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    For me, and I think for many others, KittyPiggy is quickly becoming one of the absolute legends in the world of BBW. Her stunning beauty, adorable personality, and her incredible determination make every single video she produces an absolute must-have. Okay, I’ll keep it simple. If you like to see a super-cute, massively curvy megababe in handcuffs being tantalised and then messily force-fed with chocolate eclairs, then this is the video for you. (And if you don’t want to see that, then what the hell are you doing on this site? Please head promptly to the door marked “Exit.”) As with every KP video, I always want to emphasise a few things. This is not three or four minutes long. It’s not grainily recorded on a static mobile phone. It’s not poorly-lit. It’s not got tinny rap music playing in the background. Instead, it’s over FIFTEEN minutes long. It’s a crystal-clear image, with loads of different angles and views of Kitty’s jaw-droppingly impressive body and face. The lighting is excellent. And we get to hear all those delicious, sweet sounds of Kitty’s voice and whimpers as she goes through her ordeal. (Oh..., you’d rather have that tinny rap music? There’s that door marked “Exit” again...) There’s some truly fantastic things going on here. Kitty’s slightly alarmed expression as her feeder crams the eclairs into her mind-blowingly pretty face is one. Another is the gaining-shake which gets EVERYWHERE and turns Kitty into a chocolate-coated mess. Another thing that’s totally awesome is the whole submissive thing that Kitty’s got going on. She is insanely cute and insanely sexy. This amazing woman’s body has really blossomed into an absolute riot of curves. She has curves on top of curves on top of curves. Are you a fool for a rounded, super-pretty face? Kitty’s got you covered a million times over. Are you a breast person? Again, check – in fact, double, double, double check. Does a huge, sexy belly make your eyes pop out? Again, KP delivers – big time. (I especially loved this video because it’s inspired by a forum post of mine from a few weeks ago. KP’s interaction with her fans in this way is just another thing to add to the increasingly lengthy list of reasons why she is so totally amazing.) Wow. Just... wow.
    “A person eating an icelolly.” That’s one way that this video could be described. The only thing is, the “person” is KittyPiggy, the most beautiful model on the site (and, I think, on the entire internet). And she’s not just “eating” that icelolly. She’s positively seducing it! The stunningly beautiful Kitty is, as usual, looking absolutely FANTASTIC. I LOVE the white bikini she’s wearing here, which really showcases her fabulous curves. And to see those full lips working their way around that lucky, lucky lolly... mmmmmmmmmm. I know I ALWAYS write something like this: but I really can’t get over how pretty KP’s face is. And her body is a MIRACLE. A MIRACLE, I tell you. She’s really holding her new weight so beautifully – it’s not just gathering in one area, but rather is distributing itself everywhere: EVERYTHING is curvy about KP. I’m especially a fan of her double-chin (possibly the cutest thing in existence), but she’s also padding out in all sorts of other places: her cheeks, her wrists, her arms, her fingers. Oh, and her breasts look absolutely massive and amazing. She also looks tremendously wide here, and you HAVE to be a witness to the way her gorgeous tummy nestles between her big thighs, complementing the stupendous curve of her hips and bum. I’m guessing it’s needless to mention that the way Kitty works on her lolly is highly suggestive of, erm..., something else. I’ll leave you to figure that out. I have no idea if Kitty uses the same camera-operator in all her videos, but I have to say that they really know what they’re doing. There’s plenty of movement here, not enough to give you motion sickness, but enough to work in all sorts of different angles of KP’s astounding beauty. So yeah – just “a person eating an icelolly.”
