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  1. super cute and that little belly is very sexy
  2. you have come to right place to celebrate it all.. thanks for being here
  3. if we are lucky enough to have you as part of the curvage commuity... allow me to tell you that you have come to the right place to celebrate all curves eating gaining,, all curvage related you are absolutely beautiful an dwelcome here, we are lucky to have you

  4. deliciously there is a point in which the dimensions of the lady matter, the weight on you feels and you cannot go around it, probably... well... it depends, but all is good
  5. it seems to me that you have landed on paradise... there is no more on positive signals. now you just have to be patient and encourage some positive curvage behavior. order more food than possible to eat, invite her to nice places. celebrate her curves and in a few months you should be enjoying a bigger girlfriend. no pressure at all...focus on not pressuring her
  6. the softness is worthy of admiration
  7. oh well, i happen to think she has a fantastic shape
  8. both ladies are cute... but surely the bigger will be more popular here on curvage
  9. all the elements are there for the to absolutely blow up, come on
  10. extra_m13

    Addison Rae

    sweet curves, absolutely beautiful lady...
  11. extra_m13

    Melissa McCarthy

    melissa is all we want... hopefully she will come out, bikini pics and all
  12. extra_m13

    Kat Dennings

    its been several years, i do not thing there is a long runway here to be honest
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