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    OMG you won't believe her weight. Buy this video to find out. FYI get your KG to LB converter ready because all numbers are reported in Kilograms. Shocking. She also includes side by side. This is a solid 5 star video wow!!
    You have to watch this to discover [email protected] Jawn weight goals are!!! She talks about this plus gives current measurements which are ???? (Watch to find out) plus a ton of great video showcasing her incredible curves! A must watch video for sure!!
    One of the hottest you will see! @HaydenBlue is a creative genius with this one. Hearing her talk is amazing and wow that soft round belly is to die for.
    Shar is hands down the most amazing Barbie you will ever see! Enough said, 5 stars !! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
    What can I even say? @Chinky Jawn is off the charts hot! 🥵 buy this clip and support her!
    Nicole’s curves are looking so thick. Enjoy this clip and watch her pack in the food! Great!
  1. Its important to read which forum you’re posting in. Even this is in the suggestion forum but should be in the help forum. (I’ll move it) anyway to answer your question here is where https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/forum/22-your-picturesvideos-men/ Thank you
    aggressively pounding the cream! just chugging it down as fast as she can. dancing and chugging 3200 calories worth of cream. This is ... wow,. !!
  2. Everything is working at full service again
  3. I just logged into the payment processor dash board and there is a message that says the following “We’re fixing an issue that may affect your experience. We’re currently investigating elevated error rates and response times with the API. We’ll post an updates soon” Good news is, that it’s not us. The bad news is we need to just work with this until it’s fixed which should be soon. They have an excellent tract record.
  4. It’s true! This is a way for @Goddess Indira to accept what essentially amounts to a donation. It’s a good idea! She has other content that is priced right for the material.
  5. so "full ham" at Disneyland became a reality! I bet that was a lot of fun.
    This video deserves a 5 star rating. I know Kaybear is still saving up for a new camera but it doesn't matter, this clip is still awesome. Kaybear shares so much of her personality in these videos. It's super inspiring to hear about how she's gained so much confidence over the years. She's entertaining and captivating, while being thick and curvy. Really.. tho, her curves are outta sight. I recommend her videos for sure. Soooo... Tacos anyone? .. Sushi? Bring it on!!
  6. I think the real answer (to close the loop here) is Content shared freely can be saved and shared but you should cite the source/author and copyright holder Paid content should never be shared. (Least ye be a royal douce matey arggg) @ChubbyCupcake is right the nonsense here is out of hand. Locking thread
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