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  1. you know you are sexy, and getting sexier as that belly grows !
  2. you are growing some beautiful curves, i hope that you are liking them enough to continue for a long time !
  3. sweet and beautiful that belly must be kissed
  4. well it depends on a lot of things but mainly, a long term approach in which you do your best to eat more and more. it doesn't make any sense to consume all the calories in the world and 5 minutes after that getting a weekend long diarrea
  5. it looks like you are creating a very fine cartel !
  6. complex but favorable situation. personally i would try to be compassionate and to be quiet. the gain is there and if she feels 'ok' with time most of the weight will probably stay. just tell her you like her, and that will do. no need to be specific about...' i like you fatter, i like your hanging belly' oh no
  7. you are looking in the right places, it just a very rare thing to find a single lady happily gaining and wanting to get really big
  8. that is one interesting situation... personally i would ride the wave and said nothing. enjoy it all while it lasts. personally i would do that, when my lady gains it is a delicious thing but eventually come the reckoning, and it is not a pleasant thing
  9. my wife is bottom heavy and there are some dark spots down there... not a fan of it but as curves and softness goes i want her to gain more
  10. extra_m13


    wide, soft, pretty, just an amazing lady
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