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  1. that is one very sexy belly, would love to go shopping with you so i can remind you to get comfortable jeans, the kind of jeans that will give you room to grow ; )
  2. the creepers won?
  3. there are some really good tips here and i agree with most of them. now of course i have to give my own version. first of all, know her, identify her personality and her attitude. i believe it is not for everyone to be overweight or obese and i say this for myself. it is not a matter of how i look i just feel horrible when i am overweight, so now, first get to know your partner, if she has been let's say, an example, all her life, a runner, trim runner, under 130 pounds, with no really big appetite and used to run miles a day, without a craving for fattening meals, you don't really have a chance that she will gain permanently or happily. so you either join that lifestyle or go away. but if you see hope... in the shape of a big appetite, a tendency to gain weight, a craving for sweets and fast food and not being particularly fond of exercising, looking for shortcuts to be slim because that is in and not because she is slim in her genes then my friend you are on to something. after that, yes, all of the above applies, do not ever talk about her weight, if she talks about dieting let her, encourage some exercise specially if you do exercise. have her favourite snacks available and invite her to some fancy dinners ever now and then. over 'soft' i prefer curves, but somehow let her know how sexy she is to you and yes, give her a sense of total stability in the relationship. lights on. cellulite on. grab everything you can and point out how hot she is.
  4. extra_m13

    Noelle Foley

    what a fantastic figure!
  5. post dinner pig out, i love the sound of it and the lady involved, thanks for sharing!
  6. you become my prisoner and you are talking burgers tamales flan cheesecake pizza helado tacos dorados carne asada cabrito barbacoa beer tequila and so many added kilos!
  7. if that is the case then i hope that you are planning on eating a lot of cheesecake in the near future
  8. extra_m13

    Amy Wiseman

    i just love the attention to the detail that our community has, kudos, and thanks for sharing, she does seem to carry a very nice belly and bottom
  9. we should ask more from her, a bit of cellulite and a tiny should should not make you a plus size model lol, there are now fatter and sexier models, more willingly to show of their curves and be proud of their bellies, she is looking smaller if you ask me
  10. her gain is one of dreams, from cute and fit to an official gut indeed and proud of it, pure pleasure, !
  11. wow, there are so many positives about eating vids. pure pleasure involved!!! thanks, it is always delightful to see your curves and your smile!
  12. she is so hot, truly amazing curves, we cannot really complain but it would be amazing to see her get softer if not gain some
  13. ideal weight woman? that is a good question. to put in perspective. we are talking about weight so no IQ mentioned here. i think height and shape should be involved because if the lady is pure belly she may look like big cuties ellie (not sure about her name) and i prefer a different distribution. so... continuing with the bigcuties example. marilyn is amazing and she is not 400 pounds, boberry is a dream and she is over 600, sadie is a dream and she is over 500, lily would be epic and she is under 300 so,,,, what gives ? enjoy what you have, keep you woman happy and if lucky she will gain some for you
  14. great post, as for her, great curves, no need to try to photoshop the cellulite on the front, we like, someone should tell her
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