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    Very impressive first video from Fat monique. This one does not disappoint.
  1. S77

    Content deletion

    Hi, Please use the report feature on the content itself for anything you would like to have removed. Thank you
  2. S77

    Video card shortage

    Why on earth is it so hard to buy a video card right now? This is getting ridiculous. RTX 3080 is sold out, RTX 3090 is sold out Basically all Nvidia and AMD cards made within the last 2 years are sold out. You might be able to find a 1080Ti from 2017 and that will be $1,500 ... ugh
  3. S77

    Search function

    I bet it was this
  4. S77

    Search function

    Well that’s weird. Glad it’s fixed 😀
  5. S77

    Search function

    We wouldn’t do that to you. Which posting button? Can you screen shot?
  6. Well.... this will break the internet!!! 😮
  7. Getting questions so this thread is an FYI


    1. ElizaBellyLovely


      Hi Ive lost my status Update button completely now? Its just not there??? 😂

  8. A bit off topic but we are working on this. Expect things to improve over the next few months. Thank you
  9. Just for clarity they were never unlimited. Perhaps they may have felt unlimited but they were not. They were simply less limited than they are now. There was always a limit to give reactions a bit of value and encourage folks to save them for content they actually deem worthy.
  10. Do you have a "for example" to share?
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