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  1. -More funnel-feeding (with close-up of your face sucking on the pipe)? -Stepmommy role-play (discovering your stepson's a fat-admirer, so deciding to show off your body and eat for him)? -Office blackmail role-play (naïve newcomer at the office is blackmailed by her new fat-admirer boss to strip down to her lingerie and force-feed herself donuts)? -New version of the video you did ages ago where you respond to negative comments you've received online, while stuffing your face? -Super-shy BBW girlfriend hasn't worn bikinis in years, but is encouraged by her boyfriend to try some on and discovers how amazing she looks in them? -Body-tour in a mirror, where you show off your gain and talk about how proud your are of your body? I would also love to see more full-length views of your entire body, including your legs (which I think are beautiful, but are often not included in your vids). Perhaps some double-chin admiration for all your chubby-face devotees?
  2. Everything about you is so perfectly-formed! So beautiful, so sexy, so charismatic!!
  3. It's not really an "object" - but I would love to see you standing in a doorway. Would be great scale to show off your width. That last gif blew my mind. I know the emphasis was on your incredible ass, but I LOVED how your face looked so round and full peeping over your shoulder!
    Pleeeeeeease can someone get this girl on primetime tv? Or her own show on Netflix? @_precious_kittens come up with a fantastic idea that I've never encountered before, and which - when you see her doing it - makes you wonder why people haven't been doing it for years. Wearing skimpy lingerie, she reads, reacts, and discusses a range of different comments and reviews from US, her fans on Curvage! One of my favourite things about this site is the fact that we (lucky bastards) get to interact, say hello, and even share an email or two with these amazing women. On a totally personal level, I love it when a model reacts to a comment or review. So that's why Courtney's video takes this to the next level in transforming those reactions into a whole video! (I reckon this will catch on big time, and there'll be plenty of videos like this in the coming months.) So, great idea - but then the whole thing lifts into the stratosphere when you add in Courtney's flirtatious, charismatic, wildly entertaining personality, and her forehead-slappingly beautiful appearance. (Is "forehead-slappingly" a word? It is now.) Her face is like the daydream-fantasies of a million Curvage users brought into mind-blowing reality. She is soooooo cute and adorable! And her thick, chubby body is enough to make a man sell his own grandmother. I fell in love with her discussions about her loud eating (the louder the better if you ask me) and her body-fat percentage. And her exploration of her double-chin made me want to swing from the chandeliers with joy. Guys, if you've commented on or left a review of this beauty's content, you SIMPLY MUST BUY THIS VIDEO, because you might get mentioned! Courtney doesn't name names, but you may recognise something you typed. (I have to admit I repeatedly punched the air in delight when she mentioned something lil ole me had written!) Okay, so as well as a scandalously beautiful face, a tear-inducingly magical body, and a personality to take a bullet for - this video is also an amazing display of her communication skills. She is SO entertainingly talkative, and sexy on a deeply, deeply, deeply profound level. The fifteen minutes zip by super-quickly - a surefire sign of a fab video! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
    The best video on Curvage. The best women. The best outfits. The best blonde wigs. The best funneling. The best eye contact. The best mutual worship. The best belly kissing. The best whimpering. The best submissive piggies. The best eager desperation. The best bodies. Possibly the best thing to have ever been made. Should probably be put on the next Voyager spacecraft to show alien civilisations how frikkin' awesome Earthpeople are. To give this "only" five stars feels like a disservice - it deserves millions of stars.
  4. Nikki asked: "Any concepts in mind you'd like from this angle?" -an updated Q and A video, where you eat a burger and fries (or whatever) at the same time as answering questions. I think your last Q and A video was a little while ago. -roleplay: STEPMOM! "While your father's away, I promise to always dress like this for you, because I know you like my body so much. What's that? You want me to eat messily for you? Of course, I will baby. I'll do anything for you..." (I know you did a mommy thing a couple of vids back, but you're so good at it!) -blackmail roleplay: naïve newcomer at the office is blackmailed by her fat-admiring new boss to strip and force-feed herself donuts. -or a non role-playing "body-tour/body-worship" video where you show off your beautiful body - including thighs, arms, belly, breasts, and that adorable round face! Several other ideas spring to mind that aren't Curvage-appropriate, but hey-ho. I wonder if the place I bought my new laptop from does some sort of additional "NIkki Maialina insurance." It surely can't be my fault that these photos of you are so hot that they melted the screen.
  5. Amazing angle!! Omg, look how thick you are! Those thighs!! You really are a fantasy dream-woman! A video shot from this angle would be dynamite!! (And look at all those exclamation marks!)
