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  1. What a beautiful body! Your achievement is amazing. And, although you are truly perfect at any weight, it's so delicious to look at your photos and think they're markers on a longer journey. I have a question (I'm only a new fan, so you may have answered this before): do you funnel-feed?
  2. Oh my goodness! Your curves and width are jaw-dropping. Your body was made to be huge! It's like it's your genetic destiny or something. And just look at that curvy, thick upper arm - delicious.
  3. Oh wow - you're beautiful!! Would definitely love to see more of you.
  4. My god - I mean, you were hot and beautiful before, but now you look incredibly, phenomenally, awesomely, perfectly beautiful. It seems somehow that each added pound has been a pound of beauty, as well as literal weight. I also love how decadent and indulged and hedonistic you look in the new photo.
  5. I would be very happy to offer up my face to be smooshed by your belly. I'd also be willing for it to be sat on, squeezed between your thighs or breasts, or burped into. Also, just want to say that - holy gee - your face is so, so, so pretty!
  6. I just want to say how sexy, adorable, and beautiful you look with your hair mussed up like this:
  7. WOW! You were so flat-stomached!! Perhaps as part of your plan to reach 300, an embedded project could be to make those tattoos disappear completely!
    Every single video from @RosieMarieFeedeeRosie is perfection and this one's no different! In fact, it's one of her absolute best! Do you like any of these?: A sexy, gorgeous BBW? Messy eating? Tiny outfit? Noticeable face-gain? Noticeable everything-gain? Delicious sitting position? Whole-body perspective, including legs? Expressive, ultra-pretty face? Brobdingnagian-sized bites of food, resulting in packed cheeks and an inability to close the mouth? Tone-perfect, sexy, playful dialogue? Delectable eating sounds ("nom, nom, nom")? An awe-inspiring determination to push the limits? Thick arms? Chubby hands clutching giant burgers? Food and sauce dripping down a pretty face? Genuinely hi-def video with no tinny music playing in the background? If so, you need to buy this video NOW, because it has all of the above and more! Her personality, her face, her body, her appetite, her attitude, her talent - it just doesn't get any better than this (until the next vid she puts out, of course!).
    Without a doubt one of the most erotic stuffing videos you'll ever see!! The delectable, delicious @NikkiMaialina has set herself a new year resolution of losing weight (hopefully, she's roleplaying), but when she gets an email notification from everyone's favourite fried chicken eatery, will she be able to hold firm? I'm not including any spoilers... but, come on, you're not going to get any prizes for guessing what happens! I LOVED the way Nikki is sitting in her chair here! Come to think of it, it's more like she's been POURED into it! As she types on her laptop, she barely seems to be leaning forward, but look how far her ass projects out behind her from, say, an imaginary vertical line where her face is! Amazing! (Woah, seem to be having an exclamation-mark party goin' on! Guess that's one effect of thinking about Nikki!) And check out her thick arm stretching to breaking-point the fabric of her cute tee! Nikk's hair is swept back here, which allows us a knee-wobblingly perfect view of her round, super-pretty face, with its gorgeous softness, contours, and curves. I loved how expressive her face is while she's wrestling with her dilemma! And if there's a "Nikki Maialina Double Chin Appreciation Society" out there, then I need to join. The profile side-on view when Nikki chugs her Pepsi is PERFECT - her double chin works hard, and you can really see each swig going down her throat. Prepare yourself for the first huge bite of her food she takes at 05:50 - it PERFECTLY captures Nikki's desperation, her erotic greed, her passion. The stuffing that begins from there on is FABULOUS! The master-stroke here is what Nikki's done with a voice-over. In effect, we're being spoiled with two soundtracks here: the sounds of Nikki stuffing herself (burps, gasps, panting, noms, etc) - but we also, over the top of this, have her insanely sexy voice representing her delicious internal monologue as she eats. The voice-over alone blew my mind (and, ahem, other parts of my body). How much clearer can I get?: a perfect, wondrous, magical video from one of the hottest, most beautiful women on the planet.
  8. I absolutely love your burps! I was day-dreaming yesterday about you burping in my face while I gently caress your belly. (It's okay to fantasise like that, right?)
  9. My goodness - this picture is mind-blowing. There are curves and softness EVERYWHERE: your ballooning belly; your big thick arms; even your chubby little finger being held politely up! And I know you're mid-bite, but just LOOK at the way your double-chin merges into your neck. I'll give you three words: The. Best. Ever.
    Amazing, jaw-dropping, sexy video alert from @Feeder and Feedee Wilson is so hugely beautiful! Big amazing belly; jiggly arms; thick legs; adorable rounded shoulders - she has it all! She's like a fantasy combination of a million fat-admirers' most erotic dreams! And check out that absolute mind-blaster of a face - she's so cute and pretty! (And I would just LOVE to spend about five weeks doing nothing but caressing and tickling that fantastic double chin - WOW!) And don't even let me get started on that dazzling smile... But while the visual aspect of this video is STUNNING, even better is the audio. You MUST listen to every single word Wilson says (in her sweet, soothing, sexy voice). The content of her conversation made me weak at the knees. Her plans, goals, and determination will leave you staring at the screen in slack-mouthed astonishment, pride, and admiration. Her passion for gaining and growing is truly wonderful and inspirational. 2022 is going to be a MAGICAL year - and I hope Wilson keeps us all updated every waddling step of the way! 5/5! PS, just want to mention that the preview gif up above doesn't truly represent the video when you download it - there are no black bars and the image quality is crystal clear.
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