    It’s late at night and Freya is feeling peckish. She knows that eating before bed is good for a gaining goddess like her and so flirtily persuades her feeder boyfriend to take her out for a giant ice cream. I like how the first part of this video just focuses on Freya’s face. She really is extremely pretty and so, so, so cute. Her double chin is sweet perfection. After feasting at the ice-cream parlour, Freya is out on the street. She simply can’t resist proudly raising her skirt and playing with her big, full belly. I love the whole public display thing and I also love the way Freya just wants to show off and play with herself. It’s not just the sight itself which is so great, but the whole mentality behind wanting to do it. Freya feels so full she doesn’t want to walk back home. She wants to get a cab back. Who could possibly resist any wish of such a beautiful woman? Well, luckily for us, the feeder boyfriend does resist, so we’re treated to an insanely-cute few minutes of pouty Freya playfully complaining that, basically, she’s too stuffed to walk. There’s a magic little sequence from about 04:41 to about 04:51, during which Freya coquettishly places her handbag on a nearby windowsill, pulls her skirt up (remember, this is all in the total open, on a public street) and teasingly slaps her packed tummy. A growing beauty like Freya needs to be completely and utterly spoiled and fussed over, so we get to see a few moments of this cute angel getting her cab ride home. (I should just mention that, during all of this, Freya has been braless in an extremely tight white top. One word: AWESOME.) Back home, the fun continues. Freya’s now in super-seductive mode and she proceeds to writhe around on a couch and whispers all sorts of lovely fat-talk. (One thing I noticed here: her skin looks so smooth, and so soft, and so delicately pale. Mmmmmmmmmm...) There’s some fantastic close-ups of her stunning face and double chin. One stand-out thing she says is this: “I’m pretty sure everyone was staring at me, watching me shove down that ice cream.” I love the idea that Freya thought this, and I hope that she luxuriated in the fact that people were looking at her. I love the idea that (hopefully) people’s looks didn’t make her feel self-conscious, but instead made her feel sexy and beautiful and special. This is only the second Freya video I’ve bought and downloaded, and I can safely say this is another 5 out of 5 winner!
    I’ve been keeping an eye on Freya for a little while, and finally thought: “this girl is too goddamn cute. I have to buy some of her videos.” So this is the first one I bought and downloaded. First off, I have to say that I’m a complete sucker for a pretty face – and Freya has one of the most beautiful faces around. I get the feeeling she’s going to look prettier and prettier as she gains, so the future looks very, very bright. The video starts off with a few seconds of the lovely Freya lounging around in underwear at home and snacking. She’s looking through some old photos of herself and seemingly decides she’d like to lose some of her recently-acquired pounds. Before we have any time to prepare ourselves, we are presented with the stunning spectacle of Freya warming up in what can only be described as an UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING outfit. You can see it in the previews – WOW. I didn’t know where to look: at her super-pretty face and double-chin? At her chubby, wobbly arms? At her beautiful, thick legs? At those lovely breasts spilling out of that tight top? Or how about at her incredible belly? Freya is putting it ALL on display here and it’s a wonderful visual image. (A really great touch is that Freya’s workout is completely public. Sure, she seems to have chosen a quiet spot but, oh my goodness, think of the lucky devils who might have been walking past at the time and seen this fat beauty parading around in all her glory!) There’s a TON of jumping, squatting, bending, jogging, and stretching – and it’s truly a sight to behold. I like to think that there’s more than a little rolepay going on here. Rather than genuinely thinking “gee, I need to get in shape,” I want to think that Freya is actually thinking “fuck, I look AMAZING.” After the workout, the lovely Freya goes home and explores her curves in a full-length mirror. She doesn’t actually say this, but, again, I like to imagine what’s going through her mind: “Why would I want to lose ANY of this? THIS is exactly how I want to be. Only I want to get BIGGER and BIGGER and BIGGER. I look so beautiful. The only reason I ever want to “exercise” again is only so I get to squeeze myself into that tiny little outfit and show off in public for everyone to see. I’m so proud of my body. Now... where are those donuts?” Five out of five, Freya. Thank you!
