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  1. Sounds like there might be some sort of BUG. I know you don't like getting notification but for a short bit can you try just accepting ALL notifications from the models you follow and then get back here and let us know if among the notifications you are getting, are new curvage clips posted presenting notifications? This will help us trouble shoot. Thank you
  2. Content with the most reactions for the day is how one can "win the day" Thank you
  3. Hi Yes reputation is exactly like karma on Reddit. Getting some reputation will unlock the ability to send messages on the site. Welcome to Curvage, hope you continue to enjoy yourself Thank you
    I hope more people discover Frejya! This clip was incredible. She has amazing curves and this video will not disappoint.
  4. Hi The reason for this is because the menu looks a bit different when not on mobile. Some people don't know you can hit the top tab. We will think over how to improve Thank you
  5. just enter the exact same email address and it should stop
  6. S77

    Content deletion

    Hi please use the report feature for anything you would like us to assist with. Thank you
  7. Hi, You don't see a button like this.. In the clip store?
  8. S77

    Content Allowed

    Technically we have always had the rules. I can remember way back in 2007 discussing if we wanted to be a porn site or not and we overwhelmingly decided no. The rules were loosely enforced and even NOT enforced at all during some of our history. Starting in 2017 the business aspect of Curvage came into focus and along with this came merchant agreements which mandate that we adhere to certain banking regulations. This forced us to clean up our act.
  9. You are 100% welcome here. Also there is no rule preventing someone from being a Trans model. Actually we already have someone who is trans selling clips in the clips store. However, we haven't been taking any new models for some time now.
    Very impressive first video from Fat monique. This one does not disappoint.
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