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Its round 2. 

I felt bigger. Kitty said I was looking bigger - so we thought it was time to break out the 100 inch measuring tape and take proper measurements instead of guessing the belly. 

Some surprised us - but in a good or bad way?

Kitty then decides to make me a ludicrous amount of gaining shake. She gets the funnel out and sees how much I can take in one go. I show her how good I am at taking shake down the funnel. I am a good piggy. 


I can't wait to get even fatter for you.

All the love and hugs 

CC xx

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It is completely unbelievable how much ChubbyCupcake can chug through a funnel. I am both shocked and impressed. It is hot beyond measure to see her drink all that shake. Simply amazing!

Response from the author:

I keep trying to push myself even further 😈🐷

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OK, weird analogy here but bare with me. Remember the 90's action film Heat? You might have seen it once and not thought about it much or you've seen it loads of times and loved it, but everyone I've spoken to who has seen it always talks about 1 scene: De Niro and Pacino sitting the diner. It's a tense scene that perfectly encapsulates the tone of the film but the reason it's so good? The two people who are in it. Two people who are absolute powerhouses of their craft, together, making something legendary. That same magic is what's happening here (see, told you to bare with me). CC and KittyPiggy together are absolutely incredible, you need to see this! 

So I don't want to give too much away but the video is split into two parts, an awesome measurement of CC beautiful, incredible body by the equally beautiful and incredible KittyPiggy and then a funnel feeding. (side note, I genuinely don't have the words to describe how amazing that funnel feeding is). Firstly, both of these models look absolutely perfect, hair, makeup and outfits are all on point and they both radiate beauty and confidence which is fantastic to see. Secondly, the chemistry these two have is what makes this video so special, it's a nice, natural conversation and it's honestly a pleasure just watching them interact with each other. 

The measuring is brilliantly done by KP who manages to navigate CC's enormous body as they measure each part of her beautiful growing form. There's jiggles, mutual appreciation and a lot of laughs which again is so nice to see. No spoilers here, just go see for yourself. 

The funnel feeding. This is the stuff of legends. This is what all other funnelling content aspires to be. It's almost as if it's something that someone has made up, like one of those 'what would be your ultimate fantasy clips' questions that you never think would happen yet here it is. KP makes an excellent feeder, with encouragement, belly rubs and a determination to get CC to finish up the ridiculously thick shake she's made. CC, in turn, makes an incredible feedee (which is obvious by now given how much she's grown) and looks as beautiful as ever as she chugs down the high calorie mixture. 

Overall, this was just mind blowing. I can't really think of anything else to say except for thank you CC and KP for making such incredible content, you two really are the best. 

Response from the author:

I loved reading this review. Thank you so much for taking your time to write it. 

You really are so kind... I think it’s safe to say you want to see more of this...? 😈

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I wish I'd taken some deep breaths before watching this truly AMAZING video, because once you press “play,” you're hurtled headlong into TWENTY-FOUR glorious minutes with two of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Within the first ninety seconds, I'd already reached some inescapable conclusions. One: that KittyPiggy and ChubbyCupcake both have THE most mind-blowingly beautiful faces. Their make-up and hair look PERFECT. Two: both have the cutest double-chins I've ever seen. Three: their bodies are jaw-droppingly, brain-meltingly, magnificently GORGEOUS. (Seriously, the word “gorgeous” seems so inadequate here.) Like the good BBWs that they are, they've squeezed their extraordinary curves into teeny-weeny tiny little outfits and are proudly showing off EVERYTHING.

Before long, the angelic KP gets to work measuring CC's fabulous physique. Seriously, you won't know where to look. Faces? Bellies? Legs? Double-chins? Hips? Asses? Throughout it all, they keep up a lovely, flowing, back-and-forth chat; it's completely natural and unforced and therefore very, very sexy. The astounding beauty of these two stunners really is difficult to put into words.

After plenty of measuring and mutual-admiration, CC decides she's got work to do and so out comes the funnel and the gainer-shake. The video has been scorching-hot so far, but I honestly think this is where things get positively volcanic. Seriously, magma will start pouring out of your screen. With KP playfully teasing and instructing her, CC locks her luscious lips around the hose and starts to suck.

Honestly, I've never seen anything quite so mind-blowing as these next few minutes. CC's beauty here is almost otherworldly; I loved watching (and re-watching) her supermodel face with its mixture of total dedication and slight alarm. As she looks up, her big beautiful eyes flutter; she works her full, red lips busily around the pipe, sucking and swallowing, showcasing her hypnotically pretty face and her impressive desire to get bigger, and rounder, and fatter. (The main draw here is CC, but there's also plenty of KP; one thing I REALLY, REALLY liked was KP's combination of loving encouragement and take-no-shit firmness: “just keep drinking until I tell you to stop,” she orders.)

Does CC manage to get down all of the rich, thick, super-calorific shake? Well, you'll just have to purchase the vid to find out!

An amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing video featuring the two best BBWs on the internet. Their faces, bodies, personalities, and determination are truly, genuinely ASTOUNDING.

I would love to see more of these two lovelies feeding each other. I also would love to see more of CC funnel-feeding!

Response from the author:

Thank you kind sir 😈

i love this kind of feedback! I’ll definitely give you some more funnel feeding. It’s one of my favourite things to do! I love KP! One of the kindest and cutest friends I have and she’s pretty good at giving me the no shit talk with encouragement too! 

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Guest PeterK57

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Two very attractive ladies

Response from the author:

Thank you x

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Whats not to love here? Not just 1 but 2 of Curvages top models come together once again to show of their beautiful curvy bodies in this epic, must see clip.

24 minutes of incredible footage. What a bargain price!


Response from the author:

You’re too kind ☺️
Thank you 🧡

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I'm not going to write a novel here but:

This video is absolutely insane. Comparing it to their measurement video last year is a trip. Seeing Kitty encourage and coax CC to drink an ocean of weight-gain shake might be the hottest thing I've seen on this site.

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