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    It’s all been said before, but KittyPiggy really is the most gorgeous model on the internet. Her face is stunning perfection and her double-chin is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Her personality is, as ever, adorable on a level which can only be described as epic. And her body... all that can really be said is that it’s like she’s stepped out of the collective fantasies of millions of BBW-admirers. She is, quite simply, the dream that’s become real. Kitty’s challenge in this video is to squeeze her amazing curves into a tiny bikini that she last wore in November. This means we get to wtiness an eye-popping display of her outrageously beautiful form, but a secondary point is that we get to marvel at Kitty’s mindblowing gain over the last eight months. Just as awe-inspiring as her body is the extraordinary determination behind it. Once KP’s got herself into the teeny little bikini, she struts around a little and asks us how it looks. I suspect she probably knows our answer, but here goes anyway: totally, totally amazing. We get some beautiful close-ups of her huge belly, but it’s when Kitty moves the camera back up to get her face in shot, that I was reminded of just how fantastically pretty she is. Her face really is incredible, and her spectacular gain is making her face look astoundingly cute. I have my fingers crossed that Kitty is going to keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
    What can I say? Another fantastic offering from the stunning KittyPiggy! I like how there’s a little story element here: the video starts with the salivating sight of KP’s thick legs and ass as she lies curled up in bed. Her slumber is interrupted, however, by the rumblings of her belly – which simply must be obeyed. There’s a brain-meltingly nice view of her heading into the kitchen, before she settles her wonderful mass down in front of the fridge. I really, really like the little touches in Kitty’s videos. Here, I like how, with the very first thing she eats at 01:30, there’s a lovely sense of hurry as she grabs the food and, with urgency, takes a big bite. It’s like she’s thinking “Oh my god, I must get food in my mouth RIGHT NOW.” It’s not exactly ravenous stuffing (it’s done with KP’s customary grace and elegance) – there’s just an adorable sense of hasty necessity about it. (By the way, for ravenous-stuffing fans, that comes later.) As the title suggests, Kitty’s appetite here really is insatiable. But to simply say this is an “eating video” would be completely misleading and inadequate, because there's so much else going on: -the sounds that Kitty makes as she eats are possibly the sexiest things I’ve ever heard in my life. -the way her gorgeous body is perched on a stool really showcases her outrageously wonderful curvage. -the way at 06:11 that she realises having one creamcake on the go is not satisfactory, so eats two simultaneously. -the dimples in Kitty’s hands, where her knuckles are. -her eating of the cheese-stick things (?), when she stores them in her mouth as she unwraps the next one. I also love the way she grips them with both fists as she eats. No idea why this is so beautiful – it just is. -the way that Kitty loves playing with and having fun with her amazing body. -there’s a little edit at 16:05, during which something has clearly disappeared. I’ll leave it up to you to discover what it is. -listen out for what Kitty says at 16:13. It’s all kinds of hot. -16:28: MESSY! Overall: nearly 20 magnificent minutes with the beautiful KittyPiggy. Excellent, crystal-clear camera-work with all sorts of spectacular views. If you’re already a fan of KP, you know how good this video is going to be, so you need to buy it now. If you’re not a fan, then..., sorry, but what the hell is wrong with you? Buy now and become an instant devotee of the internet’s finest BBW!
