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  1. for me... bellies, eating, or over eating, and just the joy and the delicious pleasure of enjoying the curves the food and everything that comes with it
  2. what a wonderful figure, amazing curves, thanks for posting !
  3. numbers are very hot to follow but sometimes make us lose a bit of touch with everyday life. i weigh 210 pounds, at 6'3 i feel at a confortable weight. and to be honest i see these ladies go on to 250, 300, 350, celebrate 400, 450, celebrate 500 with a cake, get a smile on 550, be ultra hot at 600 and continue but oh my, that is 3 times me ! how is that possible ? truly amazing. how do you carry all that and how do you kiss it and grab it and mantain it as hot. i see my wife, at 200 pounds and at a short 5'1 and she looks fantastic. maybe she could gain another 50 pounds but i do not think it will be confortable for her to carry 400 pounds at any moment in her life. pleatues and milestones are amazing, specially when we consider how special it is to witnesss someone above 300 400 500 600 pounds, not to mention 700 and above !
  4. would love to be able to be more obvious and tell a lady in her 50's hey you have one nice cellulite filled ass, love those saggy boobs, but this world we live in... but yeah, you gotta love chubby ladies in their 50's with a nice figure
  5. i guess it all depends. once i tried to tease and to use gain weight as an enticing in texting but i think it made things weird and actually it may have backfired with the lady at the moment. even pointing out to an obvious gain was not a smart strategy. at the end i just learned to enjoy it in silence and slowly be more vocal about it
  6. not really... but i like to see them polishing a large pizza
  7. curves and rolls everywhere, she knows she is hot... i love it.
  8. oh so very hot, a strong gain, to be able to gain like that, strong , doing exercise, this girl must have a big appetite, sexy
  9. wow, soft and curvy, beautiful looks, nice figure, where are these ladies ?
  10. as far as i am concerned, she just needs to do more of the same, and probably share with us some eating set,s she is marriage material, lets get her pregnant boys
  11. it sounds, as most of the theories that come up from friends , as phony , but... flabby arms do tell us one thing. no exercise. and no exercise is a great way to predict a future weight gain. so in that sense i agreee i guess. the good thing about flabby arms is that they don't really interfere with how they look. i mean. ladie dress up and look at their waist hips butt face, chubby arms are feminine, so it can go on until it is too late to do anything specially because they are used to it. a lady with skinny arms and legs but a belly that grows at the first beer may be more concious initially after her weight. just a thought.
  12. very nice, looks like the yoyo has stopped and she will be curvy for life,
  13. she is one attractive woman, hopefully not into recovering that old skinny figure
  14. extra_m13

    Amber Nova

    the more i see her the more i like her, natural curvy beauty, soft, just deliciously chubby ! no need for an uuusssbbbwww all the time,
  15. she looks really good ! and those rolls are epic, well defined ever to be there ssoft for you to enjoy then , thanks for sharing and congrats, love a lady with rolls on the sides, and a nice lovehandle of course
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