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  1. We’re locked in. But that doesn’t stop me from eating tonnes of pizza.




    1. regbill


      It's nice to see that the more thing's change the more they stay the same.

  2. We're in lockdown but it doesn't stop you from ordering pizza, snacks and ice cream from not only one but two pizza takeaways. CC spends over an hour digging into this heavenly but humungous meal. She wants to please you and show you what a fat pig she really is becoming. As her dress gets tighter she starts to undress and you see her belly fill out as she eats more and more, telling and showing you how massive she is. This was an absolute dream ❤️ It was so so hot and I loved jiggling and showing off all of my new curves to you 😈 All the love and hugs CC x🧡x


  3. Remember a very BIG weigh in is coming soon. Guess my weight and you’ll get the video for free 😈



  4. Are you ready for more of my cute skinny friend....?

    This time with a funnel in her hand 😈







    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. degek2001


      Mm, doesn't your friend nothing to have? 😉❤️ Henk

    3. jj22


      WOW!  CC is the most beautiful funnel-feeder I've ever seen!  There's just something about that super-beautiful face, that perfect make-up, those big eyes, those gorgeous red lips sucking...


    4. grateful


      Yessss!!!   😍😍😍

      Very hot!  🥰🔥

      Great update!  Thanks!  😁

  5. More of an introduction into feedism for her! This time with the FUNNEL!!! And I think you can agree, she loved it! She loved watching me be a greedy fat pig! Even when I was preparing the shake before filming she wanting to know exactly what was going into the shake and even had some herself! I wish I filmed that part! She was eating the ice cream and drinking some of the shake saying how good it tasted! So so hot right?! Come and take a watch of this short clip of decadent indulgence. I can’t wait till she asks me to funnel feed her! All the love and hugs CC x🧡x


  6. CCF262B9-9F45-40B5-B44C-ADBD8835140F.gif




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AaronMcmanaman


      That double belly looks so hot on you

    3. jj22


      Beautiful face, beautiful body.

    4. meemumuumi2


      Such a hot looking video

  7. I jiggle, struggle and get so out of breathe - its hard to remember a day when I stepped foot into a gym. My clothes are tight, my belly is wobbling more than ever and its so hot to see what getting so fat has done to my fitness (or now lack of)! Come and watch me struggle my way through this 15 minute workout with slow motion, music and lots of fat! All the love and hugs ❤️


  8. I’ve not personally been in hospital but I’ve been here for nearly 12 hours with someone super close to me. I was planning to have a video out yesterday for you all but this has got in the way a lil bit. It will be up today once I’ve slept 🧡♥️

    1. Meh366


      Absolutly no rush it's life just remember you're amazing, you're amazing for being there; and get some sleep! We'll be around.


    2. AaronMcmanaman


      Wishing the best for you in these though situation.  

      We really care about you 💕

  9. Guess what...


    I appreciate you 🥰

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. regbill


      I appreciate you too.

    3. Titan3224


      I also really appreciate you😊

    4. Elsinore1975


      That Beautiful body you have...


  10. I wanted to get on top of you but you had other plans. Feeding me till I couldn’t breathe and all I could do was lay there. Wondering when I’d start feeling hungry again, so you could bring me my next meal. I loved having you between my legs, playing with my belly and forcing me to have just a little bit more 😈


  11. I promise that I’m getting round to answering all my messages! I love you all 🤟🏻😘

  12. Great content!

  13. Come and see how fat I really am compared to a “normal sized” girl. I can’t believe I was once that size 😈





    1. MarshallT


      Wow....looks like you've REALLY gained in the last few months, CC! 🥰

    2. grateful


      Hot!  Thanks!  😮🔥

      You should see how I reacted!    😂

      Thanks for a great update!  😁

    3. wdyw


      I can't believe this is practically the video I'd already requested from seeing the valentine's one - I've bought it - will review later

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