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    This is a must see video. They build some anticipation about how big TheBigAssSSBBW will actually be before she enters the room and it get's you on the edge of your site waiting to find out. Then there are lots of comparisons. Aria & and special guest Nadya make this one epic clip! Recommended!
  1. S77

    Payment failures

    Hi, Both payment attempts were placed on a hold due to to many payment attempts. This is normal, and after a review they are either approved or declined. There is nothing needed on your part if this should happen. As of now after checking both attempts have been approved and you now have access to the clips Thank you
  2. S77

    Payment failures

    Hi while I can understand the concern, please don’t worry. You’re in good hands here at Curvage we will make everything right Thank you
  3. S77

    Payment failures

    They were being flagged as suspicious payment attempts. However, it appears that now your most recent attempts have been approved. Thank you
  4. S77

    Payment failures

    Hi, We have completed the transaction.and you now have access to the clips Thank you
    1. Essexbbw


      Thanks s77 I've got to get my reputation upto 10 becoming harder than I thought lol 

  5. S77

    Payment failures

    Hi Don’t worry we will look into it and if there is any issue we will sort it out Thank you
  6. S77

    Messages Per Day

    It has to do with STARTING new conversations. You are allowed to reply in an existing conversation as many times as you like. Starting new conversations has a limit. Only allowing 3 conversation starts, is an ANTI spam measure. Spam ruins everything for everyone, but I digress, that's a different conversation. Thank you
  7. What is the file size of the gif?
  8. S77

    How Curvage Works

    Models who model for Curvage can promote. We no longer offer an option for anyone else to promote Thank you
  9. Oh snap! Aliss has posted video content to Curvage 🤯
    What’s not to love about this massive pizza stuffing? @AlissaB has officially posted to Curvage. Look out world!
  10. I need help with a previously deleted profile as a Curvage model, please message me for some reason it won't let me dm you

  11. S77

    Help with purchase

    HI, What you see is a hold not a charge. (notice it says pending) Every purchase on our site always has the following steps: 1. A HOLD is placed on the card for the purchase amount 2. Verification process happens. (most transactions are instant, but some holds can be longer if payment appears suspicious) 3. If approved, a charge is created. If declined the hold is released after a period of time. What you see is the hold, and not an actual charge. In this case the purchase attempt has been declined. Because the transaction was not captured, the hold was released and transaction voided. Please allow time for the banks to do what they do OR you are welcome to submit another payment attempt. Thank you :)
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