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    This is some absolutely stellar roleplay from Jersey! Watching her vape and blow smoke is such a treat! And I'd happily worship every square inch of bimbofied Jersey's body. All I hope for is that goth Jersey is as happy and confident once the potion wears off! Amazing video!
    Jersey has created a hedonistic masterpiece! Net covering all of that divine body, but barely containing it may just be the hottest sight I've ever seen. Watching her show all that greasy food into her mouth is just so deliciously exciting! This is proof yet again that Jersey is the goddess of stuffing videos. The fat chat is steaming hot! This ghoul will never fail to amaze me! Also, this pause screen is too fucking hot not to share
    Jersey looks super hot in this outfit! I do adore how a choker looks on a fat ghoul so much. The roleplay is super steamy and very forbidden fruit. So much fun! And Jerseys body is always so stunning. The way that her belly folds over her bikini bottoms, the way her thighs jiggle and the sheer shelf-iness of her ass are just perfect in every way!
    Holy fuck, Jersey is so hot it's unreal! The outfit, how net looks on her arms, the thigh angle as she leans back, the way she moans, and the sound of her sexy voice... I am melting! And watching her chug the cream is so satisfying! This is the hottest breakfast ever, hands down
    The way Jersey's boobs jiggle when she plops down on the bed is just hypnotizing. I could watch that all day! The way she talks really playfully and seductively is super hot. And the role play is just *chef's kiss*. Plus, she's been eating doughnuts so you know that she's got some leftover glazing on her lips. Very hot to think about. And the fantasy she tell you about near the end is just the most fiercely hot thing!
    Cece manages to always be super adorable! She is so cute during this story time! Poor Cece is really forced to go through all the fat girl struggles during this visit. And it's very hot to hear her tell all about it. They should really have seats that are sufficiently fat friendly at a doctor's office, right? I would have loved to have seen her attempt those fitness tests she had to endure, but hearing about them is the second best thing
    This is a very steamy cream eating video! And Nylie's outfit is at least as yummy as seeing her squirt cream into her mouth
    Oh my goodness I am I'm going wild over how Jersey looks in that very tight Bathory shirt! Especially those squishy arms. I absolutely have a thing for watching a girl get ready, and when that girl is Jersey it's something extra. I always adore anything she does with a mirror; it's absolute magic. This Pumpkin Booty is a demon that may come and take advantage of me any time!
    Jersey with black lipstick is just so fucking irresistible to me! Most gorgeous witch in the world! And I adore the role play. It has a real Halloweeny mood. And what burps she produces! The angle she sits at also shows off her gorgeous body in such an amazing way!
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