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    Holy thongs! This is one SEXY MONSTER of a video!! If you're into dynamic, funny, charismatic, cute, sexy, beautiful, MASSIVE ladies enjoying each other (and what are you doing on Curvage if you don't fall into that category?), then you've hit the jackpot. Buy this video, sit back, and enjoy the ride. And what a frikking fantastic ride it is... These two fabulous beauties are SO into each other!! They straddle each other, sit in each other's laps, and completely crush each other! And they LOVE doing it! The fat-admiration here is almost certainly the most MAGICAL, EROTIC stuff I've seen in a long, long time. Matching their magnetic, fun personalities are bodies to DIE FOR. To. Die. For. Some of the imagery here is simply mind-blowing - it's all a sexy blur of super-pretty faces, massive bellies, ultra-thick thighs, curvaceous arms, big breasts, and gigantic asses. This has got to be what heaven's like, right? Later, they bring in a very, very, very lucky dude (who gets referred to as a "toy"!) who gets to experience the full weight of KP and CC. That is one lucky guy. I'm so jealous. The video ends with more proof that these two double-chinned darlings really, really dig each other! WOW! I didn't want this bit to end. Inspirational. Beautiful. Sexy. (Still jealous of that guy.)
    A truly stunning video. Seriously, I'm in total awe. Stop dithering about it - and buy this video NOW! The amazing @ChubbyCupcake needs her body measuring - and who better to assist than the equally amazing @KittyPiggy? I'm really not sure I have the words to describe how beautiful these two ladies are: they're funny, they're cute, they're gorgeous, and they have two of the greatest bodies EVER. There are just so many fabulous moments here: -watch how proud CC is of herself when she finds she's increased her measurements! -watch when KP sits down to measure CC's legs. Her body spreads out so much!! Check out that sexy WIDTH!! -watch in bewilderment at that teeny-tiny, microscopic little strip of fabric stretching across CC's massive middle! Why doesn't it snap? What's it made of? -03:30: check out that side-view of CC holding her massive belly up as KP measures her ass. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. OH. MY. GOD. Okay, okay, okay - I could pick out jaw-droppingly gorgeous moments all night long. Let's just say the measurements sequence is pretty damn incredible. But this isn't JUST a measurements video. Having done with the tape-measure, these two bountiful beauties wedge themselves into a little sofa. Their bellies look absolutely FANTASTIC, billowing out in front of them, but it's not just their bellies that look magnificent: it's their legs, their arms, their curved shoulders, their ultra-pretty faces. It's EVERYTHING. Sometimes, I buy a video on Curvage and I think "that was awesome" and it goes into a folder. This isn't one of those videos. This is a video so breath-takingly, heart-stoppingly, pulse-poundingly awesome that you'll want to put it on your desktop so you have quick, easy access to it because you just know you'll keep on coming back to it again and again and again. "You want it all?" KP asks as she shoves a cupcake into CC's pretty mouth. The sound CC makes (at 07:45) is something I could listen to on repeat for about three weeks. KP is playfully dominant as CC takes on a submissive "good piggy girl" role - and things get hotter and hotter and hotter. CC looks so pretty with her mouth packed full of cupcakes! In the final few minutes, everything just seems to go up another level. It's like they forget the camera's on, and really begin to enjoy each other - A LOT. I'm not going to spoil it, but just watch what happens at the end!!! Seriously thinking of starting a petition calling for some kind of law that makes it compulsory for these two to make videos like this every week. Enough of my yakking - just buy the damn video! It's the BEST THING ON CURVAGE!!