    KittyPiggy is the gift that can’t stop giving! This is another ABSOLUTELY CLASSIC video. There’s a great fantasy scenario going on here, as KP welcomes her feeder home and proudly reels off a list of everything she’s eaten while they’ve been away. The list sounds mighty impressive to me, and there’s something soooooooo good about seeing the (as usual) stunningly beautiful Kitty looking up into the camera, eager to please and with a spectacular cleavage on display. But her feeder seemingly isn’t so impressed, and so Kitty has to get out her her funnel-feeding equipment to up her calorie-intake like the good little (huge) piggy she is! Please can someone tell me if there is a better sight than KittyPiggy greedily sucking away on a funnel-pipe? There’s some major boobage on display here and, oh my goodness, the view we get of Kitty’s arms from about 01:26 to about 03:16 is AMAZING. Her arms have just completely padded out and look so grabbable! The things that Kitty says, the sounds she makes, and her burps are so sexy and so cute. (I’m not going to tell you what she says; you’ll have to find out for yourself!) She’s got the whole submissive thing going on. You will LOVE it. There’s just something about seeing those succulent lips working at the tube, and those big, pretty eyes fluttering and looking up – WOW. Oh, and like other reviewers have said, don’t leave the cinema when the credits start rolling. Stick around for the final few seconds! This is a KP video, so you can expect crystal-clear images, great camera-work with lots of different angles, and real value for your 9.99. Let’s all support, encourage, and spoil this beautiful model. She is THE BEST.
    Another mind-blowingly fantastic video from the phenomenal KittyPiggy! This really needs to come with some sort of warning, however: a few seconds in and I guarantee that you will become OBSESSED with and ADDICTED (if you aren’t already) to this stunningly beautiful woman. We start off with one of the best sights ever: the gorgeous KP proudly showing herself off while dressed in a teeny-weeny little outfit. Several things strike you right away. They’ve all been mentioned before, but here goes anyway. Kitty’s incredibly beautiful face (accentuated by her pinned-up hair). Her super, super, super-cute personality. And her body. Oh gee. Her body. There’s some moments here where you’ll want to freeze-frame your media player to take in everything that Kitty is showing us. And she’s showing us a LOT. (Quick point: anyone else notice how cool KP’s kitchen is? For just a half-second here and there, I was able to tear my gaze away from Kitty and quickly think: “Damn, that’s a nice kitchen!”) Anyway. As usual, Kitty offers fantastic value for money here. It’s not just a weigh-in video. It then turns into a wonderful stuffing experience. I have to say that Kitty has absolutely NAILED the whole “seductive eating/stuffing” thing. I’ve admired BBWs for a while now, but never really been a fan of watching them eat. It’s not been a turn-off. Just something I’ve not specially looked out for. That’s all changed since KP’s entered the scene. I LOVE watching her eat. I think it’s a combination of her extreme beauty, her eye contact, her eagerness as she shovels food into her pretty mouth, her innate elegance, and the sounds she makes. Oh, and, of course, that indefinable, intangible, ineffable KittyPiggy MAGIC. She is the ABSOLUTE BEST. According to the homepage, this video is already one of the month’s bestsellers. If you’ve not bought it yet and are thinking about it..., please, stop thinking. Just buy it now, and become proudly ADDICTED to the most beautiful, most perfect, hottest, sweetest model on the internet. (And I don’t mean the best model on this site, or on BBW sites. I mean the best model on the INTERNET.) Five out of five. Obviously.
    Is there a Curvage Hall of Fame? Because this video from the amazing KittyPiggy needs to go in there straightaway. First off, check out the length of this video. That’s right. It’s 22 minutes. KP really doesn’t stint on the quality she’s providing. It’s crystal-clear video-quality as well, and has all sorts of camera angles and different views of this stunning lady. KP’s being very playful and flirty here, and (as usual) looks incredibly delicious in a red bra and fishnets as she devours some all-American classics. She combines super-cute with super-sexy. There’s also something really elegant and sophisticated about her, even as she’s cramming a donut into her mouth or dribbling beer down her face. I can’t explain it, but I love it. My mouth literally dropped open around the 9-minute mark when Kitty complains about a certain part of her clothing which is feeling too tight. From there, the video (which was already awesome) just gets better and better! WOW!! There are two big things in front of Kitty that you’ll want to focus on most, but do try to make some time for her radiant smile. Her smile is a total knockout. Later, Kitty attacks an apple pie with a mountain of cream on top. I can’t tell you how amazing this sight is. The way she so eagerly shovels the pie into her mouth in a messily desperate sort of a way is SPECTACULAR. The pleasure she’s receiving is obvious. It’s matched by the pleasure she’s giving to us. Another absolutely OUTSTANDING video from the BEST model on the internet. Buy it now. You will not regret it!
