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    I'm coming late to the party - all the other reviewers have already said how crazily-good this video this! Still, here are my thoughts: This video starts off with a look at a framed picture of a pear, but then we swing over to see a much more impressive piece of art: a rear-view of KittyPiggy's incredible pear-shaped bum. What a sight! I was braying like a donkey only a few seconds in!! KP looks super-hot (just like she does in every video) – but I think she's looking especially sexy here. Maybe it's the gorgeous lingerie. Maybe it's the thought of that tiny shred of fabric disappearing, dental floss-like, within her two giant ass-cheeks. Maybe it's her hair, which she's put a beautiful curl into. Maybe it's her outrageously pretty face. The sexy-factor, I should add, is sent skyrocketing by the fact that there is not a single second of “forced sexiness.” This video might as well be called “THE GREATEST HITS OF KITTYPIGGY.” Check out: -her amazing arm as she lifts her can of squirty cream. -the way she keeps her mouth open, so that we see the cream filling it. Yes. Yes. Yes. -the way she's perched on a tiny stool, really emphasising her awesomely curvy hips. -her belly hang! WOW! -the way she bends over and gives us plenty of her delectable rear-end. Thighs to die for, too. The eight minutes FLIES by! This is a VOLCANO of a video! A MONSTER! It's like she's thought: “You know what? I've done weigh-ins, stuffings, chat videos... I just wanna make a video that simply shows off this fucking amazing body of mine.” Seriously, if you don't buy this,... gah, I don't know what to say to you. KP is not just the best BBW around, she's also the best BW around.
    Very nice introduction from an extremely pretty lady! She admits to feeling a bit awkward making this, her first video – but she shouldn't be; she seems very natural and a good communicator, with plenty of interesting things to say. K eats her way through a burger and fries as she tells us about herself. For me, the best bits are where (in a totally unforced, natural) she talks about how much she loves being fat and how she loves her figure and how she looks. She seems proud of her body and so she should be; it's magnificent. On the subject of that body, we get to see her extraordinary belly and gorgeous plump forearms. There's also some tantalising views of the tops of some mightily thick, luscious legs – but we'll have to wait to see more of these in their full glory. And let's not forget a key feature: K has a really, seriously, genuinely cute face. There's a fiiiiiiine double-chin there as well. Great intro video – already looking forward to seeing more of this stunner. Perhaps some more voracious stuffings (messy cake-eating on all-fours is always a winner), full-body views, try-ons, and self-admiration? Keep an eye on this lady!!
    Video opens with an amazing view of this extraordinarily beautiful lady. Her titanic breasts are accentuated by the fact that they're barely covered, and her big round belly is fully exposed. She's got lovely rounded shoulders and truly delicious-looking arms. And there's no way you can ignore her extremely pretty face. OH WOW. Her cheeks and double-chin are, quite simply, heavenly. This curvaceous, gorgeous stunner starts tearing into her pizza, and you can tell she's vibrating with excitement at the simple act of stuffing food into her pretty mouth. As with all the best BBW-eaters, BingeBabe captures a fantastic combination of intense gorging and, simultaneously, a beautiful, feminine delicacy. Her fat-chat is perfect – she's not over-trying to be artificially sultry and sexy, she's just being NATURALLY sexy. And I LOVE the way she often speaks with her mouth full. I don't see this as slobby or bad-mannered; I see it as a sexy result of her appetite colliding with her desire to share her thoughts with us. A few highlights: 2:37: a super-cute wardrobe malfunction. 3:22: a few seconds of very nice “role-play” where she tells us to stop looking at her perfect belly button. 7:06: a lovely insight into her gaining goals. 8:02: WOW! Close-up stuffing! BB's face looks even more beautiful when her camera is just a few centimetres away! 12:08: incontrovertible proof that this beauty gets turned on by eating! In her blurb, BB calls this binge "disgusting." It's far from disgusting: it's a beautiful display of sexy appetite from an astonishing lady. This video has made me excited to see more food-stuffing, more full-body views (I bet her legs are AMAZING), more close-ups of her pretty face, and generally more BingeBabe!
  1. Welcome to Curvage! Thank you for telling us about yourself: you sound a really interesting person! You've posted some great photos as well. A video of you eating a giant piece of cake and getting a bit messy while talking about how much you like being big - sounds like a winner!
