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    I cannot believe how seductive this video is! Jersey really knows how to talk dirty in the hottest way possible. Seeing her squirt cream into her mouth is a dream come true. Her hairstyle is also so cute in this one!
    I cannot imagining anything hotter than Jersey in than lingerie. And the way she bounces is mindblowing! She manages to entrance me every single time
    Jersey provides such a good roleplay! If you're gonna be blackmailed by someome then it can at least be someone this gorgeous! And the way she's eating the ice cream cone, I might have to take a cold shower to cool down
    I must confess, I have a little bit of a crush on how Cece's double chin looks while she stuffs her face. And the moaning while chugs her tea is so hot! It's so much fun to see her push herself to her limit or rather to a little bit beyond that
    Jersey finds a new way to store and carry things and it's the hottest shit ever. Who needs pockets when you have a belly hang, right? It's super hot to hear her talk about all the things she can hide under her belly!
    Jazz' incredible curves look so good all lotioned up! It's very hot how out of breath she gets just by lotioning up her body
    What's better than a gorgeous fat girl showing off her beautiful belly and thunder thighs as she tells you about her fat journey? Jersey is incredibly seductive when she tells the story about her path to becomming a Curvage model. Also, minor spoiler, the sexy scar is not from a belly button piercing, which I had assumed. Super hot fat chat video!
    Man, does Kat take a stunning picture, or rather 200 and change of them! Those are so gorgeous and innovative, and also really beautiful. I look forward to future photos!
    Wow, this video is hot! Jersey might be s little bit too chubby to be able to even button her clothes to even pop the buttons, but that just makes everything so much better. We do get some excellent poppings and bursting out moments! It's also super hot to see how much Jersey is into the popping
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