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  1. extra_m13


    we must find more of her
  2. such a nice figure, lets make it expand shall we _
  3. extra_m13

    Through the Window

    that is the best window view ever
  4. extra_m13

    BODY TOUR + belly play

    ladies come in all shapes, we tend to name them after fruits. leaving that aside i can tell that your belly and boobs have captured most of the gain, and it will be amazing to see you get a monumental belly as you continue to eat more than the recommended amount for fitness ladies ; )
  5. you are getting some amazing curves ! absolutely fantastic to witness your transformation, thank you for allowing us to be part of it ! kisses
  6. extra_m13

    Instagram Model Lupe Ramos

    ok so what do we know about her, personal info, bring it out stalkers i how you have it
  7. extra_m13

    Megan Gray

    she is cute hot and seems funny, unfortunately i wish her a miserable failure in her weight loss efforts
  8. extra_m13

    melissa debling

    ok this time i will concede she does look a bit softer, thanks for your perseverance !
  9. extra_m13

    What’s the most you’ve ever seen a girl eat?

    my wife is a big eater when she is in that mode. what impresses me the most is not the sheer amount but the frequency. we could we stuffed after eating a big burger each an in half an hour she could go back for some ice cream and go at it again, that i love... but speaking of one time... i was with this lady who on this particular day decided to give me some joy and we went to a pizza place. first pizza, margarita, half and half, piece by piece, then, 2nd pizza half by half, nutella pizza, it was amazing. she was 5'1 and i am 6'1 so see her eat the same as me and me being super full it was glorious to see her eat like that and to kiss that belly afterwards
  10. extra_m13

    Describe the ideal woman for you.

    tabria majors is beautiful and has really nice proportions... probably a bit softer would be amazing
  11. extra_m13

    Married to a non-FA

    that is an interesting situation. how does he likes you ? skinny ?
  12. extra_m13


    think properly of the reasons for getting in, as any other activity dont do it just for the money but for the joy that inspires in you, if you like eating, share just at that but dont do it thinking as just a source of possible income
  13. extra_m13

    Megan Jayne Crabbe (bodyposipanda)

    love to see her smiling... i mean, better to see her smiling that crying but specially like her when she is showing of those curves rolls and softness
  14. extra_m13

    Married to a non-FA

    but... you want to gain ? you want him to gain ? you want both to gain ? what we have seen thousand of times here is male FA, female not very into it.. so ?
  15. extra_m13

    Mia Khalifa

    jesus chrits... is like she is in our minds, just producing content for curvage lol pleaaaaase don{t screw this up