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  1. @jj22 this is absolutely incredible... it’s really made me smile 🥰
  2. I’ve never been referred to as this before... I love it 🥰
  3. Well some people say that. I’m sure it’s helped me build mine 😂
  4. Yeah I’ve been working remotely on the computers but the shifts have been worse than they were before. I used to do 3 days in a row and then the other 4 days a week were dedicated to content whereas it’s been random days and less hours per day so I don’t have a routine at all because of it to be honest. I’m trying to stay up at 6 when I get up with the dog but then I’m finding myself tired for most of the day and unproductive so I’m trying to find a healthy balance. Xx
  5. I’m really glad to hear that. No one deserves to go through crap in their lives so I’m glad it’s on the up xx
  6. I think it might drag on yeah... I’m able to get out a bit more now but I do worry that I’m not being careful enough. I still haven’t got myself a mask which is stupid of me and little things like I feel like I can’t speak up when people are too close to me. you’re still working though aren’t you? Does it feel like it’s a bit of normalcy doing that? I totally understand going through waves.
  7. oops we did it again 🔥😘





    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CFH


      Holy shit 😍

    3. regbill


      When you get together with Harriet beautiful things happen.😍

    4. NikeLove1986
    5. EmilyBBW


      Nice idea. Always best when funneling is going over the top - filling up the belly until absolutely no additional drop fits inside ;)!

    6. giottano2


      Wow! I can't wai to see you become more fat!

    7. giottano2


      Wow! All that funnels session will make of you a great big fat pig! I can't wait to see you grow more huge! Can you make some funnels also feeding Harriet so also she will grow a lot more fat? It should be so sexy see both you gaining more fat togheter!

  8. So we’re back again for @DirtyHarriet to funnel feed me with a 5000 calorie shake! She put so much ice cream in it that it was sooooo cold and I found it so hard to drink in one like usual! But she tied me up and I couldn’t do anything about it! Next time I’m thinking 10000 calories and not so cold!! I hope you enjoy the contrast even though @DirtyHarriet has definitely got more doughy (but then again so have I!) All the love and hugs CC 🧡 xx


  9. @MarshallT I just don’t want anyone to feel alone 🧡🧡
  10. @Belly I said this last night when I tried on my health club reject top again!
  11. @CFH I hope you’re doing ok though. How’s isolation for you? How many weeks have you been shielding? Do you know when you can stop and return to some normalcy?
  12. @jj22 Yeah I’m doing ok I thank you 🧡 I think it’s just all over the place at the moment isn’t it 🧡
  13. @Tastic1 I’m glad things have improved for you 🧡
  14. @regbill That’s good to here that you’re doing ok. I agree it’s like a rollercoaster at the moment isn’t it. Never knowing how each day will be. always here 🧡
  15. 🔥SALE 30% OFF🔥

    Both of these were really popular - hope you enjoy the 48 hour sale 😘




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