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  1. i may add a couple of things. without officially participating of course. we are not all greedy bastards. as much as i like to see a woman get fatter and fatter i do on think it would be ideal for my family... me and my daughter, to have my wife fattened up and be bed ridden. i do not think that is in our best interest, no matter the fetish. i do think i would tremendously enjoy if for a period of time, she would go all in on the gaining matter. like. for a month. she does everything in her power to gain the most weight. and keep it. and that would be it. most likely. but that would be awesome. definitely.
  2. oh you are so very hot , i hope that you are enjoying all this enough to continue for a very long time, do not leave us !
  3. she has always more or less maintained the same weight but she is bottom heavy and developed some very nice cellulite on thighs and some rolls and love handles
  4. in that age range a lot of good things happen. if things are stable, there is some genetic predisposition to get heavier and softer. both a good thing. more cellulite and a bigger belly. also... if things are alright and the lady is comfortable a healthy amount of weight gain may come. this could be a wonders age for FA's specially for the ones who are into weight gain and not just someone being fat. also, a terrible moment to be with a fit rat as they will run and run and no curves will be there, just bones, time to run indeed. i do hope my wife reaches a new max weight when he get to this range.
  5. i am not really interested in participating but... i will use this thread to say the following. if you happen to get a normal lady and get her to gain a few kilos. lets say for example she stands at 1.60mts and weighs in 55kg which is ok. lets assume you get her to gain 5 delicious kilos, no problem, at 60... another 5, 65, probably looking chubby by any means. but let's say things go your way and she goes up to 95 kilos. at that point you cannot really argue that she is bone heavy or curvy, you just have to acknowledge that she is at the last overweight if not obese because a few more kilos and she will be heavier that some pro athletes way taller than her. she will be out of range for almost every chart and the obese but hot conversation may have to happen
  6. that ratio! more cellulite more belly more rolls love it
  7. she is absolutely adorable. a total keeper if you ask me. anyone knows anything about bex bedford? i see some similitarities
  8. so many years of following becky, i hope this time the pounds will stay and add to that beautiful belly
  9. amazing curves, canno thank you enough for sharing your journey here with us !
  10. so very hot thanks for posting
  11. two comments. then two answers. as i feel related to both situations. fortunately in this case my lady has not caught my looking bbw porn or of any kind. and i hope that never happens because it usually leaves an almost permanent mark and tends to appear in every fight even if the topic is not related. not with bbw's but she does ask if i find any other woman sexier than her and while obviously there are some that could get into that category. the answer is and must be always negative lol. even if she doesn't believe us, a negative answer will allows us to continue in a business as usual mode. any kind of different answer will get us into serious trouble. about the food in the plate. i think it goes back even to family habits. my lady tends to so a similar thing mainly because she is like that all the time, from her family... when we have friends for dinner she will always cook a lot of food and there will be usually some leftovers. even after everyone is really full. so when we go out for dinner or order take out it is possible that the same thing happens even if we are both super full. the thing i have been trying to do to address that, because the waste bothers me is to remind her... to underline the fact that she can order whatever she wants but i do expect her to make an effort to clean the plate. and so far it has been working out. plates go out clean and bellies are stuffed to the brink. win win
  12. extra_m13

    Kelly Brook

    i do not what to think of these pictures. they do look heavily photoshopped and i do not understand why. there are two options at least from my point of view. either she is ready to go full in about curves , or trying to make another before pic before losing weight it would be better for her to go full on without editing and looking curvier than ever. accepting it i mean. but she goes with this, looking yes, curvier, softer, but also a bit weird. very attractive. i am sure the real pic looks way better. just do not understand why she has not gone full blown on accepting curves and tries to decieve us and herself editing so much
  13. she did gain some and it looks amazing, thanks for sharing
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