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  1. there are some real gems out there, thanks for posting
  2. looks like you may be in a good position. as for the shape, if she gain will it probably go to the belly ? it will be exciting to know ...
  3. i have come to realice that i do find it very hot to see a fat lady struggling to breathe after a few steps. very hot indeed. as for my lady, she was with the mindset of becoming fit but after one day at spinning her legs hurt so much that was the only class she attended, and yes that was hot for me, altough a bit frustrating for her
  4. it is a complex situation every time food eating and the weigth is a central part of the conversation because i think it is better when it is just something that happens, freely and happily, a part of life to enjoy, hopefully this is just a phase
  5. i think you are correct... if we put ourselves in the place of these ladies the world is noisy place where you may be too thin at one spectre and too fat at the other i guess the key is that they find what they really like and enjoy and love themselves no matter the people's comments because they will always get a lot and then some more in every direction and it is impossible to please them all. but yeah you are absolutely rigth, some come here being considered to fat in their daily lives and here we just call them 'nice beginning, now let's grow a real belly' and they are really just beginning to accept themselves and stopping the chase to be skinny
  6. pregnancy is a great time for FAs because ladies usually take the permission to eat and gain and they do it , a wonderful thing to behold
  7. you must try it and thing could work out just fine for you, i see a gain coming, good luck and keep us updated please
  8. biggest? not very... probably 250 pounds would love to be with someone over 400 pounds, not sure if i want my wife to get there if i am honest
  9. extra_m13

    Jennifer Lopez

    looking so strong and fit that... not good
  10. so many... ariadne diaz, mexican tv star. i think she has a fantastic figure and would look amazing with some extra pounds
  11. extra_m13

    Noelle Foley

    amazing beauty. now. would you say that she exercises regularly ? it does look like that to me judging by the last pics
  12. hate you ? i would be so proud of being with you ! so fun sexy and beautiful
  13. after all these years, now you are looking hotter and happier than ever! ready to balloon! thanks for sharing it with us
  14. a lot of everything does magic, arepas, pizza, beer, cakes, ice cream, great curves and a pretty face! thanks for sharing, you look absolutely fantastic !
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