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  1. When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace

    1. goodgirlgrow


      This is one of my most favorite quotes! I sprayed painted this on a street abandoned mattress once 😅 

      we appreciate your voice ❤️ Good choice

  2. Testing from my iPhone 

    1. S77


      Worked fine for me 




  3. testing night mode

  4. HI this is me testing your feed again.

  5. Pictures removed. No point. ABYSS
    Was this Hollywood produced???? All the glamor of a California movie is here!! WOW! Probably the most amazing thing I have seen. Why can't I give this 10 stars??? Truly a cinematic masterpiece. Stunning display of props, setup visuals. No detail was spared! WOW Lara Soft is my kind of hero! I wish I could say more but I don't want to put spoilers in the review. Let's just say Lara Soft knows how to make an adventure enjoyable! Everything about this is GREAT. The visual's and special effects are stunning and the movie score (sound track) playing in the back really complements the clip. My heart was pounding! Shar has true star power and charisma! INCREDIBLE It's so great seeing Shar unleash her artistic talent in this one. She's having fun while looking epic-ally hot! One of the most unique and incredible clips of this kind I've EVER seen. I've said "Must buy" before.. but really THIS is a MUST BUY!!
  6. Yes but not in the app store. Here is how to get it on Apple https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/43921-curvage-app-curvage-functions-as-a-progressive-web-app-pwa/
  7. HI, I dropped the ball on this one. My apology! However, thank you for the reminder. It's now published again to the Play Store. Thank you
  8. Seria increible si fueran modelos aqui. Soy la persona que puede ayudar con eso si tiene preguntas. No te ofendas por las cosas que lees aqui. Todo esta destinado a ser complementos. Por ejemplo, aqui en California (y en Curvage) decimos que Nalgonas son los mejores. Ojala no sea grosero. bienveinedos. A mi, espanol es dificil jajaja I struggle very much with Spanish but I try
  9. What a tremendous honor to have you here @Maisontwins Are you both here? or just one of you? I don't think there has ever been a better looking set of twins. And now we get to meet the personalities behind the wonderful images. Welcome to Curvage. We hope you will stay so that we can shower you with praise. We are big fans of yours here. PS: Curvage is the best site there is.. so I am sure you will love it here 😉 PSS: hablas espanol? puedo tambien
  10. So many people saying the site is confusing because of the "community forums"

    What if the forums went away?

    This right now is what the site would be like, only the social status feeds to communicate.

    Can post all your images in the Photo Gallery.

    Don't worry the forums haven't been removed.. but I honestly think the new members would like this so much better.

    What say you ?

    1. Show previous comments  31 more
    2. Raceshark2001


      Personally I dislike the “feed” as it’s the same person posting 10 individual posts they could be in their thread In the forum.  

    3. AbyssialKnight



      Good to Know 😓

      Could Curvage not have called/refered to it as a social experiment and just called it a demonstration. *Has flashbacks of Youtube Social Experiments, they killed that phrase academically for me

    4. S77


      @ramka-sama haha didn't mean to scare you. This was actually done to make a point about why we can't remove the forums. The community proved our point admirably. Thank you.

    5. S77


      @AbyssialKnight sorry, we needed people to provide genuine reactions. If we said it was a test and all would be back in an hour, folks would have logged out and not come back for an hour.

    6. Vekelvy


      Just condense the forums if need be. The feed is great for advertising, but the forum is where most models talk with their fans. If anything seems outdated or not used, it's the gallery. That area always seems shoved back in the corner. If I wanted to view random galleries of women without commentary, there'd be no reason to go to Curvage.

    7. Synthesis


      People sometimes like to socialize here, no big paragraph is needed to summarize that. For sure the variety of sub-forums aren't all frequently utilized, however it's not really a big deal to the greater majority. Taking it away would just kill the sense of normality we have here that you can't find anywhere else.

      Imagine what Curvage would look like if it folded to the many small groups that came together wanting change, @S77 had a great idea in mind by taking these suggestions and translating them into a clearly effective social experiment that produced a response from the entire community whom were against these suggestions.

  11. I don’t think push notifications work. 😿
  12. We hear a lot of folks saying they wish they had a Curvage app. Since we have been blocked in the apple store we are unable to put an app up. But it doesn't mean you can't use a Curvage app on your phone. Here are the steps for APPLE Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. TADA .. you have a Curvage app on your ios device. If someone knows show to install the PWA on an android device we would be grateful if you provide instructions. Thank you
  13. I would argue that a topic is not qualified for the fat celebs forum unless it contains a fat celeb.
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