  1. Chevalier, please explain what my "chronic misinterpretation" is.
  2. Oh I get it now... content-providers should be GRATEFUL for piracy because there's an "off-chance" that the person who steals the content may bother to look the model up. Wow. And there was I thinking that piracy was something that the models would hate. Chevalier, you're really educating us this evening... No idea at all what you're talking about in the final two paragraphs, so unable to comment...
  3. Blow your trumpet, man. However, I don't believe that I was bragging about buying as though you don't buy. If I was "bragging" about anything, it was that I don't expect anything in return from the models. Whereas it's pretty damn obvious that you do... You mention that you had "to be critical and fair." And that would be "fair" as in legitimising piracy if you don't happen to get your "nice hello"... Please.
  4. My own response to the original poster's question. If a model posts free content of her own (ie, photos, gifs, etc, with no payment required), then hell yeah download like crazy. If a model posts something and you pay for it, then hell yeah download it. But something is different now: you're entering a covenant that you're not going to share it with anyone who hasn't paid for it. Making it freely available to others who haven't paid for it is: (a) not fair to those who have paid for it, and (b) (much more importantly) not fair to the models who've created the content in the first place. On a site like Curvage, it's important to remember we're not talking about a multi-billion dollar industry here. I get the impression that pretty much all of the content here is "home-grown," that is, filmed, edited, uploaded, etc by one (or perhaps two) person teams. Massive film companies can withstand piracy, but I'm guessing that the models here might not. Every act of piracy means it becomes less likely the model will continue making content. (Personally, I find it bizarre that in this day and age, we've not been able to come up with some way of making an indelible "watermark" (ie, your username) on purchased content. When it shows up on a pirate site, the member could be identified and permanently banned - and perhaps even their credit card blacklisted, should they try to re-register with a new username.) Chevalier seems to be saying that piracy is somehow legitimised if consumers aren't getting enough personalised attention or interaction from the model in question... Erm, okay. All I can say is, good luck with that line of reasoning. I don't think it's going to get you very far... Not wishing to blow my own trumpet, but I post on the forums here, buy videos, and review them. Hell, I've even bought presents for my favourite models. And I don't expect ANYTHING in return. The "return" I get is more content from the model. Isn't that how it works?