    The video opens with a full-length body view of the adorable @LionLily in jeans and a jumper. Her beautiful belly spills out, and she looks totally hyper-gorgeous. She has a really, really, really beautiful face, and a double-chin TO DIE FOR. (Seriously, this is one of those vids where you want to watch it all over again, and just focus on that ultra-pretty face of hers!) Okay, if she looked AMAZING all covered up in jeans and jumper, I clearly wasn't ready for what hit me next: Lily strutting around in a TEENY-TINY little heart-covered outfit. Beautiful face, big belly, full breasts swinging and swaying, fabulous legs, curvaceous arms - this lady has it ALL! Everything seems so shapely and perfect. I really got the impression that Lily was digging herself too. Her personality is great. Her confidence is so, so, so sexy, and there are quite a few moments where she lets out sexy little satisfied gasps at how good she looks and feels. There is NOTHING more amazing than a curvy beauty admiring herself like Lily does here! She also REALLY knows how to move and show herself off. It's pretty much ALL full-length body views by the way, so you get plenty of opportunity to feast your eyes on Lily's incredible LEGS. I was salivating so much, I needed to attach my droolcup to my chin. The outfits keep getting sexier and sexier and sexier, and Lily begins to turn herself on - quite a lot. (Listen to what she says at 09:35.) Also, look out for the bits where she goes down on all fours and admires her huge breasts hanging deliciously between her rounded arms - WOW. I also really liked her reason for not liking one of the outfits: "It makes my waist look really small. It hides my tummy." Clearly, here's a lady who wants to proudly show off her magnificent, inspirational body! Overall, I just loved how "into herself" Lily is! This is NOT a video where the model just puts on an outfit, comments on it, and absent-mindedly moves on. Lily is really digging herself - and it's FAB to watch!! An amazing, amazing, amazing video.
  1. I was just in the middle of watching your "Try-On Haul" (needed to pause to get my breath back), when I noticed you'd posted this beautiful new photo! How's that for a coincidence? This video is incredibly sexy, by the way - I should review it.
    Okay, so I'm diving straight into the second part of Rosie's eatathon... The video starts with the incredible vision of Rosie updating us on how her eating challenge is going so far. She looks truly astonishing in her tight black lingerie - but I have to admit the thing I was most blown away by is how ROUND her beautiful face has become! (I soooo wish I could tickle her under that double-chin. Sigh.) Anyway, soon she's filling her mouth with food. She looks so pretty doing it. I have to admit that I regularly kept hitting "pause" when I noticed Rosie in the middle of taking an especially large bite, or when she happens to be emphasising that gorgeous double-chin, or when she's opening her eyes wide. I just wanted to savour those moments of pure beauty! 23 minutes of feedism GOLD! Rosie is such a f...ing babe. Beautiful face. Amazing body. Fabulous personality. There's also a massive element of sexiness from her DETERMINATION: she just keeps pushing herself on and on. (Possibly this next bit is a case of too much information, but I want to share it as Rosie often encourages us to fap in her posts. I only made it until about four minutes into this video, if you know what I mean. That's how good it is.)
  2. Thanks for saying my question was interesting, and an even bigger thanks for taking the time to put together such a thoughtful, detailed answer.
  3. Hello Rosie, hope you're well - I have a question for you... Are you "RosieMarieFeedee" 100% of the time? That sounds weird - of course, you're you all the time, but what I mean is: would you say there's a difference between .......... (insert your real name there) and "RosieMarieFeedee"? I mean, this summer, when you're doing the side-jobs you mentioned that are outside the BBW world, can "RosieMarieFeedee" be compartmentalised, or is she never far away? Hope you don't take this question as prying into your personal life. Ignore if you feel it is.
  4. You are absolutely stunningly beautiful - and these photos leave me panting...
  5. In a dull meeting at work today, I spent my time fantasising about Rosie. Hope that's okay. My fantasies morphed into ideas for videos: -Funnelling featuring extreme close-up of your pretty face. -You're a dowdy nerd looking at BBWs online. You make a wish that you want to be like the beauties you're fapping to - and the next morning you wake up a glammed-up BBW! You need to explore, show off, and feed your new body! -Sleaze time! During a job interview, a potential employer notices your BBW body, and asks you to strip and eat a plate of donuts - otherwise you won't get the job! -Full-length body appreciation in a mirror, with special focus on legs, ass, and face. -You're a shy BBW who's developed an online relationship with someone during the pandemic. They've only ever seen you from the neck up onscreen - and now it's your first face-to-face meeting! You're nervous about what they'll think of your BBW body, but luckily they love it - so you want to show off your body and eat for them. -You're a BBW girlfriend; your boyfriend is loving but you suspect he doesn't want anyone to know he has a BBW for a girlfriend. You want to wear short skirts and tight little outfits when you're out with him, and you want to meet his colleagues and friends. "It's time to stand by me when I show myself off in public! It's time you showed me off to your friends - or we're through!" -Heels try-on. Can you will wear, stand, and walk in heels? -"Okay, I'll let you make me immobile!" Your feeder has been begging to make you immobile for months. You've given it a lot of thought, and have finally decided: you're going to let your feeder make you immobile. You excitedly discuss your plans and start off by stuffing by face.