    People – buy this video NOW!! It is the BEST BBW VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN! REPEAT: THE BEST BBW VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN. This video starts with KP looking ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE in a tiny little outfit which she’s ready to burst out of. She looks beautifully wide, and, sitting cross-legged, her belly nestles gorgeously between her stunning thighs. She begins talking about her overwhelming greed, while playfully tearing off small chunks of the huge cake waiting in front of her. This is pure speculation of course, but I really got the sense Kitty was almost teasing herself here as much as she was teasing us – holding herself back, thinking about the ravenous gorging about to start. Gradually, Kitty starts grabbing larger and larger fistfuls and and begins shoving them into her beautiful face. The things she says and the sounds she starts making are AMAZING and will make your HEAD EXPLODE. (Like, literally,... I’m writing this with nothing but a bloody stump on my shoulders...) The camera is, at times, above her sitting-position and, as she’s eating, she looks up with those big eyes in a kind of... I don’t know... “submissive” or guilty kind of way? It’s FANTASTIC. After messily guzzling down some milk, Kitty gets down on all-fours and plunges her oh-so-pretty face into the cake. The sounds she makes are... just... WOW. You MUST listen to this one, people. Next, Kitty ties her hair back so it’s not in the way. Her hair is gorgeous, but putting it up means we can see more – soon her mouth, chin, nose, and cheeks are covered in gooey cake . She means business and is now lying flat on the floor, wiggling her chunky legs in the air, while continuing to devour the cake, getting it all over her face, and pausing only to suck on more milk (which also goes everywhere). Awesome camera-work here! People, buy this NOW! The world could end later today (who knows?) and you will kick yourself after for not having purchased and watched this AMAZING video. Kitty is the ABSOLUTE BEST BBW on the internet, and I genuinely think this is the BEST video she’s ever made. Buy NOW – you will not be disappointed. Overall score: one hundred billion out of five.
    (Sorry for the long review. I just can’t help it.) The astonishing KittyPiggy just keeps getting more and more beautiful. “HOLY CRAP!” Those were the words that spontaneously came out of my mouth in the first five seconds of this video. Surely those are the only reasonable words to say when faced with such a sight as KP in tiny lingerie, looking utterly gorgeous, and hotter than Satan’s microwave oven. You’ve heard it all before but..., my god..., her face, her double chin, her legs, her waist-to-hips ratio, her ass..., everything, really: perfection. Total perfection. (At 02:04, just before KP explains that “we started with arms last time,” there’s one of those tiny, tiny little moments that I love. It really is super-quick, but it’s just the way she gives an almost imperceptible, graceful little lift to her belly with both hands. Tiny, I know, but just ridiculously adorable.) After each body-part measurement, KP bends over to make a note of the number. WOW. As she does so, her belly swings and sways and hangs a considerable distance down her legs. The second time she does this, after measuring her amazing calves, elicited another “HOLY CRAP!” from me. Then, just a few seconds later, we get a total eyeful of Kitty’s SPECTACULAR legs as she lifts a heel from the floor and rotates her leg on the ball of her foot. Another “HOLY CRAP!” moment. (From then on, really, I was just saying “HOLY CRAP” every four or five seconds for the rest of the video, while trying to keep my heart rate under control.) The increase in her measurements is..., like..., WOW! Forget Kitty’s body and face for a second (I know that’s virtually impossible) – but it’s her stunning commitment, focus, and dedication that’s just as sexy, right? The most awe-inspiring bit, for me, is her neck measurement. I get the sense that Kitty almost thought she’d made a mistake at first – the increase really is extraordinarily impressive. (And so, so beautiful.) (Another head-exploding, totally natural little moment is at 10:09, when Kitty says “my boobs have grown a LOT. I’m so happy.”) When the measurements are over, Kitty gives us a tour of other parts of her dream-like body. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how Kitty seems fascinated by her own curves. She seems to love studying herself. (Oh god, that would be such a cool qualification to revise for...) As usual, the video quality here is excellent, as is the lighting. The cherry on the top is, as with all KP’s videos, her mega-cute personality and voice. I could listen to her all day long. I know it’s her mind-blowing body that’s the big draw, but I’ve just realised that even if Kitty was “normal-sized” and was posting on a website called something like chicks-with-cool-personalities.com, I’d still be obsessed with her. Score: one million out of five.
