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  1. So touch screen on windows might be the key to this issue ... We can look into it. Thank you
  2. Are there plugins you’re using? There must be something causing this common to your system. Running out of ideas ... 😢
  3. Hi I’m not having the issue. I tap it once and this is what I see. I tap again to choose
  4. HI, We aren't in the practice of adding content to the site on behalf of a member, for a multiple of reasons outside the scope of this thread. However, we have removed the images in question. Thank you
  5. Hi, We are usually more inclined to help someone if they start with something nice as opposed to a legal threat. (To be honest that goes for most things in life., something to consider eh? but I digress) I will kindly help you because we run an honest business and NOT because your threat scares us. Please link me the post you're concerned about and it will handled. Thank you
  6. HI, Please use the report feature going forward.
  7. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has passed!! Wow!

    1. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      A champion for women. Will be missed!

    2. fattony20


      Just heard myself. 

  8. HI Panhype I love the forward thinking. Part of the issue is that we operate a little bit differently here. We function as a market place and a service for the models. (not the other way around). IE: We work for the models. We take no control over the models or their products. We take special care to make sure the exact product the model provides is what is delivered to the customer. Each model is in charge of running their own business here. We do provide recommended guidelines and extensive training regarding how to upload a high quality steaming product. But not every model reads or utilizes our advice. If something is not up to the expected quality. The next step would be to reach out to the model directly Thank you
  9. Correct. Her decision not ours. Thank you
  10. welcome!! and wow, I didn't know chubbyparade closed down. I remember that site from way back.
  11. S77

    Goddess shar

    HI, She's right here. https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/profile/51716-goddess-shar/ Follow her and then you can see her profile. Thank you
  12. Hola, ya hice la solicitud para poder iniciar, me podrían ayudar. Gracias 

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