    Another phenomenal video from the always-amazing KittyPiggy. Looking sumptuous in the teeny-tiny-micro-top from “Too Tight Try-On,” the delectable Kitty is in her kitchen (her natural habitat?) and updates us about her feeding experiences over Christmas and the New Year (or, as I prefer to call it, based on the evidence in this video, PROJECT: STUFF). She is looking sexy, confident, happy, and MASSIVE. The stunning beauty weighs in and it's a jaw-dropper! I got my calculator out and began trying to work out when KP would hit 400lbs if she kept growing at the same rate she has achieved over the last twenty days, but I'm crap at maths and got hopelessly confused. Suffice to say, Kitty's beauty is expanding at a hugely impressive rate. And it's little wonder when we see her guzzling gaining-shake and donuts, as she does for the rest of this fantastic video. As Kitty bounces around and feels herself, her breasts threaten to explode out of her top with all the force of a nuclear blast. Yikes! A fantastic video from a fantastic lady.
    CC has grown too big for her car, so is off to buy a new one. (That in itself is such a sexy idea that I just want to dwell on for a while...) Anyway, she's a few minutes early for her appointment so makes a pit-stop at McDonald's for a quick snack. Good gaining girl that she is, she needs to indulge, pamper, and feed that big, beautiful, growing body of hers. CC is wearing a super-cute black-and-white top which exposes her gorgeous, round shoulders, and her camera is positioned perfectly for a constant view of her adorable double-chin. She's kept busy shovelling food into her pretty face, so we also get to see lots of her lovely soft hands and padded forearms. Three things leap out at me from this video: -CC is such a beautiful eater. -Her sunny personality. This lady has charisma by the bucketload. -But this is the main one: her face. Wow. Just... wow. CC is hyper-beautiful. Her make-up is perfection and her ravishing hair looks truly amazing. Her smile and eyes are genuinely dazzling. She is such a spell-bindingly pretty lady. CC has made plenty of other videos where we get to see “more” of her, but for the true connoisseur of female beauty, this video has “win” written all over it. (Incidentally, I'm so jealous of the people working in the car-dealership that CC headed to after this. Can you imagine this head-turning curvy stunner walking into the office? Lucky bastards...) C'mon – at 2.99, what are you even thinking about? Buy it!
    If you're hesitating about this one, don't. Buy it NOW. This is ANOTHER truly AMAZING video with the stunningly beautiful KittyPiggy! We start off with the absolutely breath-taking view of KP in a tiny red dress which barely covers her incredible body. I really hope Kitty is super-proud of her achievements, because she looks genuinely magnificent, a true vision of dazzling beauty. As always, the first thing I was stunned by was her face. Her make-up is PERFECTION, and she's an astonishingly pretty lass. As it gets rounder and fuller, her face is becoming more and more beautiful. Her double-chin is mind-blowingly lovely. (I'd pay DOUBLE to see a future video focused solely on the changes in her face, neck, and chin!) My mouth also dropped open at the sight of her gigantic ass and her thick, chunky legs. This absolutely incredible lady really is showing other BBWs how to do it! Needless to say: KP's super-cute personality really does add another layer of perfection to everything. She's a truly wonderful mixture of adorable sweetness and hot flirtiness. After the weigh-in, we're treated to a fantastic eating session. Kitty is sitting cross-legged, which makes her look beautifully spherical and curvy. Her big, jiggly breasts are just about to burst out of her tiny dress. Said it before and I'll say it again: Kitty is one of the absolute best stuffers I've ever had the privilege to watch. She piles the food into her face in an impressively voracious manner and the sounds she makes have to be some of the sexiest I've ever heard. But somehow there's a lovely lady-like, elegant quality to it as well. I can't explain it. (Perhaps it's simply because she's so fucking gorgeous.) You'll just have to buy it and see what I mean. Things get even more impressive when KP ties her hair back and flips her dress up to unleash her huge, beautiful belly. I LOVE the sight of Kitty swigging from a big bottle of pop – please, Kitty, never EVER drink from a silly little cup – the sight of her thickening arms and those luscious lips working away at the bottle-rim is incredible. Well, I've already written enough – nobody'll read this far. Oh, one more thing: is there really a better sight in the world than this stunningly beautiful woman, half-naked, shoving giant pieces of pizza into her pretty mouth, as she looks seductively into the camera? At a couple of points, her amazing appetite is almost defeated by the space-restrictions in her mouth, so bits of pizza have to stick out as she continues chewing away determinedly. Breath-taking, mind-blowing, perfect. Support and encourage this STUNNING lady.
