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  1. love it! hopefully you are enjoying every step along the way and the results as well
  2. this a good topic of conversation... in my case. i once got up about 20 pounds in a couple of months that mixed honeymoon and the time before and a voracious appetite because i was eating everything that was in sight and encouraging my lady to do it as well. if you ask me i didn't feel particularly happy, not with the belly but with the tight clothes and the differences in movement it was a bit weird and i never thought about keeping the weight to be honest. but i did enjoy gaining it, i will admit that, eating is one delicious pleasure
  3. cant say i find her pretty as pretty face but those curves man, really stand out
  4. it may be true that you have gained some weigth recently my dear, and you know what, i just love it!
  5. don't take me wrong... she looks absolutely amazing and i would be delightful to go over those curves but the gain has totally stalled that is for sure, but always, a beauty to admire, great boobs nice belly pretty face i like her a lot
  6. not precisely the gym ... but yes i mean after every crisis - an all time weigh in or an episode of clothes generally not fitting- she goes out to do some exercise. last time out was particularly sweet because she got hurt and had to rest for a mont while eating ice cream, probably ended up gaining some pounds, just delicious, i wish her well in health but not in losing weight of course, i love her curves
  7. in my ladies case i guess the point of a very notable gain is not only a chubbier body in general a belly sticking out almost confusing to the rookie eye, looking a bit pregnant or plain bloated but no, that is a real belly pot belly for a girl bottom heavy, just adorable sight
  8. you just tell her you like her and hope another 15 pounds come soon thanks for sharing
  9. not tot he gym precisely but i have take her out to do some exercise... i use that to encourage a big meal reward, knowing or expecting that she will not be able to be a regular at that so likely resulting in gaining some more. but yeah why not, do some exercise, light walk and then have a pizza
  10. i cannot possibly believe there is no boyfriend in sight, at least not by lack of pretenders, that what you describe oh my, that sounds like a dream come true, feed you kiss you watch you smile and enjoy your curvy figure !
  11. i just love to see you eating, making that belly bigger and enjoying it, thanks for sharing with us, truly wonderful
  12. jeans over the belly shouldnt be allowed
  13. i see you are living the dream, what is the problem with that, enjoy it my friend and thanks for sharing
  14. i think she will eventually notice and it will not be good for you
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