.
  4. Mercy Mercy! Get a load of Casey's plumped up blessings. Them Thick af Thighs and overdeveloped Chest. You are built like a friggin' comicbook Super Villain.
  5. Holy Crap Casey! You are so fuckin' HOT. I feel incredibly lucky just to be able to see you posting here.
  6. It must be so amazing to KNOW for certain that all of us long for nothing else so deeply in our lives. The intense Power of Your Beautiful Fat compels us.
  7. No concern for privacy, in fact the more people who see her irl, the better. No gimmicky cosplay or erotic costume necessary. Casey just loves to show off her lovely fat body in a simple bikini. When your bosom and belly hangs like that all full, round and voluptuous, you are just aching to present those curves and drink in all the reactions.
  8. DANG, Casey has got 'erself all thicced up and I came so fast.
  9. Yes Bae. I imagine your big round tummy wants to come out and show off its glorious might and appeal before all the trim vegetable eaters. Especially with the aroma of farm-fresh baked goods beckoning all around. It's not like a muscle that obeys your commands. The Belly behaves on its own and answers to nobody. When it wants to pop out becoming a public spectacle and grab up all the attention, that's just what it will do. / It's so cute that the "big girls" see each other out there. You probably can't help but to make suppositions about who is confidently and deliberately so voluptuous.
  10. Oooh! Was it the same cast of unfiltered women with a strong attachment to ancient culture? You know, The older Asian Matriarchy who seemingly recognize the intense charm and sacred value of your having acquired such copious stores of life affirming fat. They always candidly acknowledge your abundance with a "matter-of-fact" nonchalance sprinkled with just enough tacit appreciation.
  11. The simple secret to a happy life: Find someone who looks as adoringly upon you as Candice looks upon Casey's Belly. (hehehe, look at Casey, pleased as punch with her fat self)
  12. What a good girl you are! You don't even need to be told. You just automatically bolster your diet with supplemental nutrients. Making sure your body is fortified with all the necessary building blocks to keep yourself properly robust and pleasantly filled out. You know nobody wants to see a sickly emaciated waif. Those haggardly skin and bones girls are depressing and pitiful. While every single day You see how much joy and excitement you bring simply maintaining your luxurious bouncy exuberance. How delightful is our proud and thriving plump beauty. Such a gift to all the world. A nice pat on her nice big tummy for our fat and happy cherub.
  13. Oh! You two look like you're having so much fun. It is so cute that you both had developed top performance athletic form. And then you realized you really wanted to develop pure off the charts sex appeal. I'm sure you always had multitudes of interested suitors. But now it must be obvious to you that the sheer intensity of your magnetism has gone through the roof. You probably couldn't even explain that to your former fit selves; that you would become so much more deeply, honestly and uncontrollably desired. Having seen this from both sides now, You and Casey probably think this is the most hilarious thing.
  14. O.M.G. Our man (assuming he is straight) has got to be turned TF on. I mean, he's only human, and your embody the primordial example of superb fertility. It doesn't matter if he acknowledges any fat admiration tendencies. Your representation of healthful plump sensuality is bursting with corporal vitality. It must strike a chord within all of us. This is far beyond a matter of preference or of taste. You are oozing blatant sexual semiotics that speak directly to the id. Have a close look at that arm. He couldn't help but to verbally confirm his awareness of its ample and luscious form. See how the lower silhouette of your bicep defines such an exquisite and viscerally meaningful curve. Then there is the "Tummy Pat". Universally recognized as an intimate gesture of charmed and loving approval. Though it was performed with a casual nonchalance, there can be no doubt it was charged with intense symbolism for both of you. Even though he has professionally had his hands sunken deep into your sumptuous flesh. He must have taken time to consider and reconsider whether that particular gesture was too passionately personal. People simply are not accustomed to such extreme sexual preparedness that you embody. It has a vestigial appeal, beckoning to our caveman brains from millennia past. So remarkable it has become taboo in our collective culture, "animalistic." So much so today that we may tend to consider it perverted merely to admit our obvious and deeply innate desire for such ample proportions.
  15. Yes of Course. This Body is ultra-luxurious. As an extreme luxury item the body offers the most exquisite pleasure and most rewarding sensations. And it also requires proper care. It needs to be well rested, pampered, and fed. And the care must be equal to the task. Obscene amounts of food. Deep coma-like sleep supplemented with naptime. And professional trained hands to massage and manipulate all of that glorious fat to keep it sumptuous and supple. Obviously when one considers the pure mechanics of moving around the massive amount of weight that Casey carries it is truly breathtaking. Casey's deep muscular strength and Herculean efforts to accomplish everyday tasks are very real. She needs to be serviced and pampered every once in a while by an expert. That job must be very rewarding. Like the Art Restoration Team taking care of the Mona Lisa, The boutique Mechanic Crew working on a vintage 250GT, The Hyogo Prefecture Ranch Hand charged with the Prized Tajima. Each of these professionals appreciates the rarity and preciousness of his duties. The responsibility itself is a pleasure. Utmost care is deserved and taken to maintain the treasure to be appreciated by all of humanity. We are all elevated by Casey's accomplishment of cultivating the supreme example of the breeding human female form. The Ideal Woman incarnated from our collective dreams into Her supple flesh.
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