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  1. S77

    Where's my stuff

    @Chevalier it's fixed. Thank you
  2. S77

    Where's my stuff

    I see there is an issue. I will get it fixed ASAP. Thanks for reporting. Rest assured none of your purchases will be lost. Thank you
  3. S77

    Where's my stuff

    Your purchases should not be missing.
  4. I love it. Your curves are looking so incredible. What a gem you are! 💎
    This is actually a really good video. high quality video image and an interesting plot. great work, and excellent curves!!
  5. Strange. You might be right with this one. I’ll mention this to the dev team. Thank you 😊
  6. You can change your notification settings under your account settings
  7. It only blocks folks from viewing your "topics" There are other settings for different types of blocks. Plus it's not really something we want everyone using. It's there if we need to direct someone to it. Thank you
  8. Actually there is a feature for this.
    Curves that just won’t quit! Especially those hips wow!! Great video
  9. This really needs to be put on blast


  10. @Goddess shar Here's to hoping there will be a Christmas Cream special 2019 Edition!
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