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  1. Fingers crossed we are all cuming at home later! 😜😈


    1. A Saucerful Of Harry

      A Saucerful Of Harry

      Are all women football fans like you? Because if that's the case I regret giving up on the sport in my youth lol.

    2. ChubbyCupcake


      I’m not sure 🤷‍♀️

  2. You look beautiful!! I have this underwear so it made me click this video and you are just captivating 🥰🥰🥰🥰
  3. what's your favourite day of the week? mine is friday... it means takeaway, sex, and the effing weekend in this house. 

    1. regbill


      Any day I can take a nap and not worry about having to go to bed early is my favorite day.

    2. curvluver


      I'd have to go with Saturday.  Can sleep in and have time to make a great dinner for my wife and I.

    3. drpop


      Yes Friday is the day to have nice start for the weekend and enjoy the days.

    4. AdamansTemplum


      I'll say Monday. After an effing weekend of takeaway and sex, I begin to contemplate how I can top the experience NEXT weekend.

  4. you will have to find out in my latest video!
  5. Can’t see the gifs on my new video? Me either————> but here they are!


    cum watch me chug daddy...



  6. New video. Watch me gain my belly back in this fat challenge!
  7. So I lost weight due to COVID and hadn’t been doing so well gaining it back - thats when a lovely member off here gifted me some weight gain powder and I decided to set myself a challenge to have all the servings in one week… This video involves - Huge quantity chug Funnel chug Weigh in before the week and weigh in after! Come and see how I did and tell me how proud you are below! For some reason my GIFs are just still images! Here are the actual GIFs


  8. You are all so flipping wonderful! I’m always still here! It’ll take a lot to get rid of me!
  9.  I’ve just posted about a few things - come join me for a discussion 🧡

  10. Well fuck me it’s hard to stay relevant in this line of work especially with a pandemic, chronic illness and lack of income. You know I’m always real with you! Perhaps too real! Tell me what you want from me. Regular posting times so you know what to expect? More chat in messages? More content (no matter how sporadic)? Tell me and I’ll try to make it happen. To be quite honest I’ve over worked myself in my personal life and online combined and it’s lead to burn out multiple times including my health just falling on the floor. But I really do try. This is my life - it’s what I’m into - I love sharing it with you all and I want to stay around. It’s just a bit fucking hard sometimes. I’m sorry I’m not always consistent. But I am here. I doubt that will ever change. I love you all - especially those that haven’t stopped being by my side throughout me being on this site 🧡🧡🧡
  11. 636DD251-3D36-4A92-B9F9-20E785018F41.jpeg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kenzo998


      Is this an April fools day joke? 

    3. Fox99


      Will always love you!

    4. thefeedernextdoor


      April fools

    5. heyheyhey


      What happened? Why?

    6. ChubbyCupcake


      Of course it was an April fools 😂

    7. jmg123
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