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Diana Sirokai

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Every video I'm like damn this is her fattest but then sge released this and I can truly say this is it. Her big body, belly, arms, thighs, ass, and stretch marks is too damn amazing. Diana whatever they're been feeding you keep at it. Truly super close to 300 or maybe surpassed and soon to be 3x 😁















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I don't know Diana's current weight, but it should be noted that kaybear and Diana's weights are distributed differently. Kaybear has a much bigger butt and her belly didn't seem as big as Diana's when Kay was 300 lbs ( she's now higher than that). Either way, it's all speculation for sure, and not an exact science. MOre important to me is her amazing looks, rather than the number

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It's whatever, but yeah more importantly she looks way bigger than she's ever been before and if we know her track record she's gonna keep on surprising us and keep on getting bigger.

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2 hours ago, thadrou90 said:

Agreed. It's getting so heavy and jiggly.


She talks about wearing the bottoms back to front to give more support at the front which is basically acknowledging that her belly is too big for them!

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On 5/6/2021 at 6:02 PM, BAF567 said:

More diana goodness and hope there's more rolls to come



Every time she grabs her belly, she pinches the tiniest amount he can possibly grab. Someone's gotta show her how to properly grab a belly, and I think I am the guy for the job.

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8 hours ago, wakpak33 said:

WOAH that belly button imprint🤩🤯🤯




giving johana maya some scale competition lol

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