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  1. I love how no matter how big you hit, you still remained as cute as everrr😍
  2. God do I love you and you’re huge belly😍
    God I’m just in love when every inch of Nikki! She puts in so much effort and work to grow as much as she can for us! She’s become a blimp and seeing her squeeze into clothes that once fit her just makes my heart race! Nikki LOVES lingerie, so I won’t be surprised to see more posts from her looking absolutely sexy, with her fat spilling out of all angles! FAT ass. FAT belly. BIG boobs. She’s got it all! Not to mention her soothing voice to turn you on and her smile😍 show her some love!!!
  3. You’re soooo cute and just perfectly fat and soft😍 I just wanna take you home and worship every inch of you!!!!🤩
  4. Love me some fat jiggling Nikki😍🤤 taking any application for someone to play with, rub, hold and kiss your belly and other fat areas?😉
  5. What a glorious belly hang🤤 let’s see you make it lower Lexa😉
  6. Love you and your gain!!! Love how happy you look! Such a soft fatty angel!😍🔥
  7. Lauren you’re getting bigger and curvy every post😍💕 love you and your progression
  8. I’d love to see more of you!!! More pictures wise and more fat on you 😉
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