  1. OH. MY. GOD. I think I must have died and gone to heaven.
    Another fantastic eating video from the one-and-only KittyPiggy! SEVENTEEN minutes (yes, SEVENTEEN minutes) of the beautiful KP stuffing herself with hash browns. The video starts with Kitty looking bouncy, squeezable, and totally perfect. The chair she’s wedged into really accentuates the thickness of her thighs and the curve of her hips – it’s a staggeringly impressive view. And prepare for your eyes to pop out on their stalks when Kitty shakes her ketchup bottle. Wow! There’s just so much to look at: the face, the double chin, the arms,... and, of course, that belly nestling on those wonderfully thick legs. I love the way that Kitty gives us different angles in her vids. Here, after seven minutes, we get a change of point-of-view and move in closer on her face, her plump arms, and gorgeous shoulders. And look at those lips! I’m seriously never going to look at a hash brown in the same way again after watching this video. There’s more too: belly play, bouncing, arm admiration, and, of course, Kitty’s lovely personality. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with this. Everything about Kitty really is stunningly beautiful.
    This is one of those classic videos that you’re gonna want to watch over and over and over. Why? Well, there’s so much going on in it. First viewing, focus on KittyPiggy’s face. Yeah, yeah, I’ve said it before and it’s highly, highly probable I’ll say it again – but, seriously, KP’s face is absolutely exquisite. It’s PERFECT in every possible way. And please can I suggest a fan club needs to be started dedicated to KP’s double-chin? I’ll be first to join. Second viewing. Now please focus on ChubbyCupcake’s face. She’s, similarly, an absolute knock-out of a beauty. Like KP, CC has one of those smiles that you’d willingly rob banks for. Third viewing, focus on KP’s body. Now keep alert here because there’s a LOT to take in. KP’s body is like a Greatest Hits CD by your favourite band, where every single song is, like, “oh yeah, I LOVE this one!” Pay special attention, though, to boobs and butt. A. M. A. Z. I. N. G. Fourth viewing. Now shift focus to CC’s body – and, as you do so, offer praise to God (or the deity of your choice) because you’re getting two luscious beauties here for the price of one. Now, most of CC is covered by her dress, but I was entranced by the way that CC’s hidden belly made the lightweight fabric of the dress ripple and flow. You can really see that the movement of the material is a result of the movement of the belly beneath. Awesome. (There’s a few eye-popping moments, by the way, where CC stands directly behind KP – and CC basically just disappears. I’m serious. All you can hear is her voice. I bet two boringly-sized people (ie, “thin”) could actually hide behind KP. I don’t know why I think that’s such a cool thought. It just is.) Fifth viewing – okay, now just sit back and relax and chill with two adorable, playful, confident women whose personalities are as perfect as how they look. Individually, and together, these two are just utterly, utterly charming. Overall conclusion: ring a ding ding.
  2. Wow, seven days after the accident and still on pain medication! It must have been a heck of a tumble. Sending you a trillion get well wishes! PS. Thanks for the updates you've been giving us.
    This video opens with a beautiful vision of perfect femininity: KP standing in lingerie, in an almost full-length view. Naturally, the things I’m drawn to first are her super-pretty face and her adorably sweet personality, but soon I’m also trying to take in her body. And there’s such a lot of body to take in... If you think back to her first videos here back in October (which really isn’t all that long ago)... wow... I mean she was amazing then, but now... goodness me... It makes me think that this is one focused, determined lady. And what’s awesome and amazing is that she’s showing her gain so, so gorgeously. By that, I mean it’s not all going to one body-area. Her legs, her arms, everything – it’s all filling out. She seems to have a genetically perfect body for becoming bigger. KP starts squeezing herself into a dress, and we get start some startling views of her super-cute double-chin as she looks down. Perfection. I’m envious of the person who gets to tickle that chin. (Because, being the kitty she is, that chin really deserves to be tickled.) At times, as KP is struggling to pull it down, the dress seems to take on a life of its own and refuses to go over her belly-booty combo. Perfection. From behind, the dress is so tight it looks like it’s been painted on, and the way KP spins round to show off her astonishing booty peeking out (well, it’s not so much peeking as staring out) is just amazing. Perfection. And when KP bends over... well, just remember to hold onto your hats. I like how the material that’s stretched around her butt becomes see-through. Sexy perfection. “What do you think?” asks KP playfully. A*. 10 out of 10. Top of the class. That’s what I think. Okay, so far, so awesome. But then... Kitty gets out her heels. And everyone watching needs to prepare to faint with pure pleasure, so make sure there’s no sharp-edged furniture nearby. Her curvy legs look soooooooo good, so perfect, in those sharp stilettos. As KP suggests, I’m not sure they’re especially comfortable, but in my opinion the sight of a stunningly pretty BBW in a tiny skin-tight dress showing off her legs in heels... well, that’s what heaven is full of, surely? Just realised I’ve used the words “perfect” or “perfection” seven times in this review. That just about sums it up, doesn’t it?
