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    RIP tumblr

    Oh please, not everything is Trump's fault. He doesn't give a rat's ass about women's nipples on Tumblr. I mean come on, with his rep and past with the ladies? Seriously?? Tumblr is now owned by a giant corporation called Yahoo. It's about money - these things are always about money. Money out vs. money in. Money in? Like none - nobody pays for anything on Tumblr and since they bought it, Yahoo has yet to figure out how to monetize their purchase. In fact, they are on record saying they vastly overpaid for it. Money out? Vulnerable to lawsuits and in this case, lost potential huge market cuz of their tiff with Apple and the app's removal from the App Store. Apple said basically if they clean up their world they can come back. After risk/reward analysis Yahoo decided this move was in their best interest.