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  1. She just smashes every picture set she does.
  2. She's looking very good!
  3. She's one seriously hot woman! 😜 Thanks!
  4. We're looking at pictures and videos of her on the internet. What do we care as to whether she has a likable personality or not? Let's keep it real!
  5. That in the road group picture is the bees knees! 👍🏾😍
  6. I still can't access her page, I was following, so maybe I've been blocked 😂
  7. Looks like her Insta is now hidden or deleted! 😉
  8. Wow, I used to follow her on Insta, before she gained a lot of weight. She dissapeared off Insta for a while and when she came she was a lot slimmer (as she is now but she's gained a littel back), she looked a little different in the face, but I didn't realise she had face work done also.. she was already very beautiful.
  9. So is there not a way to disable the likes on the types or posts that are abusing the system? It seems silly to me if 50 members make 50 different posts that I happen to like I have to be selective about which one's I show my approval for! Would you not agree.
  10. Seems to be slowly gaining back some of that previous weight.
  11. What an Ass.. phenominal!
  12. In the words of DJ Kaid... "Another one!"
  13. Don Don


    She's still hot though!
  14. She's definitley one of the hottest right now.
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