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  1. it is a beauty to witness a weight gain. going to different places. topping out the hips then moving out to the waist or the other way around. just delicious. love to see it on the upward, looking full, as oppose to maintaining or losing and looking saggy, always better gaining of course, so hot, thanks for sharing
  2. things are looking good here. wife is hungrier than usual, and wearing comfy clothes. which is a very good mix. also, the attitude is 'there are more important things than losing weight' so i like how things are looking at the moment
  3. i guess the best ones to answer that are precisely far ladies rubbing their bellies. would love to read their answers.
  4. the only fear... is that i was never going to find my happy fatty i think. the fear to always get that stunned reaction and rejection about saying openly that i preferer my lady gaining weight instead of losing it
  5. for sure, it mostly due to the fear of thing going awry, that happens most of the time and what is the need of it? even do it is way better for the long term to come out early and admit that it can be a problem with some type of girls. but we have to be honest with ourselves as well, we rarely are going to transform a fitness junkie into boberry with out charm and wit
  6. i tend to... just describe beauty in abstract terms and tell her that she is just hot and that i like her curves, i think that is direct and polite way to do it without going for the hey i like your hanging rolls kind a thing because it can backfire for sure
  7. extra_m13

    Amber Nova

    those curves would be an amazing way to spend time during these days of staying at home
  8. she is the hottest of the group by far, i sense there is some photoshop in that pic, which is not necessary at all, would love to see her dimples and marks,
  9. indeed, love that side angle, you can really appreciate that gut ! lovely
  10. i will say it again, she is so strong, i am sure she can kick my ass. very sexy, i guess for some FAs who are into curves but not precisely a blob she is ideal
  11. so beautiful and sexy, thanks for sharing, absolutely adorable, and eating ? even sexier, pure pleasure !
  12. extra_m13

    Hayley Mcqueen

    jesus, party is definitely over for our side guys, she is looking happy at least
  13. she is indeed absolutely amazing, a total dream, the figure the looks the smile, the weight and the softness, that cellulite i just love it, so sexy and proud of her curves... i am sure she has quite an appetite as well, for life
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