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  1. lol yeah just a lil bloated. Definitely not getting fatter. For sure
  2. When you first started, you didn’t really think you’d gain that much, didn’t you? Oh how quickly “I’m just going to stop caring about what I eat” turned into an unbreakable habit. The more you eat the more it takes for you to feel full. Did it shock you when you tried on jeans for the first time in a while? Stretchy pants are deadly for a growing waistline. It’s so much easier to keep eating when nothing’s telling you to stop, only for you to realize just how much you’ve plumped up. And the thing is, you’re not going to stop anytime soon. You know exactly what you’re doing and you’re in no mood to quit. You can’t go without eating for an hour before the cravings start to take control. I hope you’re happy because there’s no going back from this. Might wanna think about getting some pants a couple sizes up already. The holidays are coming up and you’re going to be outgrowing them before you even know it.
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