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  1. Who was right?

    The competition has been locked in.

    Now its time to draw the winners!

    cover HXX.jpg

    1. S77


      Red!! I should have known. That looks amazing. Tip of the hat to the artist and of course, you the model.

    2. Titan3224


      OMG I was right😍😝

  2. Hey CC, 

    When are u doing another viedeo with Kitty Piggy. And BTW u should do a viedeo with Goddess Shar. 

    1. ChubbyCupcake


      I've been asking @KittyPiggy about this... ^ we now have a request so it looks like we will have to do one soon!



    Whoever guesses the colour of underwear in my new logo that will drop in the next 12 hours WINS the main prize. 

    Anyone that submits a guess also enters themselves into the competition too. 


    To be won....

    1- Main prize

    5 - Runners up prizes

    1 - Prize for my most liked comment


    You have just over 12 hours. 

    The clock is ticking. 

    mel b good luck GIF by America's Got Talent

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. bozak


      White, because people wear black to hide their size...and that's not what you're about.  Nope.

    3. Chevalier


      Orange, big ole beautiful pumpkin spice for the fall.  Bought myself some pumpkin pie myself.

    4. ChubbyCupcake



  4. I’ve gotten this fat.... I’m never going to stop. Sometimes it’s a slow process. Other times it piles on. But we all know where I’m heading 🐷




    All the love and hugs 

    CC xx

    1. Elsinore1975


      Amazing you.... 🙂



    I’ve giving away 6 free videos of this to people that took the time to review my last three videos. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know and this is a way I know I can give back a lil 😘

  6. Hey there, It's no surprise that after the hard few months I've had - I've found it really hard to gain weight. But I've been really really trying. So I thought I'd at least show you my progress - and then afterwards, stuff my face with 24 doughnuts. I could have definitely eaten more!! All the love and hugs CC xx ps - this is how it used to fit a little while back... I couldn't find the image that I was talking about in the clip... I love how I can really see the difference in the fullness of my face and belly


  7. My next clip involves scales, doughnuts and a giveaway to anyone that has review my last three curvage clips...

    Getting the train into London today - it’ll be up later tonight. You have t.minus 12 hours to get reviewing if you want a freebie. 

    I genuinely like creating content that’s a bit different but if you’re not liking it. Drop me a message and tell me what’s best. I always like to know how to do better 😘 





    1. Elsinore1975


      Donuts Darling. they are so good for you....try grilled cheese sandwiches cooked in butter.....it will help put a bit of weight on your cute little body..... Oxooooo

    2. Prince-nutty


      Been looking forward to a weigh in for some time! 😬

  8. F60394E9-B4F4-4B5A-BD50-88CD20D085E7.thumb.gif.66a81875e2d58bff5b1ee83edb59c978.gif 




    Watch me get disgustingly messy, jiggle and destroy fruit FOREVER!


    Just kidding - I love strawberries too much 🍓 


    1. regbill


      I love the way your body fills up that kiddie pool..:)

    2. Elsinore1975


      Your cute little body.....it is adorable...

  9. Have you ever thought what it was like to completely murder fruit....? What the world would be like if there was nothing healthy for feedees to eat? If they could only stuff themselves with calorific food and drinks and grow at a rapid rate for your consumption Well that's what I think of every now and then. So.… I put my thoughts into practice and gave myself a little workout squashing fruit with various parts of my body in a paddling pool which was clearly far too small for me. It was so disgusting but I absolutely loved it!! I realised that I had lemonade in the house half way through so had to stop filming to grab it! …..I'm sure you know what came next! After the 20 minute mark you can tell that I'm ready to just be completely disgusting and satisfy my desires and hopefully yours too. I ended up having to be hosed down in the garden afterwards, like the animal that I am I really hope you enjoy this as much as I did filming it 💕 All the love and hugs CC xx


  10. This was so much fun. It's times like this when I truly do realise the extreme size of my body. This tub was actually pretty roomy so I was lucky! This bnb - a chair and a sofa ended up being broken! (I promise it wasn't me 😛) Thankfully I wasn't charged All the love and hugs CC x


  11. Hey there :) 

    I've been having major issues with uploading this last week. I have been trying. 

    Hold tight... and prepare to brace ;) 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ChubbyCupcake


      @wdyw….. it should be with you so so soon. Its uploaded. We just have to wait 😜 

    3. wdyw


      Im unbracing - looks so good 

    4. ChubbyCupcake
  12. I thought this needed to be done 😈 


    1. WhoDat


      love love!

  13. Come and join me for round two of the CHUBBY CUPCAKE challenge. I love exploring my body - chatting to you about what has changed and about things in general I have new gainer shake courtesy of one of my feeders. Wait until you see what happens at the end! I cant wait until round three. Maybe it'll have to be with you feeding me or me sitting on top of you? All the love and hugs CC xx


  14. How is everyone doing on this ridiculously hot day? 

    I’m personally melting. Must find cold source for large body. 

    I’m going to take a chunk of time to reply to your messages today. I’ve got a bit of a back log at the moment where I’ve not been as active last month x

  15. THE NATION IS SHOOK OVER THE NEWS THAT A HUGE WHALE WAS SPOTTED IN A PADDLING POOL IN THE BACKYARD OF A UK HOME. It's one of the hottest days of the year here in good old Great Britain. What better things to do than chuck yourself in an ice cold family size paddling pool meant for 6 adults and throw yourself around. It was soooooo cold. When I play with my belly the water goes into all of my folds and shocks me so much. This was just fun and I would have loved to have fat wrestled with you in here and have you win because I'm just so unfit. You'd have me lay there after whilst you play with my belly. It would be bliss - although my belly was making some strange noises whilst I played with it! I can't wait to see you... come check it out ❤️ All the love and hugs CC xx ps - when you can't figure out how to turn the hose off....


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