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  1. S77

    I Cleaned Out The Fridge Hun

    One of Shars best clips and my idea of how to clean out the fridge!!! Love it 😍 Shar never ceases to amaze!!
  2. S77

    Bikini Chug, Burps N Play

    Tested and confirmed FIXED!! Enjoy the new Shar clip all.
  3. S77

    Bikini Chug, Burps N Play

    Video will be corrected. Working with Shar to make sure a non corrupted version is uploaded ASAP. Thank you for your patience.
    Another high quality clip from KittyPiggy. Excellent camera angles and clear picture show Kittys amazing curves in detail as she enjoys her shake. This is a must have clip!
  4. S77

    How to delete account

    Under account settings
  5. S77

    Pinned Favorite Topic in profiles

    Does clicking the activity button on the profiles help?
  6. There is no shortage of CAKE at Curvage. Gotta love this!!

    Click here for


    sherlock bbc eating GIF

  7. S77

    Chocolate Cake Piggy

    Another outstanding new video clip! Where do I even begin? This is one incredible clip and a must own for your Curvage library. It’s great to watch Judy eating up this cake and showing off her glorious curves in the process.
  8. S77

    Bday Cupcake

    Happy birthday!!
  9. S77

    Who are the models in FF advert?

    They are stock photos available for purchase https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/doughnut-attack-gm92176725-1678881
  10. S77

    My Measurements and Weight In

    What's not to love here. Judy is a stunning beauty with incredible curves! It's so awesome that she started sharing her gorgeous face with us. Find out her weight and measurements in this video and enjoy her talking you through the whole process. Great clip!!! ⭐
  11. S77

    The CHUBBYCUPCAKE Challenge

    I can edit title for you. Or you can run the sales tool to edit the title
  12. S77

    Block entire thread?

    PM me and let me know which thread. I will try to help you thank you
  13. S77


    Those hips! Wow