    Wow. This here’s an extraordinary display of curves in motion from one of the absolute best ladies around. The stunning CC is in a skin-tight workout costume, and has a fitness routine playing on her TV. The camera is positioned so that we get to see a full, head-to-toe view of her. First up are some squats. You really, really must experience the sight of ChubbyCupcake squatting. Oh my. When she’s at the lowest point of the squatting movement, CC’s fantastic body almost looks spherical. I’m not kidding – the curve of her thighs and butt being met by her tummy moving down to nestle between her bent legs... Mmmmmmmmm. It's an image to mentally store away and retrieve at a later date to brighten up a really dull bus journey or work meeting. Next, CC ties her lovely, luscious hair back (yay) to keep it out of the way during her exercise. This really shows off her pretty face and neck. Sure, she’s panting and looks a bit worn-out, but she looks absolutely beautiful. Soon, she’s down on all fours (hello), and giving a very funny dialogue to the upbeat fitness instructor, who continues to chirpily call out directions. Off comes CC’s T-shirt, to reveal that rounded, curvaceous belly in all its glory. As CC continues to bounce around, and is super-cute and amusing, my attention was (obviously) drawn to how her belly moves. It’s hypnotisingly perfect. It hangs, but doesn’t sag. It’s got a gorgeous perky plumpness to it. She holds her weight so, so nicely. Make sure you watch the last minute, in which CC gives us her verdict on her workout and what she’s about to do straight after! These eleven minues are so much fun that they shoot by really quickly. CC has a personality that matches her jaw-dropping physical beauty. What a woman... 5/5, just ike every other video from CC.
    I’m currently trying to keep my nerves steady after having just watched this video. What KP has given us here is an absolute explosion, a nuclear bomb-blast, of female beauty. This video is exactly what it says in the title: a seduction. I know, I know – all of my reviews of this stunning lady’s content are basically the same: 5/5, amazing, you should buy it now. But seriously, if you like super-gorgeous, super-curvy women, then you REALLY, REALLY need to buy this one now. You know that bit in Lord of the Rings where Gandalf says “Fly, you fools!” just before falling off the cliff? I want you imagine him saying “Buy Strawberry Seduction, you fools!” instead. KittyPiggy looks SOOOOOO good here. The first three-and-a-half minutes are a sizzling display of KP in her bedroom, wearing lingerie that looks just PERFECT on her big, curvy body. I’m not even going to try to describe how she looks, as my words would be completely inadequate. Seriously, I just didn’t where to look here. This is the kind of video that makes me wish I had, like, fourteen pairs of eyes. One thing I do want to quickly mention: the curve of Kitty’s hips. OH. MY. GOD. But... she’s only just getting started. Because KP then gives us one of the absolute best-ever displays of slow, sensual eating to have ever been uploaded to the internet. Lemme just give you a few words. Kitty’s lips. Strawberries. Melted chocolate. Messy. Kitty’s lips. Banana. Kitty’s lips. Oh, and Kitty’s lips. Damn it, even the way Kitty is sitting is pure gold! After several minutes, the music which has been playing (definitely not intrusive, by the way, and really helps to set the scene) comes to an end. We then get to see more of this stunning lady eating, but now with the added bonus of listening to her, as well. Let’s just say that your ears will be very, very happy. Throughout the whole thing, we get lots of close-ups. And this is a woman who can