    It’s all been said before, but KittyPiggy really is the most gorgeous model on the internet. Her face is stunning perfection and her double-chin is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Her personality is, as ever, adorable on a level which can only be described as epic. And her body... all that can really be said is that it’s like she’s stepped out of the collective fantasies of millions of BBW-admirers. She is, quite simply, the dream that’s become real. Kitty’s challenge in this video is to squeeze her amazing curves into a tiny bikini that she last wore in November. This means we get to wtiness an eye-popping display of her outrageously beautiful form, but a secondary point is that we get to marvel at Kitty’s mindblowing gain over the last eight months. Just as awe-inspiring as her body is the extraordinary determination behind it. Once KP’s got herself into the teeny little bikini, she struts around a little and asks us how it looks. I suspect she probably knows our answer, but here goes anyway: totally, totally amazing. We get some beautiful close-ups of her huge belly, but it’s when Kitty moves the camera back up to get her face in shot, that I was reminded of just how fantastically pretty she is. Her face really is incredible, and her spectacular gain is making her face look astoundingly cute. I have my fingers crossed that Kitty is going to keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
    What can I say? Another fantastic offering from the stunning KittyPiggy! I like how there’s a little story element here: the video starts with the salivating sight of KP’s thick legs and ass as she lies curled up in bed. Her slumber is interrupted, however, by the rumblings of her belly – which simply must be obeyed. There’s a brain-meltingly nice view of her heading into the kitchen, before she settles her wonderful mass down in front of the fridge. I really, really like the little touches in Kitty’s videos. Here, I like how, with the very first thing she eats at 01:30, there’s a lovely sense of hurry as she grabs the food and, with urgency, takes a big bite. It’s like she’s thinking “Oh my god, I must get food in my mouth RIGHT NOW.” It’s not exactly ravenous stuffing (it’s done with KP’s customary grace and elegance) – there’s just an adorable sense of hasty necessity about it. (By the way, for ravenous-stuffing fans, that comes later.) As the title suggests, Kitty’s appetite here really is insatiable. But to simply say this is an “eating video” would be completely misleading and inadequate, because there's so much else going on: -the sounds that Kitty makes as she eats are possibly the sexiest things I’ve ever heard in my life. -the way her gorgeous body is perched on a stool really showcases her outrageously wonderful curvage. -the way at 06:11 that she realises having one creamcake on the go is not satisfactory, so eats two simultaneously. -the dimples in Kitty’s hands, where her knuckles are. -her eating of the cheese-stick things (?), when she stores them in her mouth as she unwraps the next one. I also love the way she grips them with both fists as she eats. No idea why this is so beautiful – it just is. -the way that Kitty loves playing with and having fun with her amazing body. -there’s a little edit at 16:05, during which something has clearly disappeared. I’ll leave it up to you to discover what it is. -listen out for what Kitty says at 16:13. It’s all kinds of hot. -16:28: MESSY! Overall: nearly 20 magnificent minutes with the beautiful KittyPiggy. Excellent, crystal-clear camera-work with all sorts of spectacular views. If you’re already a fan of KP, you know how good this video is going to be, so you need to buy it now. If you’re not a fan, then..., sorry, but what the hell is wrong with you? Buy now and become an instant devotee of the internet’s finest BBW!
    People – buy this video NOW!! It is the BEST BBW VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN! REPEAT: THE BEST BBW VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN. This video starts with KP looking ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE in a tiny little outfit which she’s ready to burst out of. She looks beautifully wide, and, sitting cross-legged, her belly nestles gorgeously between her stunning thighs. She begins talking about her overwhelming greed, while playfully tearing off small chunks of the huge cake waiting in front of her. This is pure speculation of course, but I really got the sense Kitty was almost teasing herself here as much as she was teasing us – holding herself back, thinking about the ravenous gorging about to start. Gradually, Kitty starts grabbing larger and larger fistfuls and and begins shoving them into her beautiful face. The things she says and the sounds she starts making are AMAZING and will make your HEAD EXPLODE. (Like, literally,... I’m writing this with nothing but a bloody stump on my shoulders...) The camera is, at times, above her sitting-position and, as she’s eating, she looks up with those big eyes in a kind of... I don’t know... “submissive” or guilty kind of way? It’s FANTASTIC. After messily guzzling down some milk, Kitty gets down on all-fours and plunges her oh-so-pretty face into the cake. The sounds she makes are... just... WOW. You MUST listen to this one, people. Next, Kitty ties her hair back so it’s not in the way. Her hair is gorgeous, but putting it up means we can see more – soon her mouth, chin, nose, and cheeks are covered in gooey cake . She means business and is now lying flat on the floor, wiggling her chunky legs in the air, while continuing to devour the cake, getting it all over her face, and pausing only to suck on more milk (which also goes everywhere). Awesome camera-work here! People, buy this NOW! The world could end later today (who knows?) and you will kick yourself after for not having purchased and watched this AMAZING video. Kitty is the ABSOLUTE BEST BBW on the internet, and I genuinely think this is the BEST video she’s ever made. Buy NOW – you will not be disappointed. Overall score: one hundred billion out of five.
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