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    I've been a long-time follower and supporter of @Olivia Jaide, and her videos have NEVER disappointed me - this one is absolutely mind-blowingly FANTASTIC! It's on a whole other level to most of the vids on the site. This stunning beauty sits herself down on the floor to enjoy a huge plate of spaghetti bolognese, but - oh shoot! - she's forgotten her fork! The growing goddess doesn't want to burn any precious calories by getting up and going into her kitchen, so decides she can make do without a fork by simply using her chubby hands! Olivia looks heart-breakingly beautiful (as she does in all her vids). Her face is so pretty! Hair and make-up are perfect. And look at THAT BODY in the preview pics!!! She's looking HUGE. (I absolutely LOVE her weight-distribution - she looks so perfectly proportionate!) She's a gorgeous, spectacular sight - like I said, EVERYTHING is astonishing, and she's looking so damn BIG. Check out that astonishing double-chin, her side-rolls, her belly, her big arms, her legs - she's aesthetically miraculous. (Her shoulder-and-neck zone looks particularly impressive - so much sexy MASS!) And those eating skills! Oh my! I especially liked the bits where she tilted her head back, and practically dropped the spaghetti into her eager, pretty mouth. I have no idea how she manages it, but somehow Olivia combines a kind of innate elegance and sweetness with absolutely savage sexiness and brutal eating prowess. Always happy to report there's no music in the background, so we can luxuriate in Olivia's eating sounds and sexy chat. Seriously, my heart fluttered when Olivia leaned in towards her camera. Her large breasts look magical, and it's such a pleasure watching that pretty face getting sauce and grease all over it as she continues to relentlessly shovel her food in with wild abandon. When you buy it - and you MUST, MUST, MUST buy it - check out 05:04-05:18. Now, all 11 minutes and 22 seconds are mind-blowingly good, but this bit in particular is jaw-dropping! Olivia puts her plate down in front of her, and then uses both hands to ram a gigantic double-fistful of calorific goodness into her hungry maw. It's an AMAZING sight. I've written enough, and there's so much more in this vid to rhapsodise about, but I hope you get the message: IT'S ONE OF THE BEST EATING VIDEOS I'VE EVER SEEN. There's so much talent, accomplishment, achievement, beauty, sex appeal, charisma, and savagery here. Thankyou Olivia!
  1. Hope you've enjoyed (or will enjoy) your feast, Savannah! Are you a calorie-counter? Or is it about the size of the portion? Or do you just eat until you feel full?
  2. Big, beautiful, bombshell, Barbie-doll superstar-goddess who deserves to be adored.
  3. One of the sexiest text-posts on the site. I love to read about your massive appetite.
  4. Olivia hits the nail on the head! What I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this before-and-after is the way it captures not only the truly beautiful physical transformation, but the confidence transformation as well. In that first photo, you seem a little diffident, a tiny bit uncertain. But in the second photo, those jeans are bursting not just with that SEXY body, but also with confidence and pride at your achievements.
  5. Wow - you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Super-pretty face and a body to worship!
    A total blast of a video! @RosieMarieFeedee looks soooooooo beautiful! Her pretty face is super-round and full-looking. And her body - OMG! Let's just say that if you love a big belly, thick arms, round shoulders, curvy hips, and big-girl breasts, then Rosie has you covered! What a stunning physique! But it's the face I keep coming back to. Rosie has, clearly, always been one of the prettiest models on the site - but that beauty is totally intensified by how round her face has become. (As usual when I watch Rosie's latest videos, my mind occasionally drifts back to photos from several years ago that she's shared with us. She used to have noticeable cheekbones and a sharp jawline - she was beautiful - but now: WOW!!) Watch the explosion of facial curves when she sucks on her straw in this vid, and you'll see what I mean. Add in Rosie's usual charisma, charm, infectious enthusiasm, and eye-fluttering ecstasy - and we have a GREAT video on our hands. Rosie's eating here is absolutely savage. She veritably shovels the food into her mouth, really showcasing her hugely-impressive eating skills. There's something so cute and adorable about watching her lovingly gripping a burger in two chubby hands, taking gigantic bites, happily smiling as she masticates. I love stuffing-videos, but (even more) I love eating-videos where there's a really powerful sense of the model proudly showing off what she can do and how she looks - glorifying her achievements, totally in love with herself and her food, and taking pleasure in having us watch her. I really got that feeling with this video. The long sequence from 03:08 to 06:02 is an absolute treat if you're gaga for Rosie's pretty face. And the camera-angle that follows on from that is just as great because it shows Rosie's beautiful belly flopping forward into her lap. If you want a super-sexy, super-cute, super-beautiful woman showing off some absolutely brutal eating talents, this is a video you NEED. PS. Can I just add how I love the lack of music in Rosie's videos. I really, really, really, really don't want to hear shitty rap music playing during eating-vids. I want to hear the sounds of eating, the little whimpers and noises, that Rosie does so beautifully here.
  6. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for these wonderful, detailed, well-written posts about your cruise! These are the kind of posts that make me wish I was a billionaire - then I would offer to maintain Olivia in this kind of luxury lifestyle every day of the year.
  7. @extra_m13 said it perfectly: you really are absolutely amazing. Thankyou for candid posts like this. That photo of you standing at the counter, showing off your legs in that pretty dress - omg - that's going into my "hall of fame" folder!
  8. Omg, that's a smile to break a million hearts!! Love the hair too!
  9. Love to read about how into your food you are! Looking forward to more!
  10. What I don't get is why I've received a notification relating to a status update from (as of right now) 18 minutes ago - but a status update from a model from 8 hours ago never showed up as a notification. Aren't they monitored/okayed in order? In other words, if it was purely a delay-thing, why are some really recent ones coming through, but others from much earlier are not?
  11. Omg, that belly-hang in gif no.5! Literally, the perfect woman!
  12. Awesome photo! You look so big, and cute, and adorable, and happy!
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