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    Rosie is a funneller extraordinaire but valves are her nemisis. As always, she outperformes herself. Great video!
    This Jersey Ghoul has me absolutely obsessed. I mean look at her! Gorgeous all over, and tits really popping! I can listen to her seductive voice for ever, especially when she is chatting about her stunning body
    Jersey is very bouncy and very jiggly, as well as 100% irresistably gorgeous as she sets out on the path to break the next bed. And the cow print bikini on her is chef's kiss
    I cannot believe how seductive this video is! Jersey really knows how to talk dirty in the hottest way possible. Seeing her squirt cream into her mouth is a dream come true. Her hairstyle is also so cute in this one!
    I cannot imagining anything hotter than Jersey in than lingerie. And the way she bounces is mindblowing! She manages to entrance me every single time
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