    KP started on Curvage as an absolute drop-dead super-gorgeous mega-beauty, and looks more and more amazing with each new video and each new pound she adds. I tend to now think of her weight-gain as added pounds of beauty, as much as added pounds of lovely, jiggly curviness. Kitty's gain has got to be the most beautiful I've ever seen – simply because her physique and genetics seem to be absolutely PERFECT for it (by which I mean that there is an absolutely perfectly balanced distribution across her entire body). This video starts off by demonstrating that point: Kitty's massive belly is nestled between her genuinely breathtaking legs. The sheer width of her hips is amazing. She's looking slightly downwards, which showcases her double-chin (probably the cutest thing on the planet), and one lovely, padded arm is held up as she squirts cream. She's spoiling us (like she always does) by wearing a fantastic off-the-shoulder see-thru top, which shows off her awe-inspiring breasts and her rounded shoulders. Her skin is... what can I say?... flawless perfection. But, as I've said before, it's not just the body. With KittyPiggy, it's never JUST the body. It's everything else: the hair, the makeup, the outfit, the super-cute personality, the things she says, her innate elegance even when shovelling ice cream into her pretty face, as she does here... This may sound silly, but I think KP makes seemingly insignificant things sexy and beautiful to watch. I loved, for example, the way she just tosses aside the squirty cream and sprinkles jar when she's finished with them. It's the way she eats her ice cream from an absolutely huge mixing bowl with a big spoon, rather than from some dainty little bowl with a teaspoon. It's the way she hugs the bowl to her body like she's in love with it. A beautiful video from the absolute BEST model on the internet.
    HOT DAMN!! CC is in red-hot bombshell mode here! Beautiful make-up, luscious hair, and tiny white lingerie! Yes please! But the make-up and lingerie are merely the add-ons to, the cherries on the top of, the main draws: CC’s outrageously pretty face, magnetic personality, and, last but definitely not least, her truly incredible body! (This is one of those reviews where I want every sentence to end in an exclamation! I’ll try to limit them. There.) We kinda get two CCs for the price of one because, as you can see from the preview gifs, we get an amazing reflection of her in the mirror she’s next to. Wow, that double chin! Sweet, sweet perfection! I LOVE, I mean REALLY, REALLY LOVE how fascinated and turned-on CC seems to be by her own body. She seems shocked by her own weighty belly, and simultaneously deeply aroused by it. And the fact that we’re watching her watching herself in the mirror – all I can say is... WOW. CC’s face is soooo beautiful. I LOVE her eyelashes here. And, as usual, everything she says is that fantastic combination of fun and hyper-sexy. A fantastic video! Buy now.
    Here’s a wonderful, cute, and extremely sexy vid from new model (well, new to me) ILoveChocolate. (Kinda difficult to refer to that username, so I’m going to call her Choc.) The video opens with quite a sight that really made me sit up and pay attention: Choc waddling down her stairs in a tight t-shirt and tiny panties. She’s the real deal: big thick legs to die for, pillowy arms, and an absolutely beautiful belly that sways hypnotically. Topping everything off is her stunningly pretty face. In the kitchen, Choc decides to clean her work surfaces, and we get some flabbergasting rear views. And she has a LOT of rear. There’s a mouth-wateringly pert juiciness about her ass and thighs, as they wobble and shudder with wipe of her cleaning-cloth. Choc has only been cleaning for a short time before she apparently remembers she has a big beautiful body to feed and indulge. Out come the milk and donuts, and this lovely lady starts feeding. Is there a better sight than a super-pretty fatgirl happily tucking into donuts, giving in to her desire for immediate food but also fulfilling her (hopefully) broader aim of getting bigger and bigger and bigger? I know I’m repeating myself but, really, her face is amazingly cute. During this section, I also noticed her lovely rounded shoulders, her curvy arms, and that magical “fat-fold” around her wrist. None of it’s what you could call a stuffing session, but there is a delightful eagerness about the way Choc shoves her treats into her pretty face, barely pausing to take big gulps of full-fat milk. What a good girl! Look after that lush, growing body! There’s no way that she can risk burning off those calories by continuing with her chores, so Choc sits down (check out those incredible legs as she does so!) and starts playing a computer game. Her gorgeous belly is out on full display and, although she pretends to be focused on her game, I got the impression that she was actually proudly showing herself off. Picture quality is crystal-clear, which really lets us see Choc’s flawless body. There’s no sound, and instead we get a cheery little tune playing in the background. Great work, Choc, I hope we get to see a lot more of that gorgeous face and beautiful body!