    Damn, this girl is amazing! @_precious_kitten celebrates CInco de Mayo by stuffing herself with - what else? - Mexican food! Clad in a cute little crop-top which exposes her delicious belly, Courtney is a vision of cute, sexy gorgeousness. Her round face is super-pretty (and we get to see lots of her adorable double-chin as she turns to take food from the table!). Even better, I get the impression she REALLY LOVES how she looks - which is a major, major, major turn-on. Just as important as her fucking beautiful appearance is her dynamic, charismatic, fun personality. There's no music playing (which, on a totally personal level, is always a good thing), and Courtney's chat is entertaining, magnetic, and sexy af. Courtney really GETS what makes a good eating video. As well as her cool conversation, she often leans into the camera when she takes a bite, does some "seat-dancing" (which I love), and generally looks as though she's having a fun time - she smiles, bounces around, and obviously LOVES her food. And - sweet Jesus - she looks AMAZING with her smiling, eager mouth packed full, flirtatiously fluttering her eyelashes and making adorable little sounds of delight. She also shows off what she's achieved with her stunning body as she chews, munches, and chugs. Lots of the things she says actually belong in the "Big Girl Hall of Fame" (if such a place existed): "I'm just ready to shovel carbs in my face." "I'm a slut for Mexican food." "I just feel like I'm this curvy, cute little piggy, and everyone else should be jealous of how cute and squishy I am" (which I totally, totally, totally agree with!). A fantastic, lengthy video of a super-beautiful, super-special woman! (And check out the bargain price!) Oh, and in answer to Courtney's question: yes, I would 100% love to feed you tacos.
  6. Full-length body-view. My favourite.
  7. What a fantastic image. So sensual! What a beautiful face!
  8. Agreed! Would love for you to tell us all about what happens. I love the thought of you wearing something that really makes your gain noticeable! Have a great time!
    Wow - this is Courtney's first time stuffing a cake on video, and I reckon it's up there with some of the best! First of all, Courtney's physical appearance is STUNNING. Her face is mind-bogglingly pretty and her chubby, thick body is heart-breakingly beautiful. I love her hair done up in two super-cute side-buns. I'm always a bit nervous buying a video from a model for the first time - because a huge part of the appeal of a model is personality (which is difficult to show in preview images). Within about ten seconds of the start, any worries I had disappeared into the wind. This big girl has a freaking AWESOME personality. She's got an amazing combination of confidence, submissiveness, effervescence, and BUCKETLOADS of charisma. She's an absolute star! Down on all fours, she dives her eager face into her chocolate cake - the eye contact she maintains is SO, SO, SO sexy! Quite soon, she repositions herself, and I adored the way she always kept her eyes on her camera, as though she was making sure she was showing herself off in the sexiest, best way (ie, side-rolls on full display, and ass sticking up in the air). Mmmm mmmm mmmm! At first, I hadn't noticed a big glass bowl of water near her. But when she started lapping from it, face-first, like a pretty little kitten... well, let's just say it was a good job I was sitting down at the time otherwise my legs might have given way. SEXY AF. There are lots of super-sexy little moments here (this really isn't just another boring video of a silent, static model uninterestedly eating). Here's an example: at 02:46, Courtney says "I'm a messy girl" and it's like a dose of euphoric magic into the ears. And then I ADORED the way that, straight after, she lightly gripped her thick thigh and then her hanging belly. Magical! (There is some music in the background - but it's completely non-distracting, and Courtney's sweet voice can easily be heard over it. We also get to see her dancing a bit to the music, so I guess that's a plus.) A really special, beautiful, sexy model, and a really amazing video.
    A magnificently sexy video from the ever-stunning @SavannahMontana! Savannah is one of the top bikini-models in the world and today's the day of the big shoot. But when she takes off her robe, she's shocked to discover that her body has become BIG. She's no longer the skinny twig she was yesterday. But hang on - isn't this new, bigger body just as good as her old, skinny version? So Savannah demands the photo-shoot carry on, as she explores her new curves and realises that this new body of hers is so, so, so much more sexy and beautiful... The exquisitely gorgeous Savannah has SO much going for her: the acting skills, the face, the smile, the personality, and (last but not least) THAT BODY. Oh my god. Her ultra-curvaceous, thick body is beautiful on an almost surreal level; all you can do is shake your head in wonder and awe. I think there's also a social comment in the video. Type "bikini model" into Google and all you get are stick-thin women. I think the times are changing (or I certainly hope they are): Savannah looks a billion billion billion times better in her bikini than any of the women I saw on Google. If women who looked more like Savannah were seen more in the mainstream media, I am 100% certain that more people would agree with me. A sexy af video. When Savannah says "let's get the oil out", you'll think you've died and gone to heaven. The seven minutes feel like they flash by in about ten seconds - isn't that always the way with the best videos? Highly, highly recommended, and an absolute bargain price!
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