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  1. 114 is hefty weight, delicious weight i say... she has an amazing figure
  2. very nice finding ! thanks for posting
  3. eating vids are always a good idea, pure pleasure !
  4. enjoy the outdoors but forget about exercising my dear
  5. that belly is looking soft as it should be !
  6. snack should always be at hand !
  7. so very hot, the world is a better place thanks to you guys
  8. that belly is evolving in the sweetest way!
  9. you and you feeder are very lucky to be living the dream, thanks for sharing it with us
  10. that is one delicious little belly
  11. what is for lunch ? easy answer, whatever you want and them some more... pure pleasure, thanks for sharing your journey here with us
  12. sweet mother of god, it is great to see you get together to eat!
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