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    1. Ysabel27


      AMAZING !

      You are doing so much good work 🥰

  1. S77


    The amazon wish list can be linked on your about me section in your profile. I almost got confused because there is a Curvage wish list that contains clips people want to buy in the future. Thank you
  2. Hi this is feedback for @Devi Thikk Thank you
  3. Please include a screen shot of what you see Thank you
  4. https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/58207-what-are-reputation-points-and-how-do-i-earn-reputation/
  5. susy

    hola, como puedo eliminar un set??

  6. HI, We are not running some shady operation. Nobody has money stolen from them here. What you see are "holds" not charges. Either the payment will be approved and you will get the clip, or the transaction will be voided and the hold dropped. Most transactions are instant. Only a small few are held for review if anything about the purchase attempt appears suspicious. Thank you
  7. S77


    Hi, We cannot give tax advice as nobody working for Curvage is a CPA. However, as a general rule of thumb, if you earn money your government wants it's share. Depending on where you live there may be some deductions. It's best to research this or speak to a CPA for a more exact answers Thank you
  8. HI, It's a great suggestion. The tricky part with this one is that embed thumbnails of your clips appear in many different formats depending on device/ screen size. For example look at this... You can see that it looks different depending on where and how it's viewed. Even if you put your face in the right place using the tool you've suggested, your face would end up in the wrong place for many people. There isn't 1 single right answer for where to put your face. With your profile photo, it's always the same aspect ratio no matter what device it's viewed on, so it's easy to control. This however, needs to be much more flexible. I would say the best thing to do is think of it as a square.. plan for your image to be cropped as a square. Make sure your face is near the center and about 20% down from the top at least. Thank you
    Absolutely incredible first video!! The screen shot doesn’t do this Justice. You’ll have to purchase to see what I mean. But don’t worry, it’s worth it! You won’t be disappointed. Wow!! 🤩
  9. It's a really good question. The site should be able to convert your time zone. Timezones are automatically set for each individual user, based on their local system time. No setting needed. It will have a rolling release so everyone get's it at 12 noon in their time zone Thank you
  10. S77


    HI, Don't worry you were not charged twice. One of the things you see there is an authorization hold. Since it didn't complete it will not be captured. Only 1 charge will be captured. Feel free to reach out to customer service anytime using the "contact us" box below Thank you
  11. Hi You will not get scammed paying for clips on this site. If your payment is approved, you will get access to the clips. Do not worry Thank you
  12. HI Give it a try now Thank you
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