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  1. Goddess Shar, Alissa B, Chubby Cupcake, Dirty Harriet I’m only listing British ones as I’m guessing the American models would be tough obviously lol?
    Woww kitty! Everything about you is just mesmerizing. Those expanding curves, huge belly, juicy red lips, sexy outfit, and everything else. Wasn’t able to purchase a clip in a while, and purchased this as well some other newer clips of Kittpiggy and honestly she looks so massive! I could see the difference from the last videos. 😍 especially in this video. You can see the progression, update by update! I see the whipped cream is doing wonders to her body! I would give this more than 5 stars if possible! Please support this beauty people and purchase this clip!!
    What a spectacular video! Kitty you look so enormous! It’s honestly so amazing to watch this massive cutie struggle to bend and get out of breath. It just shows how fat she’s getting! In such a short time, she added so many inches it’s so sexy to see how quickly she gains and much it suits her! 😍😍 Looking forward to future measurement sets as she reaches the big SSBBW category (soon now). My favorite part of this video was definitely how massive her belly and double chin were looking! Wow. They’ve never looked as big before! Keep killing it Kitty! You’re a treasure! 😘
    Damnnn kitty you’re driving me crazy haha 😍😍 What an amazing video. You look soo massive and sexy, I’m shook! My fave dress was definitely the last one the white dress, damn sooo tight but tighter the better right? 😉 But tbh look so sexy in all of your party clothes! And it’s so adorable how out of breath you got! Everyone, go buy this video ASAP!
    Wow kitty! You look so cute and massive in this video. It’s soo crazy, this beautiful girl looks cuter, rounder, and even more massive by each update. Her dedication to the gains is so hot and amazing. Lol each week I always look forward to seeing her new videos! So everyone keep supporting this growing bbw who will blossom into a ssbbw very soon, right in front us! 😍
    Woww, I’m shook kitty 😍 this might be the best bbw video I’ve ever seen. Her gluttony and voracious appetite is truly a sight, mind blowingly hot. And, she looks more massive than ever. The angles she uses are amazing and it truly showcases her massive growing body and growing appetite! Kitty seems to be looking bigger by each video. Wow. You guys must buy this video, I repeat it is the best bbw/ feedee video I’ve ever seen. ❤️
    Wowwww, I don’t know where to begin. Kitty you are drop dead gorgeous and so fat, it’s amazing. Your gain is so sexy, immense, and fast that I’m at a loss for words! You’re gonna love the numbers on the scale, I know I did. 😍 At this pace, kitty will join ssbbw category and the 400+ category in no time. Honestly you’re my favorite bbw model, and cannot wait see your future videos! Especially weigh in 8, 9, 10, etc. 🤯🤯 It’s amazing that you seem to get even more massive by each video. You gotta buy this video! All the angles are amazing and she loooks massive wow. This was my first purchase. And I can’t wait to buy insatiable 2 as well. As well as your future videos . Your future is so bright and massive 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Lots of love from India
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