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    It is completely unbelievable how much ChubbyCupcake can chug through a funnel. I am both shocked and impressed. It is hot beyond measure to see her drink all that shake. Simply amazing!
    Man, Kitty has been ballooning lately. Considering the rate at which she consumes whipped cream this should come as no surprise. She moans, jiggles and shows off her incredible body. The collar makes her double chin look absolutely amazing!
    Beka shoves twinkies into her mouth while on all fours. This video also features very hot jiggling. She also shows off her considerable appetite. Keep up the good work, Beka!
    This is a fun, playful video. It's a delight to watch Beka stuff her face with cookies and crisps, which she pulls out of her bra. Beka herself is smoking hot as she stuffs cookies into her mouth or teasingly pulls her top down to reveal her hidden treats. It is clear that this not so little cookie monster is going places. All in all, this is a great eating video.
  1. Am I the only one having issues downloading this?
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