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    I love everything big belly! Stuffings, inflations, and even fantasy. Super into vore fantasy! I draw and write vore fantasy stories for models here! Take a look at my work page here!

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  1. I just want to roll you around like the plump ball you are❤️ I wanna hear your belly slosh with all that shake that’s in your gut!🤤
  2. You’re looking absolutely gorgeous.❤️And yummy🤤
  3. My god, seeing how plump and fat those soft pillows are is just too freakin sexy😍🤤
  4. It looks like that cycle worked well for you😍❤️
  5. Ooooff. I can almost imagine it. Three giant, round plump globes squished together🤤❤️
  6. @jennifersbody has a lot of catching up to do to get as huge as @MissSugarPlumpFairy and @Curvage Casey❤️
  7. The mathematics about the width of your giant plump form is ridunkulous😍❤️
  8. You look so yummy😍🤤it already looks like it’s gonna be good
  9. I can’t even comprehend how bigger you have gotten recently. Your belly completely sits on your lap, it’s big enough you can put your hands underneath it and they disappear. You really are a treasure to us all!❤️
  10. All good beautiful, it’s always good to take care of yourself first❤️
  11. Indeed. They do look very cozy❤️😍❤️
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