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  1. Yoooo shes looking bigger in her own posts now. Slowly but surely taking it more easy now 😌
  2. Possibly, maybe she's a not so closeted gainer. I mean she loves eating a lot and showing how much of a glutton she is xd
  3. This is an older picture from end of 2019 before the weight loss. I wonder how she'll look in that pose with her new size 😁
  4. BAF567

    Female wrestlers

    Damn kaitlyn marie is something, all that jiggle, fat rolls, and those small girls didn't even get her to bulge xd.
  5. BAF567

    Female wrestlers

    On her Instagram she looks smaller, but on a lot of posts she's tagged on she looks large and in charge
  6. She deserve her own page, thais Carla got so huge from her early days dancing on Brazilian TV and she showed off her fat belly twice on her youtube channel. I just wish I knew Portuguese
  7. Wow even back then when she did lose weight she look pretty big in those first six months, the summer time is when I think she finally started getting plumper.
  8. Here's a good before and after
  9. Lol she's way bigger than that now picture
  10. Her stories are amazing showing off her assets. She so fat and beautiful and her arms are so chubby 😍😍 https://instagram.com/stories/dianasirokai/2472834166127957860?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=fgt21b9culac
  11. Super underrated gem, beautiful face and love to show off her tummy in crop tops. Here's a few pics from the summer til now.
  12. Love seeing a beautiful fat girl eating cake, hope she got it all for herself and finished it all on her own.
  13. BAF567

    Erica Lauren

    Yooo she's perfect 😍😍😍
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