    The beautiful KittyPiggy delivers another absolute classic! It’s all been said many times before, but KP really is the most gorgeous, most adorable, and just flat-out best BBW around. The sight of her at the start of this vid – big thick legs, tiny lingerie, mind-blowing curves, incredibly pretty face – had me thanking God that there are ladies out there like Kitty who love to show off to us lucky, lucky people. Kitty tries on a variety of super-sexy outfits, and it’s needless to say she looks ABSOLUTLELY FANTASTIC in every single one of them. She claims some of them don’t fit, but I beg to differ: I think they fit PERFECTLY. It is, of course, as much fun watching KP struggling into these tiny outfits as it is to watch her strutting around and admiring herself once they’re on. My eyes kept wandering to her wonderful double chin. Her face is really filling out in a stunningly beautiful way. As usual, the video-quality is crystal clear and Kitty chats away to us throughout, showcasing her fun personality. Special mention to the white dress at the end. Oh. My. God. You HAVE to see this. EVERYTHING is spilling out. This is something to watch again and again and again, if you’re a Kitty-obsessive like me. Where to look? Face? Arms? Legs? Boobs? Belly? Ass? Hips? The sight of Kitty in this outfit, with her awesome smile, is unforgettable. (Oh my God. Imagine seeing Kitty dressed like this on a night out... I wonder what the reactions would be... I think she would be very, very, very popular. Wow.) Please follow these instructions: Buy this now. Download. Watch. Worship Kitty.
    For me, and I think for many others, KittyPiggy is quickly becoming one of the absolute legends in the world of BBW. Her stunning beauty, adorable personality, and her incredible determination make every single video she produces an absolute must-have. Okay, I’ll keep it simple. If you like to see a super-cute, massively curvy megababe in handcuffs being tantalised and then messily force-fed with chocolate eclairs, then this is the video for you. (And if you don’t want to see that, then what the hell are you doing on this site? Please head promptly to the door marked “Exit.”) As with every KP video, I always want to emphasise a few things. This is not three or four minutes long. It’s not grainily recorded on a static mobile phone. It’s not poorly-lit. It’s not got tinny rap music playing in the background. Instead, it’s over FIFTEEN minutes long. It’s a crystal-clear image, with loads of different angles and views of Kitty’s jaw-droppingly impressive body and face. The lighting is excellent. And we get to hear all those delicious, sweet sounds of Kitty’s voice and whimpers as she goes through her ordeal. (Oh..., you’d rather have that tinny rap music? There’s that door marked “Exit” again...) There’s some truly fantastic things going on here. Kitty’s slightly alarmed expression as her feeder crams the eclairs into her mind-blowingly pretty face is one. Another is the gaining-shake which gets EVERYWHERE and turns Kitty into a chocolate-coated mess. Another thing that’s totally awesome is the whole submissive thing that Kitty’s got going on. She is insanely cute and insanely sexy. This amazing woman’s body has really blossomed into an absolute riot of curves. She has curves on top of curves on top of curves. Are you a fool for a rounded, super-pretty face? Kitty’s got you covered a million times over. Are you a breast person? Again, check – in fact, double, double, double check. Does a huge, sexy belly make your eyes pop out? Again, KP delivers – big time. (I especially loved this video because it’s inspired by a forum post of mine from a few weeks ago. KP’s interaction with her fans in this way is just another thing to add to the increasingly lengthy list of reasons why she is so totally amazing.) Wow. Just... wow.
    “A person eating an icelolly.” That’s one way that this video could be described. The only thing is, the “person” is KittyPiggy, the most beautiful model on the site (and, I think, on the entire internet). And she’s not just “eating” that icelolly. She’s positively seducing it! The stunningly beautiful Kitty is, as usual, looking absolutely FANTASTIC. I LOVE the white bikini she’s wearing here, which really showcases her fabulous curves. And to see those full lips working their way around that lucky, lucky lolly... mmmmmmmmmm. I know I ALWAYS write something like this: but I really can’t get over how pretty KP’s face is. And her body is a MIRACLE. A MIRACLE, I tell you. She’s really holding her new weight so beautifully – it’s not just gathering in one area, but rather is distributing itself everywhere: EVERYTHING is curvy about KP. I’m especially a fan of her double-chin (possibly the cutest thing in existence), but she’s also padding out in all sorts of other places: her cheeks, her wrists, her arms, her fingers. Oh, and her breasts look absolutely massive and amazing. She also looks tremendously wide here, and you HAVE to be a witness to the way her gorgeous tummy nestles between her big thighs, complementing the stupendous curve of her hips and bum. I’m guessing it’s needless to mention that the way Kitty works on her lolly is highly suggestive of, erm..., something else. I’ll leave you to figure that out. I have no idea if Kitty uses the same camera-operator in all her videos, but I have to say that they really know what they’re doing. There’s plenty of movement here, not enough to give you motion sickness, but enough to work in all sorts of different angles of KP’s astounding beauty. So yeah – just “a person eating an icelolly.”
