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  1. It's whatever, but yeah more importantly she looks way bigger than she's ever been before and if we know her track record she's gonna keep on surprising us and keep on getting bigger.
  2. Every video I'm like damn this is her fattest but then sge released this and I can truly say this is it. Her big body, belly, arms, thighs, ass, and stretch marks is too damn amazing. Diana whatever they're been feeding you keep at it. Truly super close to 300 or maybe surpassed and soon to be 3x 😁
  3. A bit blurry the last one but we finally get to see that double belly 😍
  4. For real, they must be a photoshop God but sooner we'll see more morbidly obese diana 😆
  5. Damn Diana's bigger than her mom and yep 300 lbs doesn't look too far now 😁
  6. BAF567

    Erica Lauren

    The post pregnancy weight gain is gonna be amazing
  7. Holy shit those gifs and seeing how proud of the aftermath they have done to their tummies is amazing
  8. How much are yall guesstimating she's at right now? High 280s low 300s? I guess she's not quite ssbbw tier yet but that's the dream
  9. Nah she is an SSBBW, thank god for her friends candid posts. She's been grubbing hard these past months and needs to let the belly free soon.
  10. BAF567


    Lizzo still looking big as ever, love that huge badonkadonk and them belly rolls
  11. She's big and beautiful 😍
  12. Them back rolls and that huge ass are to die for. Love that little belly rolls she's sneak peaking us. The goal now to get a shot of the real tummy without it covering or blocking it
  13. I wait for the day she finally pulls down the part of her legging or sweats holding her belly and we can finally see the belly hang. I'll die in peace if that ever happens.
  14. Holy shit she's huge, definitely she's not gonna post these on her own insta xd
  15. For real you can see her belly struggling to be kept by them legging. Lowkey surprised at these candid gifs, they show us the truth with her puffy face and belly hitting the table xd
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