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  1. well that sounds absolutely amazing, ill be ready when updates comes!
  2. every effort, in every direction must come from the person in charge. we can only be supportive. problem is when she is not ok with the situation, meaning, is she ok with being fat? if not, then the root of the issue must be addressed. if it is binge eating it is usually for another reasons entirely so the solution may not just be in a diet or in adding some exercise. now if both are enjoying the curves, just be careful, drop the diet, relax and talk about it... personally i would love to see my wife get to 250, but only doing it so on a joyful eating ride, not in emotional distress. that wouldn't be as hot for sure. thanks for sharing and best of luck.
  3. there shouldn't a problem... enjoy it all and share some here! congrats, you are about to live the dream
  4. extra_m13

    arzu yılmaz

    a nic elady living the good life
  5. you look so happy and proud! thanks for sharing your wonderful journey !
  6. congrats ! hopefully you are ready to continue
  7. you are living the dream, thanks for sharing !
  8. thank for sharing it all here ! you seem happier asyou gain, and it is beautiful to witness the process !
  9. was she skinny ? it happens to the best of us lol as for what to do... filter and go for the chubby ones only
  10. wow.. she is pure fire, amazing, thanks for posting
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