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  1. it’s becoming a problem! 


    1. Adwellx


      The size of that gut! 🥵🐷

    2. CFH


      Look at you 😍

    3. TheBigRed57


      Your tummy is really getting massive :)

  2. I have finally realised that I am a pizza addict and there really isn't anything anyone can do about it other than feed me more and more pizza! I just can't stop! If I could live on pizza everyday I would! Make my dreams come true and bring me all the pizza in the world to fill my ever growing belly! All the love and hugs CC 🧡 xx


  3. Did you all see this on the home page? ———>
  4. 47EB45FA-F376-4A5E-8C5F-8A358E1E0FEE.thumb.jpeg.70f37b8474c738f233da13476e647bd4.jpeg——>88C99ECE-D50E-4DA0-900A-34805BD9AE91.thumb.jpeg.d048730e921ac6cf4d614c78709ffa3e.jpeg


    GIF by BBC Three

    1. anonfin


      What a glorious hot gut and growth! 

    2. Perfectgent86
    3. omracer


      a lovely rounder smile :) 

    4. Schnitter


      Good lord, how old is the first picture? 

  5. I do indeed and I have a good one for this! It’s coming very soon!
  6. I’ve had you request that I binge without makeup on so here we go! I had already been to McDonald’s and eaten enough for 3+ people but that wasn’t enough! I just had to stuff my face with chocolate covered profiteroles. It made me so horny as I groan with every mouthful! All the love and hugs CC 🧡 xx


  7. Following so I know all the right things to say 😜🐷
  8. I think we need a new side by side! I have more chins now and you have more everything! 🧡
  9. I found a picture of us when going through my computer. It was when we went to the meet in London at meatliquor! My god the difference!!
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