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  1. Is shar on anything else other than curvage?

    1. JesusofSuburbia


      I believe she's on FF, but it's basically the same content.

  2. https://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?/refer/4642/

  3. anyone else wish she would stop sucking in so hard in every picture?
  4. Does anyone know who this is?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. _luvchubbygirls


      she got more stuff anywhere else?


    3. Gusto


      Not that I know of. It's a shame, she's absolutely gorgeous, and really sweet. I encouraged her to start a thread here but am afraid Tumblr creeps scared her away.

    4. jedai


      on stu fer db are few files

  5. whats her sisters instagram?
  6. It looks like you even surprised yourself fatty!


    1. JesusofSuburbia


      Just hope she keeps going! Great gain. 

  7. Does anyone know if theres a thread of a tumblr girl who goes by the name of bratguts? She has a beautiful face and her body is phenomenal!


    1. S77


      There isn’t 

      you should make one 

      sharknado 3 cheers GIF by SYFY

  8. Is 155lbs a guess or has she shared it somewhere?
  9. Is there a forum on here for Bratguts from tumblr? Because if not there should be..

  10. 20180614182508-45985373-la.thumb.png.74c38b4e1027385b57ce0441b946b1a5.png

    Anyone know who she is?

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    2. acdc34434


      ;) , you can check my post and enjoy more pictures 

    3. S77
    4. mustang90


      i like how quickly curvage shitters complete the cycle of scraping content from here, posting it on reddit, and then reposting it here asking where it came from


  11. That will also be a uk 18 as well, which I’m sure is a us 22
  12. For me personally most aspects of the fetish are just a fantasy, and I definitely think there are a lot of gainers and feeders out there that go way too far. I mean, if you are with someone and you love them, why would you want them so big that they cannot walk, have a hundred health issues and be lucky to see 40. At lot of people just have to be real and not get completely consumed by their fetish.
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