    Awesome video!! We start off with the stunning and charismatic @RosieMarieFeedee weighing herself, while dressed in a gorgeous figure-hugging dress. She discusses where her amazing gain is manifesting itself - she draws particular attention to her adorable double-chin and ever-growing belly. (Personally, I'm also noticing the growth in her face and arms - delicious!) After showing us the scale (which she's maxing out!), take a deep breath because the next view is the stunning Rosie standing in front of us in skimpy black lingerie. She looks brain-explodingly gorgeous and super-thick! As always, when she talks Rosie is really expressive with her sexy voice and beautiful face. (This is one of my favourite things about her.) It's so awe-inspiring to see how happy and proud Rosie is at the fact she's outgrown so many of the clothes she tries on here. It's like a visible, tangible marker of her achievements. (And, as Rosie points out, these are NOT clothes from years ago - these are clothes bought in the last twelve months!) There are so many good things going on in this video that it would be ridiculous for me to try to cover them all. Suffice to say, Rosie is extremely fun and sweet and great, sexy company as she pours, squeezes, wiggles, and jiggles her breath-taking physique into a range of tight and out-grown clothes. FANTASTIC!!
  6. Great photos! You're so pretty. We need to see more of your legs - they're beautiful!
    Question: when does @RosieMarieFeedee look even more beautiful than normal? Answer: when her pretty face is wrapped around the end of a funnel-feed pipe, of course! Question: what's better than one fat, semi-clothed mega-babe in a funnelling video? Answer: two fat, semi-clothed mega-babes in a funnelling video, of course! (Here, @Aria_Bbw pours in the gooey liquid for Rosie to chug - Aria looks awesome, and her thick arms holding the funnel up are mighty impressive!) Question: how should funnelling videos end? Answer: with one mega-babe moaning, and the other mega-babe supporting and encouraging her by telling her how impressive her accomplishment was and by unbuttoning her jeans and giving her a belly-rub. An absolute winner of a video!
    Wow, another great video from the phenomenal @goodgirlgrow! Clad in sexy red lingerie, GGG looks BIG as she measures her growing body. I honestly think that mirrors are undervalued when it comes to filming vids like this - in effect, we're getting another camera angle without the need for the model to actually have a second camera. Anyway, GGG totally gets this, obviously - because she's standing in front of a large mirror, so you'll need one eye on her and one eye on her reflection. Or you could watch the vid multiple times. Anyway, GGG looks truly SENSATIONAL. I loved the way she kind of got distracted from the measuring by how good she looks. Throughout, she provides a charming, sexy, entertaining commentary. She's padding out all over, and I especially want to give a shout-out to her pretty face and her double chin. AWESOME! After the weigh-in, GGG sits down and talks about how she feels about her recent growth and how she's done it. I might just be fantasising here, but I think she turns herself on a little. Beyond drooling over GGG's looks, I'm also increasingly fascinated by a side of things that GGG is clearly really into: the interconnected ideas of achievement, accomplishment, goals, targets, and pride. Love it! Check out her super-cute realisation about the significance of her new weight right at the end. GGG is a such a fucking adorable babe. After viewing this video, just out of curiosity, I had a look at GGG's very first Curvage video - a stuffing from October 2018. The change from then to now is ASTONISHING. Long may her growth continue - the mind boggles to think what she may look like in another year or two. A superb video!
    Super-sexy video!! We begin with @Chubby-Gamer-GF welcoming us to her latest weigh-in video. She's wrapped seductively in a grey dressing-gown, but straightaway you can tell there's something amazing underneath because of the thick legs on show. It's clear that CGGF is really excited to show off her gain! Before very long, CGGF removes the dressing-gown to reveal a genuinely magical sight that will have your eyes popping out of their sockets. Her beautiful body is fan-frikking-tastic - she's a vision of ultra-curvaceous femininity. And that skimpy little lingerie-outfit? Oh. My. God. Is there anything sexier than a gorgeous BBW proudly and excitedly discovering their new weight, revelling in their gain and wanting more? After the weigh-in, CGGF proceeds to measure herself - and it seems she's padded out everywhere. It's deeply sexy to see how happy and proud she is of her growth. Best line: "This is not muscle - this is FAT!" Awesome video from a gorgeous model - buy it now!
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