definitely take a close-up, if you know what I mean. As I’ve probably said before, KP’s beauty transcends the fact that she’s “plus-size.” (Although it’s pretty clear that with each ounce Kitty adds to her body, she gets more and more swoon-inducingly gorgeous.) She has the kind of hyper-pretty face that causes car crashes. There’s just something about the way Kitty dips a strawberry in chocolate and then raises it to her lips which is just so heart-stabbingly seductive. Her lips are SOOOOO luscious and I love the way she doesn’t just pop the strawberries quickly into her mouth. No, no. She really takes her time, and those lips of hers are just so incredibly succulent and full. Me, personally, I envy those strawberries. Really. Those are some goddamned lucky strawberries. (I’ve never experienced strawberry-envy before in my entire life. I guess that’s what KP does to people: makes them have thoughts they’ve never had before...) I love it when KP’s in fun mode. But this is one versatile lady: here, she’s in full-on, total seduction mode. And it’s absolutely amazing. Remember what Gandalf said. “Buy Strawberry Seduction, you fools!”
    The cutest woman in the universe, KittyPiggy, begins this fantastic video by draping a very small swim-suit over her otherwise nude body. The camera gives us a full-length view of her (yaaaaaaay!), and there’s something about the way Kitty is standing (with one beautifully thick leg slightly in front of the other and, I think, the front foot slightly arched) that is just outstandingly dreamy. It really emphasises her astoundingly curvy hips and thighs. (If this first paragraph doesn’t have you scrambling frantically for your credit card, I advise you to check your pulse; you may very well be dead.) The challenge that KP has set herself here is twofold. First, to try to squeeze herself into the swim-suit. And two, to try not to flash too much. Will she succeed or fail? It doesn’t really matter, because, either way, Kitty gifts us with a win-win situation. Bouncing, squashing, and grunting (in her inimitably adorable way), KP stretches the suit over the most gorgeous butt on Curvage. The molecules that make up the suit must have been close to being torn apart, which might well have resulted in some kind of rift in the space-time continuum. Anyway. Next, is the almighty task of getting the rest of the suit over her top half. “Wow” is the only thing to say about this bit. Afterwards, Kitty concludes: “I think the verdict is this just doesn’t fit.” From one perspective (that of utility and comfort), yes, but from another perspective (that of providing a brain-meltingly beautiful display of some of the finest curves on the internet), I think the swim-suit fits her really, really, really well. As usual, KP looks absolutely immaculate here. She’s an extraordinary mixture of scorching hotness and an adorable, innocent sweetness. I honestly don’t know how she’s perfected this tone (I’m guessing it’s just her natural personality), but she’s absolutely nailed it. She’s so hot she could bring a kettle to the boil just by staring at it and, simultaneously, sweet enough to sugar a cup of coffee by just being in the same room. I can only imagine how many hearts she (unintentionally) breaks on an everyday basis. I don’t really need to say this but her face is, as we all know, stonkingly beautiful. A thing I’ve really noticed about Kitty over the last few videos is her double-chin. It’s amazingly cute. Overall, KittyPiggy is an incredible woman. The starting-point for admiring KP is, naturally enough, her physical attributes, but with each passing video I am transfixed more and more by her warm, fun, confident personality. Another keeper!
