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    When I saw the name Serleena in Delilah’s newest clip, I knew I had to get it! Serleena’s vore scene was super sexy, and Delilah made her revenge role play a hundred times better! Delilah grabs every human she sees and gulps them one by one as her gut grows bigger! Absolutely love every second of this clip! 🖤👽🖤
    I love big bellies, but the one thing I love better is a big fat plump juicy butt!🍑 Hayden does not hold back on talking sexy about how much she would love to have you worshiping and pleasuring yourself to her giant fat ass. I certainly followed all her instructions and was absolutely satiated! All I want now is more of her booty, and if you’re an ass lover like me, you should definitely get this clip!💙
    Loved watching every second of it❤️ Victoria has gotten sooo fat and big, and she keeps getting rounder and fatter with what she eats! Amazing😍
  1. Watching this clip was pure delight!❤️ I love a nice plump booty jiggling and shaking non stop while you climbed those awful stairs
    This is one hot clip!❤️ Made by an incredibly hot and sexy plump beauty with a very round belly and very curvaceous booty! I loved watching every second as she climbed the stairs, struggling to lift her own weight and getting spanked to keep going!😍 Her big fat booty is oh so jiggly! This clip will definitely make you love a nice juicy butt even more!🤤
    This is an awesome clip!❤️Rylie really delivers on her role play, stuffing herself and gorging on strudels so she can get fat and plump! Her luscious curves are a sight to see! Her entire soft body jiggles with her slaps and shakes, I really love how plump and jiggly her booty is!😍The last 5 minutes is my favorite! Especially when she sits on top of you so you can bask in her glorious plump form! It’s so hot!🤤 Rylie outdoes herself here and it’s a clip you must buy!
    This is a dream come true! Ever growing big belly Casey relaxes and pats her belly as the beautifully big babe Nadya feeds her while pressing her sexy belly against Casey! Nadya tells all the sexy details of what she’s gonna do to Casey as she stuffs her hungry customer with fatty Five Guys fries burger and drink! What makes this worth the watch is how much Casey is being put into a food coma as she rubs and massages her belly and Nadya pats it, telling Casey how much of a beautiful piggy she’s turning into. The best parts for me is when Casey tilts her head back as the fries are slowly engulfed and swallowed down into her engorged throat! Ooooff that’s so hot!🤤 This is a must watch!❤️
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