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  1. I’d love to be your first test subject on that matter 😍 I’d also love the feel of your fat gut covering my chest while I grab it with my hands and continuously rub it. Then this will be my gift to you when we meet lol❤️
  2. Something I found in clearance today and made me think of you and your kittens. Kitty cat ice cream puzzle!
  3. Mmmm well don’t mind if I do... *gets a face planted full of fat ass*🍑
  4. I’ve been here on your forum a lot ever since I mentioned that I wasn’t active for a while. With the new year’s resolutions I told myself I would do lol and work, I’m always jumping on whenever I can to see what’s going on and make a quick reaction or comment. But truly, I am here and I see all of your amazing posts of your gain!❤️ You still are my favorite number 1!
    Delilah’s hypnotic dance and sultry voice makes the perfect combination for a mind fuck simulation!❤️😍❤️ Her lingerie is so sexy and it fits her voluptuous curves perfectly! A great mesmerizing simulator for anyone who wants to get trippy!
  5. You completely turned your gut into a lump of huge fattening lard! Your aftermath is too damn sexy for me!😍 and I think you should do a mukbang in the future!❤️
    I don’t think I’ve ever heard Casey moan so much or stop mid sentence in all of her stuffing videos EXCEPT this one, and I must say that I enjoyed every fat filling moment of it all!❤️😍❤️Casey just DEVOURS everything in site and leaves nothing behind in her hunger to get fatter! The aftermath of her stuffing is my favorite most of all, she looks like she just swallowed a basketball! This is definitely recommended for all Casey fans who want to see a good stuffing since her last! You’ll absolutely love it!
  6. Thanks🥰 please take your time, these times are hectic right now and it’s always good to just relax.
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