    Roleplay time! KittyPiggy and ChubbyCupcake are two students at an all-girls’ school. Kitty is in trouble after not making the required weight gain, and so CC vows to help her out. After a weigh-in, Kitty tries a funnel-feed, during which CC decides Kitty has too many clothes on and so takes appropriate action. Kitty, meanwhile, is determined to get onto the team, and her commitment is clear to see as she sucks away at the pipe, her fluttering eyes fixed on the funnel above her. Later on, Kitty and CC complain about their school uniforms and decide to get rid of their restrictive clothes altogether. (There’s a period of time around the six minute-mark where I got the impression that CC just couldn’t take her eyes off Kitty, as the latter wriggled out of her suspenders. Makes me wonder what thoughts were going through CC’s mind.) There’s plenty more, but I’ll leave the rest for you to discover for yourself when you buy the video. Because buy it you will. The keynote of this video can be summed up in one word: fun. These two have charisma by the bucketload, and there are loads of smiles, giggling, and mutual appreciation. And remember: fun = sexy. (I’ve always believed in that little equation, and it’s never proved wrong.) I honestly don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that it’s articulate, clever, creative, inspiring, confident, fun women like these two who have the power to diversify and evolve society’s once-rigid standards of beauty. What I mean is that, at moments during this video, I kind of forgot these are “fat” women and that there is something a little “niche” about it all. Instead, I felt like I was enjoying beautiful, sexy, proud women. (Not sure I’m doing a good job of explaining what I mean, but anyway...) Having said all that, let’s talk about these two oh-so-womanly women. It’ll come as no surprise when I say that Kitty and CC look incredible here. They both have devastatingly beautiful faces and all the “extras” (hair, makeup, nails, etc) are immaculate. And those bodies... (as I typed that last word, my facial expression sort of just melted into a slightly sappy blissed-out look of total rapture). No words. Just no words. I am crushing so hard on these two amazing ladies. Oh, another thing. This video is seriously good value. It’s crystal-clear, nearly eleven minutes long, and has several different things going on it: roleplay, the weigh-in, funnel-feeding, close-ups, body-appreciation, and removal of clothes. And, of course, not one stunning woman, but TWO. Overall, a fantastic video. I love, adore, admire, support, encourage, and celebrate these women. I hope you will too. I don’t want to give this video five stars. I want to give it a million stars.
    Kyra Kane looks suuuuuuuuuuper cute here. She’s wearing a Snow White outift, which consists of a sexy little corset and an insubstantial little tutu. She’s got a big bow in her hair – which I found unaccountably sexy. (I think I like big bows and flowers in a woman’s hair. Like with many things about life, I have no idea why.) This is one of those spycam sort of eating videos where the set-up is that we’re watching her without her knowing, so there’s not really any chat from Kyra or the sexy bragging that she’s known for with her other eating videos. You might consider this is a drawback, but I consider it a chance to luxuriate in the sight of this stunningly beautiful woman just eating and eating and eating. After a few minutes, Kyra (or should that be Snow White?) has to unclip the lower part of the corset to give her expanding tummy some more room. As she continues to eat, my eyes lingered over her lovely rounded shoulders and chubby arms. Glorious. Later, the corset comes off and Kyra switches to a very sexy and very tiny bra-sort of thing. The camera angle means we get a really good look at how perky, full, and huge her amazing breasts are. This is curvy eye candy at its very finest.
    This is quite a short video, but it’s worth every penny. It starts out with the dazzlingly beautiful Kyra struggling to get into a pair of stretchy leggings. It’s a complete failure from one perspective, but a total win for us, the viewer. As per usual, Kyra looks gorgeous. She’s pretty on an almost otherworldly level, and the way her charming personality comes through as she bounces up and down is just adorable. Kyra, as a whole package, is quite simply screamingly beautiful. Next, we get the weigh-in. And it’s a good one. Kyra is miles off with her estimate. What I really liked about the last section of this video, however, is the close-up we get of Kyra’s face. Her skin is flawless and her eyes are just glowing. Aaaaagghh, Kyra’s just so goddamn pretty! I just wish this video had been longer – but, anyway, it still rocks harder than a piece of granite.
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