    It’s late at night and Freya is feeling peckish. She knows that eating before bed is good for a gaining goddess like her and so flirtily persuades her feeder boyfriend to take her out for a giant ice cream. I like how the first part of this video just focuses on Freya’s face. She really is extremely pretty and so, so, so cute. Her double chin is sweet perfection. After feasting at the ice-cream parlour, Freya is out on the street. She simply can’t resist proudly raising her skirt and playing with her big, full belly. I love the whole public display thing and I also love the way Freya just wants to show off and play with herself. It’s not just the sight itself which is so great, but the whole mentality behind wanting to do it. Freya feels so full she doesn’t want to walk back home. She wants to get a cab back. Who could possibly resist any wish of such a beautiful woman? Well, luckily for us, the feeder boyfriend does resist, so we’re treated to an insanely-cute few minutes of pouty Freya playfully complaining that, basically, she’s too stuffed to walk. There’s a magic little sequence from about 04:41 to about 04:51, during which Freya coquettishly places her handbag on a nearby windowsill, pulls her skirt up (remember, this is all in the total open, on a public street) and teasingly slaps her packed tummy. A growing beauty like Freya needs to be completely and utterly spoiled and fussed over, so we get to see a few moments of this cute angel getting her cab ride home. (I should just mention that, during all of this, Freya has been braless in an extremely tight white top. One word: AWESOME.) Back home, the fun continues. Freya’s now in super-seductive mode and she proceeds to writhe around on a couch and whispers all sorts of lovely fat-talk. (One thing I noticed here: her skin looks so smooth, and so soft, and so delicately pale. Mmmmmmmmmm...) There’s some fantastic close-ups of her stunning face and double chin. One stand-out thing she says is this: “I’m pretty sure everyone was staring at me, watching me shove down that ice cream.” I love the idea that Freya thought this, and I hope that she luxuriated in the fact that people were looking at her. I love the idea that (hopefully) people’s looks didn’t make her feel self-conscious, but instead made her feel sexy and beautiful and special. This is only the second Freya video I’ve bought and downloaded, and I can safely say this is another 5 out of 5 winner!
    I’ve been keeping an eye on Freya for a little while, and finally thought: “this girl is too goddamn cute. I have to buy some of her videos.” So this is the first one I bought and downloaded. First off, I have to say that I’m a complete sucker for a pretty face – and Freya has one of the most beautiful faces around. I get the feeeling she’s going to look prettier and prettier as she gains, so the future looks very, very bright. The video starts off with a few seconds of the lovely Freya lounging around in underwear at home and snacking. She’s looking through some old photos of herself and seemingly decides she’d like to lose some of her recently-acquired pounds. Before we have any time to prepare ourselves, we are presented with the stunning spectacle of Freya warming up in what can only be described as an UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING outfit. You can see it in the previews – WOW. I didn’t know where to look: at her super-pretty face and double-chin? At her chubby, wobbly arms? At her beautiful, thick legs? At those lovely breasts spilling out of that tight top? Or how about at her incredible belly? Freya is putting it ALL on display here and it’s a wonderful visual image. (A really great touch is that Freya’s workout is completely public. Sure, she seems to have chosen a quiet spot but, oh my goodness, think of the lucky devils who might have been walking past at the time and seen this fat beauty parading around in all her glory!) There’s a TON of jumping, squatting, bending, jogging, and stretching – and it’s truly a sight to behold. I like to think that there’s more than a little rolepay going on here. Rather than genuinely thinking “gee, I need to get in shape,” I want to think that Freya is actually thinking “fuck, I look AMAZING.” After the workout, the lovely Freya goes home and explores her curves in a full-length mirror. She doesn’t actually say this, but, again, I like to imagine what’s going through her mind: “Why would I want to lose ANY of this? THIS is exactly how I want to be. Only I want to get BIGGER and BIGGER and BIGGER. I look so beautiful. The only reason I ever want to “exercise” again is only so I get to squeeze myself into that tiny little outfit and show off in public for everyone to see. I’m so proud of my body. Now... where are those donuts?” Five out of five, Freya. Thank you!
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