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  1. Hi That model has decided to no longer sell clips Thank you
  2. S77

    Return policy

    Please send me a PM so we can discuss further Thank you
  3. S77

    Return policy

    Hi With every purchase you are required to read the following and check the box saying that you read it and agree. https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/purchaseagreement/
  4. When are people going to learn?? I swear some folks must like getting burned. STOP DOING THIS Thank you
  5. S77

    Emails returned

    See if you can send yourself an email from a different email account. That's an easy way to test if it's working or not.
  6. S77

    Emails returned

    Is the new email address bouncing?
  7. I was just coming here to say how I love that I can get updates in your thread nearly 24 hours a day. And then I see this sad message. We love you here. You make this place like an endless party. Please don’t turn off the music ❤️
  8. Dogman

    Some guy called Mm dad 66 has posted dick pic on loads of forums can they be taken down ?

  9. The zip file download has a bug. It doesn't unlock the ability to review. Simply download one of the individual photos, refresh the page and then you can review. Thank you
  10. Hello hello,

    I've done what searching I can and still can't find a completely straight forward answer as to where to take this, but I'd like to have a couple of my posts removed if I can please. One of the people I posted about is not in my life anymore and I think its fair to remove, and the other has just simply changed her mind on experimenting.

    Please let me know what I need to do and I'll get right on it, thanks.

    1. KCGainLover


      Not sure if this'll do it but, here are the two. Don't mind the random re-title, just wanted to temporarily deter 🤐



  11. S77

    expand comments

    She has decided to take her profile private
  12. HI, PM me and I can help Thank you
  13. So many examples, WE will just put another one here as a reminder. The only way to be safe is to purchase through the store. Thank you
  14. I can't message you.

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