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  1. Me too😏 now lay back piggy we’ve got some straps to break
  2. Now that’s my type of fatty😍 that fucking bellyyyyy🤤 jesus christmas you’re getting BIIIIG🥵
  3. You’re a damn gluttonous and well fed piggy🐷😍 god I looooooove your lovely stretch marks! They’re a milestone of your fabulous fat gain
  4. Fuuuuck you’re such a loveable luscious gluttonous PIGGGGG🐷😍
  5. Lord have mercy your gain is so captivating😍 you make everything look so hot🔥
  6. You’ve been overtaken by gluttony and endless amounts of food but god do I love seeing you get fatter😍
    Lord almighty Risquereds makes everything so fucking hot🤤 this was a spectacular to watch as she downs a whole ass 2 liter like the wonderfully fat piggy she is🐷 the burps are just as big as she is, but I know she’s going to get muuuuuch fatter very soon hehehe😉😍
  7. Now that’s a beach body🤤🐷 Poor bikini getting tortured by all your luscious growing fat😍
    Sweet lord almighty this one so damn hot watching Lauren devour everything😍
  8. The love I have for these comparison pics😍👌🏻
  9. Oh sweet lord🤤 you should gain more weight to see what they say next😉
  10. Quite the stuffing you had today right piggy?😉🐷 boy I’d love to see you at the end of a rainbow all fattened up🤤
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