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  1. Hi, Your question has been moved to this thread. I think by reading the first post in this thread (and several of the following posts) it will be clear why you should NEVER buy a clip directly from a model. People are safe using the Curvage platform if following the rules. Buying your clips from our clip store ensures that you're dealing with a legit company that will work to ensure your product is delivered. Buying directly from a model is a violation of our site rules, but more importantly sets up the purchaser for this type of bad situation. FOR THOSE IN THE BACK.... AGAIN STOP DOING THIS Thank you
  2. Hi What are Reputation Points? Reputation points are a way to measure the value someone is adding to Curvage. In the old days the count of content was measured. However, this didn't really create a good sense of actual value someone was adding to Curvage. People would just post nonsense to get their count up. Now we measure value by counting the positive reaction of others. When you post to our site people have the opportunity to react. These reactions add to your reputation score which can be viewed on your profile. How do I earn Reputation Points? Post content anywhere on the site by creating forum threads of your own or by replying to others. You can also post pictures to the gallery, or create status updates. Once your content is there, people will be able to react. each reaction will add to your over all reputation. Here is an example of what some reactions look like. Thank you
  3. It's probably using a shared IP address that is banned. It's not you personally who is banned.
  4. Heads up, this will be closed by tomorrow so let anyone know who may be interested.


    Thank you :)

    1. riptoryx


      So fancy and exclusive now!

    I review so few videos but I noticed this one doesn't have a review yet and I feel like it really needs one. This is incredible. Devi's amazing curves on display as she plows through a cake. What's not to love? This is worth every cent. You will not regret this purchase.
  5. This is probably only an issue for privacy cards. regular cards won't require that.
  6. For security purposes sometimes ccbill will require some verification. You can call them or email them and they should allow a pending charge to complete Thank you
  7. Locking this thread so we can keep this about solutions. Here is what we know Almost everyone is able to use ccbill just fine, no pending issue. However, a few are having the issue. We have found that this issue is usually triggered by something ccbill finds questionable. For most it's something minor like not typing your full name correctly. A call to CCBILL usually clears it up and allows the purchase to go through. Might also be good to ask why it was flagged in the first place so they can help you to clear it up going forward. When all else fails use a prepaid visa card. Thank you
  8. hi I will connect with you on this.
  9. ccbill *Curvage
  10. When you select CCBILL and click next it should take you to a separate page to enter all of that information. It's a bit of a change to the previous process. Thank you
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