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  1. Theres def a lot of Diana being stuffed into these very plus size clothes
  2. Smokin hot why do we think so many members of this group got chunkalicious
  3. She is so unbashedly living a hedonistic lifestyle and seemingly uncaring that she has re-ballooned. She carries it extremely well too
  4. Is she in club 400? I feel like shes fatter than before her weight loss
  5. ThickNewLook


    Specifically weight gain and belly content
  6. Now thats a beach body but I will get it will be even softer fatter and sexier by the time of your next trip
  7. there is a lot of woman behind that dress
  8. looking obviously overweight n delicious
  9. love the huge boobs chubby face and belly stressin those buttons
  10. Always liked her shes still pretty hot!
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