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  1. I ate so much yesterday that I woke up loads in the night starving hungry for more!!! Also thank you for the birthday wishes - I had a lovely day x
  2. I’m looking forward to my birthday on Saturday! I cake wait for all the cake and food! I’m hoping it will be a good one!! 🧡
  3. IMB_dxfmSG.thumb.GIF.a063899bcf9fef1f31d7fc566fc97c90.GIF



    Have you seen this yet!?!


    1. sexyfeeder


      how many large pizzas and other foods could u eat b4 getting full

    2. ChubbyCupcake


      How long have I got? 

  4. IMB_8FHDd5.thumb.GIF.de73f1b10dbd8e15d133209a60b2ffac.GIF



    Come over for our date... 


    1. CFH


      Looking incredible as always! 😍

    2. Yeli2020



  5. I had to get some dominos to fill my ever growing belly and show you how big its got. I am always shocked when I see how big my body is on camera and it turns me on to jiggle my belly and extra rolls. Come along for 23 minutes of stuffing and jiggling. It's always fun to see what makes a huge body bigger. All the love and hugs CC 🧡 xx


  6. I always reward myself with food!! And thank you!!
  7. I have to curve it sometimes as my pockets aren’t endless haha!! Yeah it’s ok but it can feel isolating sometimes
  8. Super cheap and cheerful! Mostly chatting and eating! I let you know what’s been happening lately, about my doctors appointments and snide comments about my weight from family! 


  9. Time for a little update. I tell you about doctors appointments and comments from family members that have happened recently! Obviously I have to have some McDonald’s and take the opportunity of an empty house where I was staying! All the love and hugs CC 🧡 xx


  10. So I went for a walk this morning with the dog and got back home more hungry than ever before. I swear that Ive not been able to curve my appetite today!!
  11. My latest weigh in is about to drop! @CFH @Quatering09 @overkill @yjpzsd @Funferall You all got it for your lovely reviews of my last two clips! So thank you for that! I appreciate that a lot! Here it is!
  12. Yeah they do - I haven’t seen you review one before but that’s good you do on other models 😊
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